edvedev Admitted Fact of Seizure of His Powers

edvedev Admitted Fact of Seizure of His Powers
lexander Golovenko 22.09.2009

In the article "Go Ahead, Russia!" young president stated determination to finish with age-long Russian corruption. However at a meeting with clubmen of "Valdai" he suddenly declared that he didn't expect very fast results from the measures on struggle against infection. At that he encouraged: "But if we work, in 10-15 years we would receive quite good results". He added as if accidentally: "Our basic problem is that Russia is being governed by corrupted officials".

It sounds improbable! The head of the state easily reports to the supreme meeting that revolution took place in the country: criminal elements seized his powers. Thus he does not state the slightest desire to return himself these powers and restore legality. The main guard of the Constitution Zorkin keeps silence, Mironov and Gryzlov saw up their mouths.

Though it's clear, if to consider who heads corrupted officials. He himself - Vladimir the Glorious. He is uber alles. Being president for eight years he appealed to give a battle to corruption. However under his "wise management" it grew, got strength, got filled with refreshing juices and became the backbone factor. That is majority of the state decisions is made for the sake of a bribe, "kickback" and "peel", according to M.Delyagin's expression. No matter whether it concerns "national projects", building of medical centres or objects of Sochi Olympic Games.

Therefore there is nothing surprising that these officials inspired by the head of administration S.Naryshkin cooked up and put off simple-minded boss absolutely empty "National Plan of Counteraction to Corruption" which is better to name "Plan of Officials on Prevention of Corruption Exposure". There's also toothless "package of anticorruption laws".

After its acceptance by the State Duma Dmitry Anatolevich seriously began to wait "when they will start working". They won't work anytime, the customer, apparently, comprehended it himself. Nevertheless, his statement should be considered as "ungraded" to the members of anticorruption Council headed by him which is entered by all "agents of national security". Prosecutor General Chajka, the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Nurgaliev, director of FSB Bortnikov, chairman of the Supreme court Lebedev ...

They proved long ago their nonprofessionalism in struggle against bribing. Actually with their "help" Russia for years of serene reign of Putin fell from 75-80 to 147 place in a world rating of honesty. People waited with interest what will be the end of filing of tax declarations.

Some citizens thought that the chain of checks will follow meaning to find out to what extend:

) these declarations are  true;

) incomes stated there are legal;

In the USA, for example, there is such supervising body, as Commission of the Government on Ethics. All American officials are obliged to report incomes and property not only into tax departments but also into this very organisation. While it will get to the bottom of black money. International anticorruption Conventions of the United Nations and Council of Europe which Russia signed and ratified demand from our country creation of a body which would co-ordinate all fight against corruption.

Nothing of the kind! That is why today nobody can ask elementary question either to the minister-multimillionaire sitting on fixed salary, or to the caught stealing official, or the governor-grabber: whence you - latifundio - got expensive foreign cars, yachts and foreign country houses? Whether you - contrary to the law - are engaged in commerce? Then welcome to a jail.

For example, from declarations we learnt from declaration that last year family of first vice-premier I. Shuvalov had the highest incomes in the government. He received in 2008 4 million 761 thousand roubles from cash desk. While his known to anybody spouse received over 364 million 700 thousand. Sweet couple has whole car park: "Jaguar", "Mercedes-Benz 350, G500, S600, SV221", "Ford Hemerkemp" and ZIL 41047. What "beyond one's strength" was used to earn such riches?

In the USA and the EU countries investigation would follow at once: whether there is conflict of interests here? Whether Igor Ivanovich has own business under cover of a skirt of his wife, I personally have no doubt it's so.

We have such supermillionaires - a dine a dozen both in the government, in Presidential Administration and in the gubernatoirial cabinet. It's a kind of kick in general in our country: almost poor official having superrich spouse. It's impossible to read declarations of the same Kadyrov, Surkov or Dvorkovich without tears. Poor people! Meanwhile, experts in struggle against organized crime and corruption from year to year bring forward one and the same offers. Here you are some of them:

- To pass the law according to which annual expenses of officials should correspond to their incomes. The property not confirmed with documents is subjected under decision of tax department to unconditional withdrawal in favour of the state. Specified Conventions demand the same.

- To accept new "Law on Parliamentary Investigations in the Russian Federation" having allocated members of the parliamentary commissions with unconditional right to request data on incomes and expenses from every, except president, official of the country.

- To return institute of confiscation of illegally acquired property to the Criminal code of the Russian Federation and first of all it should be applied in relation to convicted for profit-motivated crimes.

- To recognise "National Plan of Counteraction to Corruption" empty and to prepare Mobilization Plan on Fight against Corruption. But its working out should be assigned not to officials but to the scientists-jurists, known fighters with organized crime, to skilled police investigators, criminalists, etc.

- To instruct chairman of the State Duma Gryzlov V. B immediately accept "Law on Polygraph Application" ("lie detector") which lies in the Duma naphthalene over five years.

Personally I do not believe in efficiency of these measures as the present model of gangster capitalism can't exist without corruption. It - its main blood vessel. However, responding to attributed to D.Medvedev article "Go Ahead, Russia!" I sent these offers on the e-mail address specified by him. Without any hope, of course, that they will get to the addressee's table. After all firstly they will be looked through usurping power corrupted officials ...


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