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Viktor Yanukovych Took Part in the Work of ХІ Congress of the Political Party «Edinaya Russia»

Viktor Yanukovych Took Part in the Work of ХІ Congress of the Political Party «Edinaya Russia»
Yury Solomatin 24.11.2009

On November, 21st, 2009 political life of modern Russia and all Russian world was enriched by a historical without exaggeration event: party in power "Edinaya Russia" on its ХІ congress defined its official ideology: members of the party hoisted the banner of "the Russian conservatism". They are not going to lower it for at least another 10 years.

"The Russian conservatism" became official ideology of "Edinaya Russia" - so the main socialist of the modern Russia V.V.Putin finally defined where are "left - right parties", that he is - not contemptible left (as pink social revolutionary S.Mironov and even more red leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation G.Zyuganov) but that he is rather worthy right socialist.

Lately among political advisers of an imperious tandem Putin-Medvedev besides A.Dugin appeared one more innovator - Maxim Kalashnikov - whom I attribute the co-authorship in the book "New Russian Doctrine. It's Time to Spread the Wings" (2009). He is - for the USSR (Fair Solidary Sacred Russia). Patriarch Cyril, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, - with his concept of unity of the Russian world also found his place here...

The leader of the Party of Regions and favourite № 1 - candidate for presidency of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych took part in the work of ХІ congress of the political party "Edinaya Russia" and made public speech there: "We have been co-operating with "Edinaya Russia" for many years and we hope that this cooperation in the future will only become stronger. Today there is a real chance to return relations between Ukraine and Russia into tideway of not simply strategic but also historical partnership. Through non-aligned status of Ukraine equal in rights participation in new system of safety Russia - EU-Ukraine and... preservation of prices for gas as "for itself" by Russia"...

I, for example, - didn't understand whether it's a historical thing? Yes, the legend could have come true... after all till now Victor Fedorovich and his political force having acquired already 5-years-old experience of interparty cooperation with EdRussia - are better known due to its fidelity to other principle: "All what's promised earlier I could promise once again!"


From editorial staff: I think J.P.Solomatin hurried to write down Maxim Kalashnikov in "advisers of a mode" - with the same success Medvedev who positively has nothing to do in a role of the president pawing in the Internet can come across the article of the same Jury Petrovich and charge some Sobyanin to investigate what's going on... As to Maxim Kalashnikov's political views, they are really rather inconsistent but we appreciate him not due to it. Political positions of comrade Solomatin, a member of Central Committee of the CPU, by the way, are also rather inconsistent but it's also not the main thing and is also not what we appreciate in him. We appreciate both of them for their sincerity.

The main thing that Solomatin noticed is that ideology of the party in power "Edinaya Russia" is beautifully packed into euphemisms of the type "right socialism" and "socialist conservatism". We understand that our "social conservators" are different from the British conservator as emperor - from monarch. British Tory is a classical bourgeois party and it preserves those bourgeois-democratic orders which it has been defending already since 1670. While "Edinaya Russia" is the party of frankly fascist type equally alien both to proletariat and bourgeoisie. It is covered under "right socialism" - do not trust us, read Dugin.

The fact that "Edinaya Russia" doesn't snob Jews and uses natives of the former republics USSR instead does not do its less fascist - Mussolini also treated Jews rather loyally.

Victor Yanukovych's participation (which election campaign is rather actively today supported in the Kremlin) in the congress of "Edinaya Russia" is enormous "pinch" being queered to him. Quite many in Ukraine sympathise Russia and many of them for this reason vote for Yanukovych's party. However, Ukraine is not as safe as houses and many understand that there's big difference between sympathy to the Russian people and desire to get dictatorship like Putin's one in Ukraine - two very big differences, as they say in Odessa.

Yanukovych and his party is convenient to the Kremlin as the eternal opponent to weak Kiev. But they in the Kremlin hardly wish to see strong Kiev with strong Yanukovych, therefore campaign of the last is being carried out obviously not to the victory but to the second place. Yes, Yanukovych was allowed to make public speech at the congress of "Edinaya Russia" but whether it's advertising or discredit for the Ukrainian politician?

The more so "the national leader" met in Yalta not Yanukovych but Julia Vladimirovna and let everybody know that "everything's will be ok" - even openly was rude to the president of the country on which territory he was at that moment. That is again he let know that this president is already nobody and he wants to see ... as the next one. Well, whether it's Yanukovych?

Ideologically - open cooperation of the CPU with the Party of Regions up to absolutely indecent - has already caused many questions. If the Party of Regions ideologically approaches with "Edinaya Russia", then it's necessary to run away from such "friends"... The more so Ukraine though became bourgeois and liberal has not grown up to frank fascism - though they in the Kremlin hopes on it in view of the results of forthcoming elections. One couldn't say that the hopes are absolutely groundless...

Аnatoly Baranov, neo-Troskyist

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