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20 Thousand Employees of "АvtoVaz" Will Get Salary Lower than the Living Wage

20 Thousand Employees of "АvtoVaz" Will Get Salary Lower than the Living Wage

Laying offs of the conveyor of "AvtoVaz" this year became the reason of decrease of standard of living of every second citizen of Tolyatti by third and caused social intensity in the city, mayor of Tolyatti Anatoly Pushkov informed in interview to news agency RIA Novosti.

"AvtoVaz" this year stopped conveyor three times and sent its employees on vacation - in January, May and August. Since September the factory went on 20-hours working week with payment for actual working time. On monthly results, more than 20 thousand employees of the factory will get salaries lower than living wage estimated in Samara region, that is it's less than 6 thousand roubles.

"It's possible to name atmospehere in Tolyatti tense. Just imagine, 23% of able-bodied population work on JSC "AvtoVaz", while there are about 455 thousand people of able-bodied age in the city. If to take as a whole all those who are connected with "AvtoVaz" - manufacture of car components, dealer network, some small companies which are suppliers of orders of the second, third order, taking into account members of their families, we have already more than 50%", - mayor said.


From editorial board: So, workers got salaries lower than living wage, since September and till the end of the year factory goes on half-time schedule with payment according to final working out - it narrows down the salary of workers to the figures similar to living wage.

Now it is high time to ask questions to trade unions - the claims maintained on the meeting on August, 6th - are they satisfied?

We will dare to result 12 claims which entered resolution of the meeting on August, 6th which I named "hotfoot" shameful:

1. Nationalization of JSC "AVTOVAZ" without the right of the subsequent privatization.

2. Transparency of economic and financial activity of the enterprise.

3. Worker's control over financial and economic activity of the top management of VAZ. To that effect we demand to provide the trade union "Unity" with full information about financial and economic activity of the enterprise as well as the right to participate in coordination at administration appointment. To provide representatives of workers the right to suspend any decision of the top management of VAZ.


4. Audit Chamber should make investigation of expenditure of means of the enterprise including state support and to publish the results. To bring the heads of JSC "AVTOVAZ" to responsibility for poor control and plunders and to oblige them to return unreasonably high and not earned incomes to the booking office of the factory.

5. To work out long-term program of development of domestic car industry. To carry out modernization of manufacture to produce modern, safe and competitive cars.

6. To work out and carry out effective program of stimulation of the demand for the goods of AVTOVAZ and domestic car industry.

7. To provide maintenance of full-time job of workers of JSC "AVTOVAZ".

8. To renew suspended privileges of workers of the factory in full.

9. To provide a level of solvency of the population of Russia by means of full-time job and fair redistribution of incomes in favour of the working people.

10. Housing and communal services fee should make no more than 10% from the cumulative income of a family.

11. To relieve loan debtor who lost work in connection with job cuts or after liquidation of organization from disbursement of a loan to the banks for all types of consumer loans got till November, 2008 throughout all period of unemployment.

12. To transfer complex hostels of JSC "AVTOVAZ" into municipal ownership and to give the tenants right of privatization of occupied living space.

Till now we can't see any of these claims being executed except ridiculous requirement of "nationalization" in any case state enterprise.

While it was sounded on meeting that if the claims would not be satisfied, in the beginning of September new protest action would take place. I remind - today is September, 9th.

Yesterday at the working session on working out of Uniform Requirements of Labour Collectives representative of AvtoVaz's trade union A. Lyapin maintained trade-union attitude. He said, everything's was correct. P.Zolotaryov does not participate in the meetings - now he meets big brass, a person has grown, whether he has something in common with "commoners"?

But if protest action all the country wrote about led to such scanty result - that is to no result at all - whom should than the workers trust now?

Аnatoly Baranov

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