Why Does Putin Drag Navalny to the Kremlin?

Why Does Putin Drag Navalny to the Kremlin?
lexander Golovenko 19.07.2013

Well who really will argue with the fat that "the bloody mode" literally dragged aused blogger in fight for the main chair of the capital of our Homeland, hero ity of Moscow? Continuous blessings as far as the eye an see. Announcement of a sentene was postponed till July, 18th though already today the aused could have felled trees using motor saw with beautiful name "Friendship". Hated by him “United Russia” gave him its voies, though all last years he used to call it "party of crooks and thieves". If it made it out of kindness? Suh behavior hasn’t been observed before after "sweet party" whih drags through the Duma the most rascally laws.

I have already written that suh speaker of the Federation Council as Mrs. Matvienko supported participation of the accused of plunders in the mayor elections. Say it will add charm to the eletions and will attract more Musovites to ballot boxes. Such protection is worth a lot.

Firs of all, all governor's cabinet understood a hint. It means that this young man soon will "fill in well”.

Secondly, she could have sent that message only after reeiving of the supreme permit of you know whom. If for the past days she hasn’t reeived the note "from behind astellations”, it means that events were developing aording fatal "Putin's plan" whih turns we are not allowed to know.

In any case Valentina Ivanovna could regret the defendant, so to say, on an impulse. Purely as a woman, as mother, as grandmother.

While network edition "Gazeta.ru" reported that the deputy head of the Kremlin administration Mr. Volodin (Surkov’s shiftman) approved participation of the aused in the fight for mayor chair. Say, it "works for the benefit of present elections of the Mayor of Moscow regarding their legitimacy and transparency".

Here you are what one witty woman Margarita Semenova wrote about it on one Internet board: "I haven’t got it: if purely presene of Navalny makes elections of the Mayor of Moscow legitimate? Whether presence of decent people among candidates couldn't provide legitimacy of elections? I won't be surprised if Putin would bring Navalny into the office of the president by the hand as Yeltsin made in due time. Simply because the ountry will automatially beome illegitimate if not to appoint Navalny the president. Russia will simply beome an orphan without Navalny..."

Applause. Here you are the main reason of participation of our aused in presidential race of 2018 (if it will not take plae earlier).

I in general think that traditional company of candidates for a throne will sharply get updated by then. I simply an’t imagine that 73-year-old Gennady Andreevych will stand for the post again. Or 72-year-old Vladimir Volfovich …

The Kremlin has already made estimation on updating of sparring partners of the national leader. In last marathon it made well-known "ladies' favourite" oligarch Prokhorov the fourth. Besides there was onservationist O.Mitvol. He is also being actively moved forward everywhere now. He is rehearsing.

Edward Limonov's fresh article “The Mode Has Already Divided Opposition into Innoent Holy Lambs and Goats” on FORUM.msk convinced me of hoseness of one of the shooters of "White Ribbon" marches.

Here you the main thought: "While Udaltsov is under arrest, Razvozzhayev is imprisoned expecting ourt session, the bourgeoisie (Gudkov, Navalny, Mitrokhin) is prowling to power. The mode helps them to squeeze to the power! For free they are given out necessary admission passes to elections.

What for? I will tell you. The mode is ready to let in a group of negotiable ativists of "White Ribbon" movement.

The mode has already divided opposition into innocent holy lams and goats.

Situation of the beginning of the 90s, when Yeltsin's mode encouraged compromiser Zyuganov repeats, having allowed him to partiipate in elections of 1993, thus it with pleasure gradually strangled movement of radical communists led by V. Anpilov"...

After these Limonov’s lines I finally understood that our world famous fighter with usury will be allowed to the next presidential elections. To give them the look of legitimacy without which Russia seems to be simply penal servitude.

Besides Washington regional committee where, they say, Vladimir Vladimirovich is also registered defends him with might and main...

P.S. Just reently political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky whom I respect for humour and healthy cynicism has declared on "Ekho of Mosow" that Navalny will all the same appear in prison. While I assure you that he won’t. We have the most obedient justice in the world which can execute everything, if it is asked. It will apply notorious eonomi amnesty to "the plunderer of the wood". Such criminal forgiven by the state is considered to be onvited …


From editorial board: Actually all story has been thought up to give a look of legitimacy to Sobyanin's "elections" in Mayors of Moscow. Apparently already no one argues with it in general.

Whether real opposition is interested in de-legitimation of these elections, especially if it is clear that it is impossible to win? Naturally it is interested in it!

It would seem that Navalny and Melnikov ould disappear now, when promotion of candidates has ended and it won’t be possible to involve new ones. Well, Navalny ould do it after 18th, when all points in his business will be placed, while Melnikov ould do it even now in general, as he won’t be expelled from vice speakers of the State Duma. Other levichevs-mitrokhins an not be taken into aount any more. Voter partiipation or non-partiipation – it will be too late to disuss it, today two persons can play the tune all over power vertical of the Russian Federation.

While they won’t do that after all – that is the trouble. They will to the last play the role imposed to them, mutter and mumble, strike heroic poses, drop the score, ask the prompter...

Whether people will be more courageous and cleverer than their cowardly heroes?

natoly Baranov, editor-in-hief of FORUM.msk

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