Invaluable Servie to the West

Invaluable Servie to the West

As it was expected, heads of the southeast of Ukraine already in the first voting helped to elect frank protege of the West, organizer of Maidan, their enemy and oligarch of the Jewish origin P. Poroshenko the President of Ukraine. They helped having kept citizens of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics from voting at presidential election and having urged simply to boycott elections in the south. As a result, mainly pro-Maidan part of the population of Ukraine voted for Poroshenko whih led to Poroshenko's fast victory. Now I won't raise a question, if it is a fair victory, as even at fair vitory perent arithmetics would be the same at suh set up of votes.

I will be boring, but I will remind that I suggested leaders of DPR and LPR not to interfere with those elections in DPR and LPR territories, but to use them and to hold at the same time with elections referendum on adoption of constitutions of DPR and LPR on May, 25.

I offered in vain! The leaders didn’t understand somehow that voting against all or spoiling bulletins, or voting for outsiders, citizens of DPR and LPR they wouldn't allow Poroshenko to win in the first round. It is first thing.

Secondly, and it’s the main thing, for today DPR and LPR already would have constitutions on the basis of which it would be possible to prepare elections into legislature of the republics, to elect candidates of these bodies.

In ase of carrying out of runoff poll of presidential elections in Ukraine, it would be possible to hold elections of deputies of legislature of DPR and LPR at the time with these repeated presidential elections on June, 15. That will be the last stage of formation of legal power in DPR and LPR, the power (no matter how to discredit it) which already wouldn't possible not to take into aount both within the country and abroad, as it would have been elected by all people and according to all democratic procedures.

What is especially terrible is that leaders of DPR and LPR declare themselves "national", while actually having not allowed people to express their will by fore, leaders of the southeast consider own people cattle whom they, leaders, will let or forbid to express the will. It’s ok, if citizens of DPR and LPR didn't go to elections themselves, but leaders of DPR and LPR prohibited citizens to go to elections.

It is a fact which will be used against activists of DPR and LPR galley-west.

I asked leaders: “Show good will and respect to the people! There are among them a lot of those who want to remain citizens of Ukraine and even if leaders managed to take DPR and LPR away to Russia, they would have remained citizens of Ukraine in Russia. If you have the right to prevent them from voting for the president by fore?

Now leaders of DPR and LPR and Kiev’s junta beame equal in extent of contempt to own people. While junta is sharply forward in the extent of receiving power from people. Now I feel pity to supporters of leaders of DPR and LPR. After all these are the best people of Ukraine and Russia.

After all leaders of DPR and LPR had a lot of advisers both in Russia and in Ukraine, especially in the structure of ouh-based armies and ouh-based revolutionaries - bloodthirsty, eager to settle everything using not mind, but force! Those adviser convinced leaders and activists that it’s impossible to arry out election of the president of Ukraine in DPR and LPR, otherwise voting for the president in DPR and LPR would make the president of Ukraine legitimate.

Well, illegitimate president of Ukraine is elected. What follows now, our talkative intellectuals? Do you feel better now? What about people of Ukraine? What about volunteers from Russia?

This illegitimate president was reognized both by the West and Putin several days before elections.

While leaders of the southeast of Ukraine weren’t reognized as representatives of people of the southeast of Ukraine. I am afraid they would never be recognized.



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