No “Haker Hell” Ever Existed, It’s a Nikname of a Group of the State Speialists

No “Haker Hell” Ever Existed, It’s a Nikname of a Group of the State Speialists
lena Tokareva 02.08.2013

As Stringer wrote repeatedly, hacker Hell who hacks all and then writes using "slang language" ridiculous explanations how he broke passwords doesn't exist. Only absolutely naïve people ould have believed in him as in Santa Claus. "Hacker Hell" is habitual state invention to hide participation of specialized state structures in cybercrimes - breakings of people’s mail boxes, hacker attacks on objectionable sites...

At last "the most backward soial groups" understood it.

Today "New Newspaper" published material of Irek Murtazin who refers to one of the American "specialists in breaking". The American hacker N1 frankly says that no Hell ever existed. These are usual triks of GB.

It is quite amusing that two seemingly advanced persons simply went mad fighting against this nonexistent Hell allegedly living in Germany: Vladimir Pribylovsky and Andrey Malgin. Anton Nosik also believed in Hell to some extent.

Only I, Elena Tokareva, never believed a second in this heresy. In childhood I had problems with Santa, I instantly tore his beard off...

Irek Murtazin writes:

"Responsibility for breaking of Navalny’s mailbox was again assumed by "hacker Hell" who published fragments of correspondence of the popular blogger and declared that he would weekly publish fragments of his "bag" in network. Hostility to Navalny Hell explained by the fat that he considers him to be someone like Mavrodi: "He is thief, swindler, informer, besides he onstantly says lies, I am sik and tired of it. He converts nonsense and naivety of people in money, it is even worse, than MMM".

Discussion of correspondence of Navalny from blog sphere appeared offline. Senator from “United Russia” Ruslan Gattarov made inquiry to the Public prosecutor of Russia Yury Chayka. Certainly, this inquiry is not concerning violation of secret of correspondence of Navalny. Gattarov demands to hek the content of correspondence. NTV showed a plot about Navalny’s "secrets" which were "exposed" by Hell and attracted attention of Gattarov.


"A month ago I met Pavel Vrublevsky, the founder of payment system Chronopay, a person who is alled in the USA cybercriminal No. 1. During that meeting Vrublevsky told me that no "hacker Hell" exist.

— While known expert of blog sphere Vladimir Pribylovsky is sure that hacker Hell — is Sergey Maksimov living in Germany, — I objected.

— I don't say that Maksimov — invented character. I say that "hacker Hell" — is only "a drain tank" for legalization of illegal perlustration of correspondences. Maksimov — most likely - the agent of CIS (Center of Informational Security of FSB of Russia. — I.M.).

In confirmation of this version Vrublevsky gave such arguments:

— Germany — very advanced country in the sphere of fight against cybercrime. Maksimov would have been at least interrogated long time ago, maximum – he would have been sent in handcuffs to Russia. By the way, the German polie even doesn’t need address of the Russian colleagues. If Maksimov-Hell was really involved in breakings of blogs and boxes, the Germans would have ated with him in familiar way, German-like. The secret of personal correspondence for the Germans — not empty phrase, it’s really sacred business, attempt to violate it is punished inevitably and very severely. While they don’t touh Maksimov. Why? I can explain it only by the fat that CIS explained to the German colleagues with whom they interact within the Budapest convention on cybercrime that Maksimov-Hell — very valuable agent introduced in cybercrime. I see no other reasonable explanations why Maksimov quietly "opens" blogs and mailboxes living in Germany.

Vrublevsky paid attention to the fat that "hacker Hell" specializes on blogs:

— It’s the same as to use one and the same hole in a fence to get into the garden to steal strawberry. Good owner will plug up a hole already after the first attack. In case with Hell nobody plugs up the hole. It means that there’s no hole. Those who stands behind Hell have access to passwords of blogs. Most likely that enter of Informational Seurity has enlisted agent in the management of LJ which merges passwords from necessary blogs to it. The same with mailboxes.

When Navalny’s box was hacked again, I called Vrublevsky:

— Pavel, if you still consider that "hacker Hell" — is myth?

— If there were doubts, now they finally disappeared. "Hacker Hell" — is a drain tank of security officers.

By the time I also had no doubts that nobody hacked Navalny’s mail box. Mail box of the known blogger, I think, was opened as a result of investigative operations within criminal case brought after events on May, 6 (most likely, there is even a court sanction to arry out these investigative operations). Having heked correspondence of Navalny and having understood that there’s nothing perspective for involvement of the owner of mailbox to criminal liability, security officers merged this correspondence through mythical "hacker Hell".

In due time, few years ago, my mail box and site Stringer was also allegedly hacked. When I began to find out how it could happen, I found out that kind aunties from the Center of support of domains of RU zone simply gave my passwords after a call of some unknown person. Allegedly, I called them and told that "I forgot my password".

Though these aunties were obliged to demand my personal visit to RU center and presentation of a passport.

Further different widely known in narrow irles bloggers-hackers started pulling my leg saying that they supposedly broke it because I had "very easy passwords". Pier, one shouldn’t have put dog’s nickname as the password and then to tell about it on pages of the blog.

So: I have no dog. No silly nicknames were ever used in passwords. All this is nonsense. One day a fellow with speial doument comes and demands to give him everything.

This is "hacker Hell".

There’s no protection against these visits. There are only elementary security measures: to trust nothing to e-mail and to destroy immediately all significant correspondence. There is one more reliable way - simply to leave.

It seen in the story with orrespondene of Navalny and Belykh concerning financial swindles in which they partiipated, as a well as in the story of correspondence of Belkovsky and Navalny that they onsidered themselves immune and significant people to such extent that it even never ame to their mind to observe elementary precautionary measures.

What I can advise in this case: guys, learn to be protected!

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