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Ukraine Is on the Verge of All-Ukrainian Strike of the Workers

Ukraine Is on the Verge of All-Ukrainian Strike of the Workers

Federation of trade unions of Ukraine will carry out all-Ukrainian strike up to political demands of resignation of the government if the Cabinet does not liquidate debts on wages and will not sit down at the negotiating table with Federation of trade unions of Ukraine on the subject of working out of the schedule of repayment of debts under the salary and increases of the minimum salary to living wage level.

It's stated in the speech of the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the chairman of Federation of trade unions Vasily Jara during the action "No to Poverty!" transmitted by UNIAN. We will remind, yesterday in Kiev on Majdan Nezalezhnosti trade unions carried out the action "No to Poverty!" organized by Federation of trade unions of Ukraine. After the meeting participants of the action went to Cabinet walls where they handed over resolution of all-Ukrainian protest action of trade unions to a management of the government and Secretariat of the President.

"The president and the government do not wish to raise wages level in 2010 and wish "to freeze" all social guarantees. In all countries, in the same neighbouring Russia, the salary will be increased by 30% to state employees, the salary to production workers will be considerably increased and pensions also become bigger", - V.Jara speaks.

"Today we use a living wage which is calculated according to the norms of 2000. It's necessary to reconsider it upwards in 2005. We demand from the Cabinet that it observed the Ukrainian legislation according to which the minimum wages cannot be below a living wage", - the deputy marks. The representative of trade unions also sounded the requirement to take measures on back pay debts which make for today over 1,6 billion hryvnas.

As the chairman of FRU of Ukraine asserts, the Ministry refuses to fulfill the requirements of trade unions.

As he said, official salaries under tariff categories of uniform scale of charges proceeding from the size of the official salary (the tariff rate) of the worker of the І tariff category are being entered in budgetary sphere, it is less than the size of the minimum wages.

From editorial staff: For today working and trade-union movement in Ukraine is much more active, than in Russia that is promoted, of course, by more democratic structure of political life and relative independence of trade unions - if representative of Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia Andrey Isaev is long-term and permanent deputy from "Edinaya Russia", in addition he heads profile committee of the State Duma, that is he bears together with a mode full responsibility for actions of the authorities, the chairman of Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine - is the deputy though not at all from left but nevertheless oppositional Party of Regions.

As a result trade unions of Ukraine occupy much more an active position in asserting rights of the workers - for example, in Kharkov and a number of other cities public transport strike took place - such thing is even impossible to be imagined n Russia, especially with assistance of Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia.

Let's compare position of the leader of Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Ukraine on AvtoVaZ Karagin in relation to not even the strike but only meeting of workers against forthcoming dismissals: "We addressed the workers with the request not to participate in this action. Actually there can not be any mass job cuts. Among five thousand employees whose candidates have been prepared for dismissal only 500 persons are at able-bodied age and the question of their dismissal will be solved separately", - Karagin said probably believing that 5 thousand people is not at all mass job cuts but "liberation".

On the other hand, position of alternative trade unions in Russia, the workers themselves and left active workers is also not always consecutive and too active - according to militia only 700 persons against declared 1 thousand and 5 thousand expecting dismissal were present on the meeting in Tolyatti. Probably, it is connected with the fact that working-class movement cannot occupy uniform position and accept Uniform requirements during strikes and protest actions, not mentioning creation of strike committee. It's for the time a question of vague future.

From our part, till the end of October will hold the next Working meeting on Uniform requirements (in a hybrid mode, with Internet conference) in Moscow and till the end of this month will generate organizing committee on convocation of internal conference. Till the end of the current year we end up with co-ordinated Uniform requirements and creation of organizational structure on their realisation. That we won't be shamed before compades from Ukraine.


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