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The Workers and Entrepreneurs Blocked Highway М-52

The Workers and Entrepreneurs Blocked Highway М-52

Already the second picket of employees of enterprise "Magistral" takes place on Chujsky Highway. At that directors acted as organizers of picket. Picketing began at ten o'clock of local time according to the request submitted. People arrived to the place of picketing, however were blocked and not allowed by militia to the picketing place. In answer indignant workers spontaneously blocked Chujsky Highway approximately for 5-7 minutes. However, by joint efforts of militia and Special Police Squad federal highway M-52 was unblocked. There are nearby 500 persons picketing they, Gornoaltaisky Production Complex, Production Complex of Gorvodstroy, Gornoaltajsky ZBI adjoined the action.

Two persons are arrested. The question of filing a suit on administrative infringement is being under discussion.

"Magistral" - the largest enterprise forming a company town situated in Altai, it's engaged in building of highways, bridges, tunnels, runways. From the beginning of the year enterprise reduced or sent to forced weekends about third of employees.

About hundred Altay workers participated in the first picket on July, 3rd along federal highway near Gorno-Altaisk demanding from the region government to employ them. Several times picketers tried to block off motor traffic. But militia put employees of Special Police Squad along the highway and pushed workers aside not allowing to block the road.

Actually there's a conflict between enterprise and local authorities. "Company position was affected not by economic crisis but position of the government of the republic which does not employ the company, therefore enterprise was compelled to reduce the staff. Officials distribute orders between "friendly enterprises", - the head of Joint-Stock Company "Magistral" Vasily Piryaev declared to the news agency RIA Novosti.

- In essence everywhere we observe conflicts not so much between the workers and owners of enterprises, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted, - but opposition between authorities which try to take profitable business under control and those who work, it's not only workers, engineers and technicians but also so to say management. At that management now possibly has higher abilities to organising and acting, than the workers have - it's natural to a stage of bourgeois-democratic transformations which had ripened in our country, only under its name being capitalist, while it's neofeudal in essence. Participation of workers in the actions organized by bourgeoisie - is useful as it gives them a lesson of self-organization, a lesson of struggle their rights. When there will be the conflict already between bourgeoisie and employees, the workers would be ready to it not less, than bourgeoisie.

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