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Zyuganov Set before the CPRF Real Mission - to Fight with Putin for Medvedev

Zyuganov Set before the CPRF Real Mission - to Fight with Putin for Medvedev

The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov acting on IV plenum of the Communist Party, declared that Putin's government "consisting basically from Yeltsin's personnel bits" does everything that Russia could not have and protect own economic sovereignty and consequently has not smaller threat to the safety of Russia, than NATO, "Independent Newspaper" writes.

Upon termination of the plenum he named teamwork of Dmitry Medvedev and prime minister Vladimir Putin ineffective. At the same time, Zyuganov highly appreciated article of the president "Russia, Forward!" He also urged to create round the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Patriotic Front of Russia which, as he said, would unite "alternative forces" which "would be ready to support the president", if Medvedev "dares on true, not declarative struggle for those purposes which he puts forward in the article", the newspaper "Commersant" writes. The most interesting citations from the articles on this theme are resulted by the site "Zagolovki.ru".

Zyuganov's comrades expressed even more categorically. "We should tear the mask of the fighter off Putin for a people's well-being! To demand resignation of him and his government! People will support us in it", - the newspaper "Vedomosti" cited vice-president of the committee of the State Duma on constitutional legislation communist Victor Ilyukhin. He agrees with the leader of the party that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation should use contradictions between Putin and Medvedev.

As other member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergey Obuhov informed the newspaper, the requirement of resignation of Putin's government will be the main slogan of the action of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on November, 7th. In his opinion, Medvedev himself concedes criticism of the prime minister: for example, his statement about necessity of making the way of the country out of raw deadlock - is nothing else but disagreement with that course which was carried out all last years by Putin.

The head of the Central Utilization Review Committee Vladimir Nikitin declared on the plenum that the party needs a certain body which should develop strategy of power contest in the conditions of possible "social explosion".

Experts consider that there's nothing strange in Zyuganov's sympathy to Medvedev. According to the head of fund "Petersburg Policy" Michael Vinogradov, "it's a return to the president curtsey for his decisions on strengthening in the country of a role of the party and that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation now is an official party №2". At the same time, political scientist considers that voters do not see difference between Putin and Medvedev, therefore Zyuganov "simply creates intrigue in front of the party organization".

Old admirer of rhetoric of members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Grigory Debezh makes comments:

- Our survived partycrats are charming! You thought - all of them exchanged power for property? Not at all! That's why old men gather at congresses of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and still chat about power contest - as in reality they have neither power, nor property. They are took offence at elite to which they got in on the act a little (through the State Duma) but they have much less than the ruling class. That is why - eternal struggle!

That is characteristic, old men do not forget the major principle of partycrats - "speak what is necessary and do what you want". Zyuganov always speaks at congresses what is necessary to his electorate, shakes his fist Hrushchev-like - a pier, we will show them, we will take "mass meeting" to the street! The only trouble - after power damnations in Zyuganov's speeches ... curtseys aside the same power follow. It also becomes clear - everything that is necessary to the old man - partycrat, a little bit more powers near to Medvedev's throne.

Why not to declare full non-recognition of lost and forged, of course, elections - daddy Zyu has already forgotten about it, all partycrats are easily appeased and forgetful - he again sweet-talks with Medvedv, praises his article. Good daddy Zyu - careful, he does not offend young generation of ruling elite, he only wants to help it! In general, the deeper into the wood you go - more wretched everything connected with Zyuganov become. Even to make comments is senseless - all his speeches have effect of a joke: Zyuganov - followers came to power - came, talked and went away.

Against ritual angry gurgles of daddy Zyu towards government the words of the fighter with neo-Trozkyism Nikitin look  revolutionary - this one expects social explosion, probably that with his corpulent torso to saddle a wave of the protest and... to take seat near to Medvedev, to become favourite adviser. Partycrats always thought equally - they have crowd and they have skin interests which they successfully realise, exhausting national discontent, trying to supervise in the old manner here. Thus clerk Obuhov noted - a pier, there will be a meeting, there we will threaten Putin with terrible fig!... Go, partycrats, go, struggle for Medvedev's attention - he already sent you away  with a flea in the ear and would send you the second time.

We urge all revolutionary-minded communists not to stand still on 7th of November before Zyuganov's tribune but, as they say, not to go away - at 16-00 on the Revolution Square there will be a meeting of the true "red", without the Duma cases. And then - to the Red Square but already without Zyuganov and his partycrats. Come - we will be warmed!

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