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"Epoch of the Soviet Renaissance" and Maradeurs

"Epoch of the Soviet Renaissance" and Maradeurs
Peter Kile 18.11.2009

Jury Polyakov, the known writer, the editor-in-chief of once archi-liberal, now "centrist" "Literaturnaya Newspaper" in interview to the newspaper "Izvestia" in connection with the success of his play about schoolmates came up with an idea that supposedly "epoch of the Soviet Renaissance began to some extend". He is saying about the demand of products of the Soviet period after celebration and revelry of the dissident and postmodernist literature on a boundary of XX-XXI-st centuries. It's not only the matter of nostalgia, as a matter of fact, continuity in the development of national culture contrary to ideology and state disintegration, contrary to every possible slander and negation of anti-Sovietism appears.

Certainly, we are talking about renaissance from the small letter as in those cases when we talk about Renaissance of religion, business, etc. as all know about Renaissance from the capital letter only by hearsay. Meanwhile we didn't notice that in search of success and riches we run into dissidence up to destruction of the great state. Thus Chaadaev grieved what wild country he lives in being in correspondence with Pushkin not understanding that he is the greatest Renaissance poet.

Epoch of the Soviet Renaissance as finishing part of Renaissance in Russia was and was down before our eyes. I advise those whom can't bear the thought of the Soviet epoch as Renaissance to penetrate into the essence of such phenomenon as Renaissance, certainly, first of all in Italy, essence - humanism when a man is being put forward in the world centre instead of God and the reality is being constructed in the image and likeness up to anatomic structure of his body as in antiquity. Here you can find sources of revival of classical art and style.

In the history of Russia we observe it from the beginning of transformations of the tsar-reformer, with formation of classical art in XIX-th century, with working out of new humanism in the conditions of liberation movement that was connected also with theomachy, with the break to atheism after October revolution that was not malicious will of Bolsheviks as people think but the break to freedom of a person both from the power of the heavenly and earthly tsar that corresponded to the mood of a mankind.

New humanism is based already not on individualism as in Renaissance in countries of Western Europe but on collectivism, there was a problem of freedom of people, its education and culture and it was in the greatest degree decided during cultural revolution in the USSR that represents one of the brightest pages in the history of mankind despite of Stalin's reprisals - great epochs are so, they also have underside, as inquisition in epoch of Renaissance in the countries of Europe.

Break in the future in the USSR could be enormous if not the war of 1941-1945 and, of course, irreversible. Renaissance is characterized in the USSR alongside with humanism and education with classical and widest blossoming of sciences, with break into the Space. Renaissance in the great degree is prominent in art development. The Soviet literature, as well as painting in conditions of modernist trends in the West kept fidelity to classical tradition and nature. Impressing development of the Russian music proceeded in the USSR, nowadays it's realized as Renaissance music.

The first crisis signs inevitable in the history of the states resulted intelligency, carrier of new humanism to disappointments and dissident mood, not without participation of agents of influence that transformed instead of the reforms into direct treachery of national interests of the country by the top of elite and its disintegration. Renaissance phenomena in the history of separate countries and people are final.

Essentially important is only the fact that there was Renaissance epoch in Russia, it could come to the end more peacefully in conditions of economic prosperity, if not to the errors of the Soviet management often simply ridiculous (at least with gardening companies where it was forbidden to build real houses, only summer residences, where it was a problem to come in winter to ski; country houses - with solving of housing problems and all could be different!) Now the country broke up and is ruined. Those forces which broke through to power and riches on the ruin of own country, through authority and mass-media subject to it till now bring anti-Sovietism in foreign packing leading Russian Federation to disintegration.

It's especially clear in the presidential message and interview of one of its composers. I will result two-three citations. Surkov: "The opener and friendlier we will be and the more money, knowledge, technologies we can receive from advanced countries thanks to it, the more independent and stronger our democracy becomes".

What poverty of thought! Gorbachev began it, Yeltsin's environment - from Chubays and Gaydar to Putin and Medvedev - continues this policy of destruction of the Russian Federation receiving from "advanced countries" money, knowledge, technologies to bring business to the end. For the sake of what? So that "our democracy became more independent and stronger".

Under "our" Surkov, obviously, means "the Western democracy". Medvedev: "Prestige of Fatherland and national well-being cannot be defined indefinitely by past achievements, after all industrial complexes on oil and gas extraction providing lion's share of budgetary receipts, the nuclear weapon guaranteeing our safety, industrial and municipal infrastructure - all this is created mostly by the Soviet experts, otherwise, it's created not by us. Though it till now keeps our country afloat, it promptly becomes outdated both morally and physically. The time comes that we - today's generations of the Russian people should say the word, to raise Russia to the new, higher step of development of civilisation".

Medvedev: "Instead of the past we will build true Russia - modern, young nation directed into the future which will occupy worthy position in the world division of labour". It sounds as bad translation. Under "young nation" Medvedev, possibly, means the rests of the Russian population which are dying out for already two decades up to one million annually. We expected and directly in mass-media talked that senior generation which grew up in the USSR should die out as soon as possible. But young generations are dying out now and newest are being born almost entirely ill.

Medvedev can rely only on migrants, "young nation" from different countries so that Russia could participate adequately "in world division of labour", certainly only as a raw-material base for there's no talking about modernisation - it's demagogy. Surkov understands it well: all will be as it is. "There will be a lot of demagogy, a lot of chatter, a lot of lobbying and taking Russia to pieces but there will be no development". The mountain gave birth to the mouse.

Publicists already noticed: they declared modernisation - without the target. Any undertaking without target is doomed. The Russian Federation as the state doesn't have purpose, that is it has no ideology, except anti-Sovietism now it turns out except anti-Russism. Putin and Medvedev refusing Soviet and even Chinese way lead Russia not "forward" but backwards as Napoleon's army receded on the Smolensk road torn down by it, repeating all the time about "sovereign democracy" - very unsuccessfully invented concept.

It's absolutely clear: Russia does not have future in conditions of "capitalism" and "democracy". If it will be possible to avoid disintegration of the Russian Federation in present conditions and it will come to prosperity, it becomes for it fatal. Russia will rise from a dream, bad dream of last decades only having entered highway of development of human civilisation and culture which it followed for last three centuries in conditions of Renaissance. All other ways - from liberals to patriots of all colours, as well as presidential message in presence of His Holiness the Patriarch of all Russia - ways which will lead all Russians to the hell of disintegration of the Russian Federation.


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