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владеет миром

To win a facism we must invent it

To win a facism we must invent it
Anatoly Baranov 16.04.2006

Purely racist murder

"Have killed the Negro... " (from a popular song) As in a detective story. Well such detective stories are no longer printed, the stories in which the instrument of murder was left at the place of the crime, the instruments with inscriptions and engravings of xenophobia content. As in the novel "Horseman without a head" where the main villain was exposed with the help of initials engraved on the bullets. The gun, by the way, apparently was with pump, such guns are not produced in Russia. Another association suggests itself - with Kamo’s death who was knocked down by some unknown car at the time when there was only one car in Tiflis. The owner of the gun is unknown but here you are inscriptions and engravings.

Works of art often become a model for real crimes. In this case the role of a model obviously played by one of the broadcasts "Gorodok". Funny. Only the guy was really killed, they say a good guy, as if he was chosen because of his exemplary questionnaire with no traces of drug-dealing or criminal connections that can cast a shadow on this "pure racist murder".

The first "murder under the questionnaire" which arises in my memory is a murder of Dmitry Kholodov – journalist of "Moscow Komsomolets". It was necessary then to quit with military men in particular with military investigation service and its special divisions and at the same time to stir up the democratic public. The guy was spick and span, he didn’t even have a mistress. There were no reasons to kill him - no secrets which could seriously damage anybody. Nevertheless they killed him with application of technical devices so that premeditation of the death was evident. Conclusion – somebody needed it.

After Kholodov’s death were others – numerous, noticeable but basically less demonstrative.

New series of murders which were very necessary to someone ran through the country, murders in which usual motives such as greed, revenge, booze-up are undoubtedly absent.

Xenofobia should be found out in Russia. It should be found out evidently, visibly, unambiguously. But as there is a gap of many years between Kholodov’s murder and the murder of student from Senegalin Petersburgquality of work of corresponding experts strongly changed. Kholodov’s murderers watched such TV broadcasts as "Vzglyad", whereas murderers of Lambsar Samba (that was the name of the guy) - most likely were brought up on the Hollywoodsamples. Distant “forerunners” of modern "experts" built their operative schemes, having in mind "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky, today’s followers – comic books.

Xenophobia in the country where International won

The African should be the victim of racism – it’s not important that in Russia Negro-slaves never existed because all slaves were white-skinned and Orthodox. The murder should be committed so there will be no doubts concerning the real motives - God forbid to write it off on "everyday crimes”. They didn’t do engravings on bullets, evidently, not counting on attentiveness of medical assessor (Main Read wasn’t read by them) – message was left on the instrument of murder. It’s a typical example of "clip" consciousness.

Series of "xenophobia" crimes of lastest worked for statistics unconditionally: "Tadjik girl", slaughter in a synagogue, an attack on minister Zaur Tutov and journalist Mirzoev - all of them absolutely precisely lay down in a picture of the Nazism suddenly woken up in Russia.

Old "bookmark" with a letter of 20 deputies to the State Office of Public Prosecutor is on call. The letter contains demands to forbid Jewish organizations. 5000 public figures demand the same. The public is on its alert: on the spot sitting on call (they always are on call) a member of public chamber Tishkov, deputy Isaev and political strategist Gelman make up the list of 100 of the most awful fascists in Russia. Three out of five heads of parliamentary parties are enlisted. Deputies, public figures, art workers are mixed-up with madmen practicing neo-heathendom, overcoming “malicious Sion” and other honourable patients…

Different political powers are tested for the role of “national socialist”: neofascism of such a degree is found in “Rodina” that it is removed from all elections.

Out of a blue sky, from the uttermost emptiness social movement against illegal immigration appeared headed by Potkin (presently Belov) - the former press-secretary of a society "Pamyat". This movement diligently gets the moderate-left features precisely to be entered in a niche of "national socialism" and at the same time to compromise Communist Party posing on meetings of communists before TV and photo cameras and confusing rather weak minded party secretaries.

Peaceful average citizen is perplexed at this: my God, what xenophobia country I am living in! Meanwhile easily buys tangerines in the market from the Azerbaijanian and lets Jew-stomatologist to treat his heath.

- Did you see it yesterday on TV?...

- Yes, horrible! What country we are living in!

It is not important that we live in the country where Negro-slaves never lived and Jewish massacres never happened - practically all massacres if ever they took place on the territory of the Russian empire occurred on territory of present Ukraine, Moldova, Belarussia. Jews lodged in the East Europenot entirely because they’d loved to but because of the fact that in the Europe Catholic they were regularly cut out whereas in orthodox east lands the treatment was placid and even friendly. The massacres entered all European languages in Slavic transcription began simultaneously with distribution of Catholicism to the east. It should be mentioned that in those places where western culture had not taken root xenophobia was not typical.

