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President’s Speech Is Correct. It Is Not Clear Only: Who And How Will Fulfill What’s Mentioned

Yury Maslukov, Deputy of State Duma 12.05.2006

On the 10th of May president Vladimir Putin appeared in public with annual epistle to Federal Assembly. There’s in it, as well as in the previous ones, a vision of today's situation in the country, statement of strategic problems for the long-term prospect development and the list of the urgent questions directed on the salvation of the sharpest today's problems.

To a number of the main and conclusive successes of the president authorities belong financial stabilization and creation of conditions for achievement of rouble convertibility as well as achievements mainly in the oil-and-gas industry.

Really, the Central Bank of Russiaby the size of its reserves already takes the fourth place in the world. Gazprom became the third company of the world by the size of capitalization; global strategic projects of Baltic and East oil pipelines are on a stage of development and realization.

Dynamics of growth of a total internal product (the very state pie which authorities divide every year at formation of budgets of all levels) makes about 7 percent a year. But it is less than necessary for the salvation of the accumulated problems and even less than the size of gross national product which should have been doubled in the nearest ten years as the president had planned. Every year the government demands from Minister of Economic Development and Trade Herman Gref to make an effort, but each time minister convinces it that now it is not real, that conditions for this purpose have not been created yet, that not all institutional reforms have been led.

The president understands that it is necessary to distribute the successes reached in the oil-and-gas industry to other branches for the decision of tasks in view. It is necessary to develop in complex transport and communication, avia- and shipbuilding, space industry, processing industry and high technologies.

Every year in the epistle president refers to one of the most urgent and hot problems: it could be condition of housing and communal services; housing problem; condition in public health services and education or struggle against poverty. Now it is issued in national projects which formation, by the way, goes on very slowly. The most important is that all this started already long before Putin's presidency during the stay of president Yeltsin.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federationconstantly spoke about it and tried to solve those problems legislatively using the relative majority in parliament in 1995th-99th. But then in Russiathe unique political system was created in which the parliament was a democratic, decorative figure, the government - puppet depending on the whim of the president who was fully dependent on a few in number group of fast-ripening oligarchs whose interests were far from the interests of the country. The consciousness of Russians split and such doubled consciousness was easy to manipulate with. Only this can explain that fact that the same people voted for communists on parliamentary elections and for Yeltsin on presidential - the protege of pathological opponents of communistic ideology.

Conducting "reforms" of 90th years, solving problems of construction of market economy of liberal sense authorities approached it by the force of a habit - in the form of a rapid campaign using method of a shock therapy. New "revolutionaries" and their followers did not have time to wait, there was a simple aim to redistribute quickly accumulated riches and to satisfy own mercenary interests. It created also that criminogenic conditions which the present president suggests to struggle now.

Within last ten years government by solving problems of redistribution of national property in interests of narrow group of people created problems for tens millions of Russian citizens in the most vital spheres of life those which now are necessary to mention in each epistle of Vladimir Putin. The number of accumulated and neglected problems is so large that it will be enough for more than one annual epistle of the head of the state.

The main reasons interfering with performance of tasks in view were revealed in the presidential message of the last year: absence of efficient government in the country and corruption. Also now, Putin noted, the present state of a society is characterized by a low level of trust to the state and large business. The president even quoted Franklin Roosevelt giving a hint to understand affinity of problems of the present Russian state to problems of the USAin the beginning of the thirtieth years of the previous century.

In the present epistle one more of the oldest and sharpest complex Russian problems - the hardest demographic crisis which amazed Russia- was named. Here we have absolutely other statistics. Death rate exceeds birth rate on the average in Russia in 1,6 - 1,8 times and even in 2-3 times in some of the regions whereas in many countries of the world the tendency is opposite: the factor of excess of birth rate above death rate makes 2,6. Now the percent of capable of working population makes up 62.4% and mortality among this most important group is menacingly big. Russiaoccupies the 136th place in the world (59 years) on a lifetime of men, women’s average lifetime makes up 72 years (91st place in the world). Uncontrollable alcoholization of population will bring to nothing all attempts to smooth somehow these menacing processes of depopulation of the country. In his speech the president presents the developed system of prime measures on decrease of the death rate, carrying out of effective migratory policy and increase of the birth rate. The president gives the task to the government to provide necessary assignations in the budget of the year 2007.

This last item is very indicative. This problem have been existing for a long time. Every year the head of the state gets from a chest one of the problems which are superimportant, superurgent, but the quantity of money is not enough to solve all of them. Even if to start to settle these tasks now, the process will by inertia proceed for the years. To that time with the present approach process of privatization of the ground, wood and water resources will be finished. To realize social programs will be even more difficult for a share of state property will be even less and future presidents of Russiawill have to study first how to manage the country where private form of property is the leading one.

The president spoke truly, it’s difficult to reproach him in something but for one: it’s not clear who and how will fulfill what’s mentioned. Every next year only sharpens social problems. For their settlement or at least partial smoothing more and more resources are needed.  

Solution of all problems appointed demands not one decade under consecutive, active and purposeful policy. Is the present political structure of a society ready for it? What will be the shape of this structure in two years? Who will become the new president of Russiain 2008 and what party will be in power then?

All these questions have been already put now and it is necessary to think them over. No party in power constructed on the sample "Edinaya Russia" can carry out this problem. Nobody enters the party in power on belief, one passes from one party in power to the other one because of different reasons: representatives of business delegate there the representatives because it is easier to solve thus business problems, government officials - because it is a question of their vital functions. In such party in power businessmen and officials don’t have to search for each other, they are already included in the general system which takes decisions. There are also simple people who enter the party following old habit as they once used to enter the Communistic Party.

This model finds out to be made not by accident. It was created on purpose having taken for the sample system of the USA. It was only forgotten that present Russiait more likely the USAof the middle of 30th years and it has to be operated in the way Franklin Roosevelt operated the USA. The party in power in Russiahas no opponents and no its own Roosevelt. That is the difference of today's Russiafrom the USAof the middle 30th.

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