Turhynov Mopped up 5 Kilometers of Ukraine from Own People Preparing to the Eletions

Turhynov Mopped up 5 Kilometers of Ukraine from Own People Preparing to the Eletions

The interim dictator of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov reported that on the night of May, 15 security officers performing retaliatory operations in the east of the country succeeded in ng several bases of rebels. "Strengthening strutures inside the town of Slavyansk were attacked and destroyed tonight; the 5-kilometer zone round television tower which broadcasts the Ukrainian television to Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and other regions of Donetsk region is ompletely mopped up”, — he explained.

It’s a riddle what Turchynov means under "strengthening strutures”. Likely, “Mannerheim Line” which the Ukrainian heroes took by storm appeared with a wave of a wand near Slavyansk. It was attack of some serious illness.

Let’s think – a person calling himself the president of the state with pride declares that the armies entrusted to him mopped up 5-kilometer zone round television tower in the provincial town of the country entrusted to him! That is in 6 kilometers from television tower in Kramatorsk Turchynov is already not the president, but bull shit?

Unless the territory was mopped up by Mr. Turchynov not from the population of the country entrusted to his cares? It turns out that the main task of the state - protection of life and safety of citizens - administration under the leadership of Mr. Turchynov not only doesn’t carry out, but by means of “armed forces of Ukraine” entrusted to him breaks!

Let’s note that the rebels, that is citizens of Ukraine, ask Turchynov and Co to take the armies away and to sit with them at negotiating table. Mister Turchynov declares that he sees no one outside 5-kilometer zone round television tower in Kramatorsk, and he will keep killing until he wins total victory in this public affair.

Thus in such cities as Odessa and Kharkov where armed people’s militia wasn't created we observe cruel terror in relation to all political opponents. People are killed, sometimes publicly and cruelly, and often political activists simply disappear. It is already a question of hundred people, that is aboutlosses which are quite comparable to the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk areas where onfrontation has armed character. That is life and safety of citizens doesn't interest administration of Mr. Turchynov as this administration, being eleted by no one, doesn’t depend on the will of citizens at all. It exists only because of support of the western countries, first of all of the USA and Germany, and their satellites from the European Union.

Thus this administration openly declares that killing citizens of Ukraine in the territory of Ukraine it’s at war… with Russia! It is the most surprising war which is waged against Russia for the last 1,5 thousand years.

This not quite adequate administration declared "elections" to take plae on May, 25, previously having mopped up structure of the parliament of the country – for today the only legally elected authority in Ukraine. As a result the fraction Batkivshchina, whih member dictator Turchynov is, became the most numerous in the Verkhovna Rada though to a coup d'etat the absolute majority belonged to Party of Regions and the communists. Party of Regions lost nearly a half of the staff, and CPU at the key moments of vote simply was removed from conference hall. Now Turchynov raised a question of a ban of the Communist Party in general.

Whether it is possible to speak at least about minimum legitimacy and legality of "elections", if 10 days prior to them the interim dictator declares fights for each scrap of the territory of the country? If the power in Kiev doesn't control 2 areas making about 15 percent of the population of the country, not speaking about the Crimea and Sevastopol which Turchynov still considers "own". When in other regions of the southeast of Ukraine he entered the mode of cruel dictatorship, atually ghetto mode.

There is an unpleasant suspicion that the dictator Turchynov and his companions Yatsenyuk and Tymoshenko as well as all "Batkivshchyna" as a whole aren't in the first plae interested that elections will take place on May, 25 and will be recognized. As now they are the highest power which can’t be controlled by anyone, let it be not in all territory of Ukraine, and after elections they have chance to become not only ordinary citizens (as the leader of race Poroshenko already promised to dismiss parliament), but also persons under investigation.

Anatoly Baranov



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