Today we see flashes of xenophobia not in the small towns where European cultural influence is not so strong but in two main cultural centers of the country - Moscowand Petersburgas well as in large university centers - Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don and Novosibirsk.

It’s strange, is it not?

The Negro-farmer lives somewhere in “illiterate” village with his Russian wife and a heap of children while in the most European city of Russiagroup of black students is being shoot from a "nasty gun".

And all as one at once forgot about social contradictions, about classes and class struggle - all political life becomes very simple and clear as if we live in America where there are only two types of people - good and bad, our and foreign.

Controlled democracy, actually, is based on two simple things: on clip consciousness and substitution of complex gradation of "good-bad" by bipolar "plus-minus".

Clipped  consciousnes changes class identity

Simplification of all oppositions and confrontation up to "our and foreign" within the limits of clipped consciousnesses allows to shift easily attention of the majority, "to appoint" temporal enemies, to liquidate any social and political threat by deducing of the undesirable party into the "foreign". Possessing overwhelming mass media monopoly the ruling group is capable to solve such problems even today.

Let’s return for a second in the year 1999. Explosions of buildings, shots with the cut off heads on TV, released Caucasian captives. Hunting for brunettes. The society solidarizes on the most simple reflexes: fear, feeling of comradeship, fear of strangers. The ruling group having achieved reflex behaviour of certain number of people receives "president from nowhere", a phenomenon of "Edinaya Russia" and full paralysis of a political life in the country.

Six years later situation varies a little. There is no threat from within to the ruling group but there is a pressure from the outside, from similar ruling groups but immeasurably stronger, older and strangely enough more aggressive.

The problem becomes more complicated: detention mechanism of internal stability is quite adequate, it is desirable to keep it, but for interaction with external threat ruling group should show presence of internal threat for itself to external forces thus letting everybody know that only this group is a conductor of interests of stronger ruling western groups on the terrible territory that is not structured where besides natural resources one can find crowds of terrible people to cope with whom is possible only for present ruling party.

The ruling group which came to power and has become stronger on a wave xenophobia-revanchist, militaristic moods now tries to use them for pressure upon external sources of threat meaning: “Only we can keep this terrible horde within the limits of and borders of "Power Empire”."

Different public formations appeared at direct participation of the state power structures, these formations are called to show all those fears which are familiar and understandable to the West irrespective of the fact whether there is a real substratum of these fears in a real Russian life. Kremlin demiurges are not interested in the real life, the inoculation клипового consciousnesses to a modern society allows to consider as a reality that at present is necessary.

You need terrible Russian with cabbage soup in his beard, in a cassock and with Kalashnikov in the hand? You will receive it! He will kill Negrosbecause only bad guys kill Negro! It’s not any longer important that Negrosare rarely found in Russia and that among typically Russian fears none is connected with Negros. "You want songs? - Them I have".  

The problem of liquidation of opposition, its bringing down till the harmless sizes is solved as always to have a "complete set ".

One of the fears of the West is "Russian communism". That means that communists in particular should killl Negrosand Jews. It is not important that Marx and Trotsky were Jews and Lenin’s grandfather had a surname - Blank. It is especially unimportant that at the time of the USSRthose who stirred up ethnic discord were punished even more severe than murderers. Who remembers suchtrifles? Clipped  consciousness is deprived of accentuation on details – only core, main, made in wide touches. Significantly, roughly, visibly.

In this way "Rodina" doesn’t belong any longer to left wing and communists are no longer communists but "communo-fascists" that is proved by numerous photo sessions where colleagues of Mister Potkin (Belov) marches  on the background of a tribune with Zyuganov and other members of presidium of the Central Committee. National-bolsheviks and even ultra-left wing join in one big phenomenon of a reviving Russian fascism. What? There was no fascism in Russia? Allthesame– it’sreviving!

By the way "left" in a lexicon of the western political circles carries positive shade. Therefore in Russiasound “new left wing” is industriously created to change "communo-fascists" in Russia. The same political figures are engaged in the process of creation - Marat Gelman and partially Andrey Isaev. Gelman favours social-democratic party of Kishenin, tries to adjust relations with socialists, trotskyists and maoists. Isaev makes public the idea of creation of the left wing in "Edinaya Russia".

Apparently to the summit of the Big eightin Petersburgthis left-wing wave will be structured around habitual for the West protest actions of "antiglobalists", essentially - the same video in CNN news. Everything will be "as it should be". The Kremlin is ready to organize the summit in Petersburg "turnkey" including protest actions which will show to the West that in Russia can be found things habitual an understandable – only under one condition: if the ruling part will be kept by the same groupwhich we have today.

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