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Lisenko Vice Versa: Geneticists from BASF "build" the European Union

Konstantin Lapshin 17.06.2006

Recently the theme of products genetically modified (H’M) became a field of real battles between the public and transnational corporations. First of all disputes go around the right of people to choose, to get information about the products offered by the companies.

The desire of large corporations to impose their products (sometimes of a doubtful quality or potentially dangerous) even more often oversteps the limits. For example, in the ancient Waleslocal farmers are not very much aspired to sow their fields with modern H’M-creations of BASF company which already for a long time is aimed at British islesas at a rich commodity market of their products. In fact no special demand for food stuffs from these cultures, the buyers desire very much products of "natural farming”.

Landowners have found support of their agricultural ministry therefore the region became actually a zone free from H’M-cultures.

All this caused attacks of fury of a management of the European corporation. "... we cannot be reconciled with the situation created when the products which have been met with approval, which are considered to be safe are refused in this or that country. They (these countries) should leave the EU and say that they wish to be independent," – such was the reaction of doctor Hans Kast – the leader of the development of the plants research BASF company, the leader of the lobby organization EuropaBio.

The German scientist, possibly, wished to become "Lisenko vice versa" and, as during old bad times, to smash opponents straight away on the state level. The long history of the "fights for the Wales" can be a useful example of joint actions of workers and the state administration against ambitions of large business.

This spring representatives of some states and regions of the uniform Europe met in Florenceto discuss questions of introduction of new agricultural crops and methods (including connected with H'M) and to develop measures of protection of farming and population from possible dangerous consequences of their application. The most active stand was taken by the British Wales: Minister of Agriculture and Ecology of this region not only declared about the preservation by the region of the status of "zones free from H'm-cultures" but also headed mutual work in introduction of much more rigid control system of H’M sphere in the frames of the whole Europe.

"The Walesonce again shows readiness to protect agricultural branch from potential encroachments of biotechnological corporations" - Minister Kervin Johns declared. In the past workers and scientists of the Walesrepeatedly opposed mass cultivation H'm-cultures in their region.

In October of the last year farmers of the Waleshaving an intention to defend the right to cultivate organic products without genetic pollution participated in many thousands of demonstration in Londonagainst introduction of H'm-cultures. One of the farmers even came to the capital on its tractor. Basing on calculations of the scientists ministers talk about economic hopelessness of new agricultural products. There is no stopping Dr. Kast. It is clear: even if at the present monitoring system his concern fails to “dip” the Europe into transgene world then what can happen if the Minister of the Walesachieves what he wants?

New and new arguments are used. Out of a pocket a trump of "comparative efficiency" appears and the agriculture of the Europeloses before the American only because of the fact that uses H'm-culture only a little.

"We really get in a difficult situation" – Kast says in the interview to site EuroPolitix, - "farmers in Americareceive better and better technologies not leaving chances to the Europeans. The only way out today is a transition to a new level and all-round support of biotechnology". It seems, the scientific functionary of transnational scale simply envies the transatlantic colleagues from Novartis and Monsanto which impose their "creations" to the simple people at full and unconditional support of the star-striped authority.

“Process of coordination and approval which lasts and lasts is unacceptable for business!" - the German figure mints. In fact the government of the Walestogether with other countries of the Europealready starts working at the creation of the most rigid monitoring system possible which would allow to differentiate precisely traditional and H'm-culture.

All events have the most direct attitude to Russiaand its people. Having burned on the Walesgreedy businessmen will undoubtedly try to recoup on weaker player. They are not afraid any more to attack even the most powerful state formations - the EU and the Great Britain. If there is any need to talk about us?

The German doctor has personified the approach of the present capitalism: "If you do not agree - we shall tear you!" Our cozy Trofim Denisovich isn’t in it! Once a man was pressed because of genetics – today they are ready to press the whole countries…

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