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"Religious Procession" of Authority

"Religious Procession" of Authority
Оleg Sultanov 13.12.2009

On December, 8th the General public prosecutor of Russia Jury Chajka was asked to come to the president that under silent rumbling of television cameras and clicking of camera shutters to listen to Dmitry Medvedev's instructions on punishment of people guilty of death of 119 citizens of Perm caused by fire. Mister Chajka listened to the words of the head of the state, nodded and assented. These words, in my opinion, depicted actually very sad situation which developed in our state - situation when the most different officials and businessmen run their business bypassing many legal requirements of this state. That is the vertical of power built up for 10 years appeared badly operated, slow that leads to failures which quite often entail human victims.

Logic of the president who is rather originally indignant with weak preventive work of services of the State Fire Control amazes: "If they are given instructions and they don't care these instructions, it is necessary to raise the question that their instructions are inefficient!"

Why did he mention instructions? It's not instructions which are ignored by disobedient businessmen - grabbers, actually representatives of the government are ignored and, hence - they spit on authority and its orders. The lawyer by education - D.Medvedev instructed the Public prosecutor somewhat stragely, placing emphasis that guilty officials necessarily should be called to criminal or administrative responsibility - depending on the offences admitted by them. As long as I can recollect (I think J.Chajka also), not only the Russian president but also our legislation demands it.

Dmitry Anatolevich told to Jury Jakovlevich also that "it is necessary to present offers on responsibility of these people ..." meaning employees of the control bodies which are engaged in concealment of crimes. What offers, Mister president, whom they should be presented to? There's concrete responsibility provided by law, without any offers for concealment. While the head of the government V.Putin, having come to Perm, urged to draw conclusions from tragedy (to heighten responsibility of businessmen, to estimate operating efficiency of authorities of regions depending on condition of fire safety). True is the proverb - one does believe in wonder, when hears sound of thunder...

Probably, we have the right to draw other conclusions, without merging all fault for similar states of emergency all over the country only on the regional authorities and careless businessmen; our main staffs are located in the Kremlin and in the government house. Key figures of the present mode are in these very staffs, they bear responsibility for quality of work of ministers appointed by them, for state of affairs in all branches of economy of Russia.

When V.Putin spoke about lacks in fire-fighting business, I for some reason began to estimate, how many millions fire extinguishers would be possible to get on money which have been wasted for staging on TV of recent four-hour performance of dialogue of the leader of "Edinaya Russia", the chairman of the cabinet with well prepared representatives of broad masses of workers? Perhaps to observe political balance in self-PR it is necessary to give to heads of all other parties of our country the same possibility to use the Russian TV which was given by "someone" to Mister V.Putin? Why? It would be extremely interesting to watch 4 hours, for example, with very emotional Vladimir Zhirinovsky. However, I believe that his live dialogue with country during four hours would completely ruin LDPR; who remembers the price of one minute of advertising on TV?

"Edinaya Russia" and the government endured, they even didn't have (for support of the state budget filled by us ...) to lease premises. Well, as it was made by the Minister of Defence which rented a building in Perm, where fire took place. ... "Teleinstructions" given publicly by our main Kremlin-sitters show once again practical powerlessness of present high-ranking officials in solving of problems on safety of the population of Russia. If the president called the Public Prosecutor and "explains" him that responsibility "... can be administrative, up to dismissal from post and if actions get under the corresponding structure of crime provided in the criminal legislation - up to criminal" - we have tough luck. Prime minister has only to call Sergey Shojgu and start training him to use fire extinguisher.

I think that idle talks of dignitaries (for videocamera) hardly cause lifting of social activity in matter of overcoming of numerous difficulties and troubles connected with bribability of officials and avidity of newly appeared Russian capitalists in the Russians.

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