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The Roof of Mordashev's Cherepovets Plant "Severstal" Fell in, Body Count Is Being Hidden

The Roof of Mordashev's Cherepovets Plant "Severstal" Fell in, Body Count Is Being Hidden

During dismantling works in one of the shops of Cherepovets metallurgical industrial complex "Severstal" in Vologda region on Thursday a part of the roof of the main building fell. Information about injured as a result of accident is different: Ministry of Emergency Situations informs about two victims but press-service of the enterprise informs about three injured men, it has no data on victims.

"Today at 11:15 a.m. of Moscow time partial collapse of roof of the building of industrial complex took place. It was preserved and prepared for dismantle", - ITAR-TASS was phoned in press-service of Central administrative board of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Vologda region. According to Ministry of Emergency Situations, at that moment there were 15 workers there, three from them appeared to be under the blockage.

According to the chief of the press-service of Ministry of Emergency Situations in Vologda region Victor Kovalkov, as a result of roof collapse on CherMC two persons dead, one is in extremely grave condition in resuscitation, "Interfax" informs. "Two men of 1966 and 1986 year of birth died as heavy metal construction fell in upon them", - Kovalkov said. He noted, clearing the debris would be suspended because of darkness and would be renewed on Friday.

Meanwhile press-service of "Severstal" referring to the technical director - chief engineer of industrial complex Andrey Lutsenko informed that the collapse of the part of the roof of the main building of industrial complex occurred during dismantling works of martin shop. According to the representative of LLC "Severny Rudnik-L" Sergey Korobov, brigade of experts had been working on dismantle of the building of martin shop within two months.

"Est. 14:30 it became known during the works carried out by Ministry of Emergency Situations about three injured employees of LLC: oxygen cutter Pavel Samohvalov with light injuries is in medical unit of "Severstal" Ltd, cutter Michael Salnikov was delivered also there in grave condition. Cutter Hajbula Alibekov is while out of a zone of access of wreckers and physicians. The place of location of one more - fitter Andrey Antipov - is not established yet", - is said in the message.

Wreckers continue their work on the scene. Special commission is created for investigation of reasons of state of emergency on Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant. Press-service assured that incident would not effect production program of CherMC as manufacture taken out of service is not connected with communications which ensure functioning of operating repartitions.

Martin shop CherMk was took out of service in November, 2008 because of falling of volumes of production. Within last months works on equipment dismantle were carried out in the territory of martin platform.


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