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Opposition left Duma "for ever till supper"

Opposition left Duma "for ever till supper"

Opposition parties left State Duma session on October, 14th in protest at the results of municipal elections which took place on October, 11th. Representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and "Fair Russia" accused the party in power of juggling of the results of voting and demanded to carry out vote recount and also expressed desire to meet Dmitry Medvedev. Opposition refused to come back to the State Duma before performance of these requirements.

The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky demanded to send the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov in resignation, having declared that he "does not understand what parliament is" and the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov called the head of the Central Electoral Committee Vladimir Churov to resign. Both parties promised to take out people to the streets and to organize protest actions.


The first deputy of the secretary of presidium of General Council of "Edinaya Russia" Andrey Isaev advised oppositions to learn to be losers and not to shift the blame, is stated on the site of "Edinaya Russia" on October, 14th.


Isaev declared that demarche which the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and "Fair Russia" organized having left the State Duma session was similar to "teenage hysterics", he advised parties to operate within the limits of the law. "We have Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation and all complains about "illegality" should be legalized officially and transferred there. Decisions of similar questions should be made by the court", - Isaev declared.


From editorial board: Let's disagree with Andrey Isaev that our parliamentary opposition doesn't know how to lose - the only thing it can is to lose. It lost this time also - Medvedev said that he is not going to meet anybody from members of the parliament for the next 10 days. Putin in general, sitting in China and listening to a song in the Chinese language with the ambiguous name "There would be no reforms without party" performed by orchestra of Aleksandrov, advised to address court. It's good he didn't send to a league of sexual reforms...


Though, of course, against absolutely cynical and ugly actions of the party in power and election committees in Moscow, happy physiognomies of Volodin and Isaev look, to put it mildly, superfluously - as a butch who asserts that the suffered is guilty herself. She didn't behave herself and had short skirt.


Though the departure of opposition from a boardroom towards the Duma buffet looked pitiful - it's a fact. "I leave for ever till supper"! If to leave, then to leave the parliament. If not from the State Duma, then from Moscow city one, the more so this decision Zyuganov's followers don't have to co-ordinate with other parties - there are no other parties therenow. By the way, it would be also actual dissolution of Moscow City Council as soon as one-party Duma can't exist under the law.

It's strange, as the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have quite lawful way to liquidate results of these, really, out-of-limit under falsifications, elections. But instead - sad defile with Zhirinovsky towards the Duma buffet...

Though the answer is known - businessman Kumin in the list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Well, whether it is possible? Not by own rules...

Therefore Zyuganov will quote Lenin: "History showed that when the Duma appears, possibility of useful propaganda from within it and near to it appears; that tactics of rapprochement with revolutionary peasantry against cadets is possible within the Duma" (Lenin, v. X, part 26). As if tactics of rapprochement with revolutionary peasantry is possible inside the Moscow City Duma. The only local cadet A.Krutov already long time ago entered "Edinaya Russia" and 3 deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation against the majority of the party in power, even larger, than in Legislative Assembly of the Chechen Republic at Kadyrov, can unless repeat regularly "Tarutin's maneuver" of companions on the State Duma - from boardroom to the buffet.

Аnatoly Baranov, neo-Trotskyist

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