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No to war against Iran

Источник: Left Party.PDS 1st Session of the 10th Congress

We oppose the escalation of the conflict around the nuclear policy of Iran, especially the Bush Administration’s preparations for a military solution. This drives the world to the brink of war again. As in the case of the war on Iraq, that went against international law, the White House and the Pentagon want to drum up a “coalition of the willing” again, if the UN does not submit to their notions and demands for a “conflict settlement”. The core of the matter is oil. The USas the biggest oil-consuming country in the world wants to maintain its position in the region particularly against China and Russia. It does not make a secret of its plans to bring about a regime change. Yet, a war against Iranis certainly going to set the entire Middle Eastregion on fire and trigger unforeseeable consequences for the world at large.

The unresolved problems in Iraqand Afghanistan, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, nuclear weapons in India, Pakistanand Israelhave already turned the entire Middle Eastregion into a powder keg. Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli remarks, which we strictly reject, have added to the conflict. Bush wants the war and the Iranian President does not want to avoid it.

The Left Party.PDS stands for nuclear disarmament. We want to avoid a development that more and more nuclear weapons are piled up or their number gets reduced while the effect of the remaining ones is ever more deadly. We want to prevent more and more countries including Iranfrom possessing nuclear arms. This will only be achieved if the nuclear powers are finally disarming and conflicts are settled peacefully, in keeping with international law.

Instead of force and threats the Left Party.PDS proposes a peaceful settlement to the nuclear conflict with Iranand a comprehensive Middle-East peace conference. It is necessary to:

1.                  Establish a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle Easton the basis of a comprehensive renunciation of force and security guarantees by the permanent members of the UN Security Council vis-Ю-vis all countries of the region;

2.                  Recognise internationally Iran’s right of Uranium enrichment for research purposes under IAEO supervision and of he peaceful use of nuclear energy. At the same time the whole region shall be offered a comprehensive know-how and technology transfer in the field of renewable energies;

3.                  Recognise Israel’s right to exist by the countries of the region and reach a binding agreement on Israel’s borders;

4.                  Create a viable and sovereign Palestinian state within internationally recognised borders;

5.                  Agree on a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq.

We demand that the German government declares bindingly and publicly: Germanyrejects the USmilitary plans, does not take part in preparing for a war and will neither directly nor indirectly support any warring activities against Iran. The German government should rather call on all countries to adopt a similar stance.

We expect the German government to put comprehensive disarmament back on the day-to-day agenda of its foreign and security policy. Demanding that the USwithdraws its nuclear arms from Germanywould be a token for nuclear disarmament.

We appeal to all people in this country concerned about peace, to peace and conflict researchers, to trade unions and activists in peace initiatives and movements: Show your resistance to a new war. On the 1 May we demand spending less on armaments and more on social affairs.

We demand of the Members of the German Bundestag: Put an end to the strategy of a “war on terror”! Do not vote for sending more German troops anywhere in the world! Bring back step by step all Bundeswehr contingents from abroad!

We call on the members and friends of the Left Party: Strengthen the profile of the new Left as a consistent party of peace, as a party of international law and disarmament, as a party of global justice! Take the initiative everywhere against the imminent war. Be active in alliances, in extra-parliamentary actions and in assemblies – in local communities and federal states, in the Bundestag and in the European Parliament!

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