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Left Front Enters Arena of Legal Policy

Left Front Enters Arena of Legal Policy

Political event took place on Saturday, frankly speaking, it's not of primary importance, however in many respects sign one. Council of the Left Front which made the decision to consolidate effort with other political forces of clearly left first of all communistic orientation passed in Moscow. It was a question not only of informal work which is out of the legal policy but also about participation in creation of the general party project "Rot-Front" together with a number of oppositional structures, first of all with the Russian Communist Party of Workers - Russian Communist Party.

The first thing that was striking - hypertrophied attention of authorities to the ordinary, protocol, in general, event. Members of the Left Front gathering for council were met by two buses with OMON, a heap of militiamen in cordon and also by employees in the civilian. Lieutenant colonel supervised the "army operation", obviously, everything's ok in Moscow with criminality, as a meeting of fifty active workers of the Left Front appeared to be the most important event which made authority to keep all day long such abyss of militiamen and others at hard frost on weekend.

Active workers passing to the action were stopped, their documents were carefully checked - after that they were permitted as they positively had nothing to bring.

- Passing by militia I heard the lieutenant colonel supervising militiamen answering someone, probably, his heads, on a portable radio set that he could detain someone only "for lawlessness" as nobody breaks nothing and, obviously, is not going to do it, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk, a member of executive committee of the Left Front Anatoly Baranov said. - The heads didn't want to detain "for lawlessness", today militia doesn't want to take responsibility on itself. So, on the one hand - absolutely inadequate reaction from outside power departments on legal event and from the other - misunderstanding by ordinary employees of the motives of their management which forces them to sit on frost, all day off long and to wait for nobody knows what. At last officers of militia have higher juridical education and are quite capable to understand that there's no legality and law and order observance here. Today both militiamen and employees of FSB constantly deal with a question - who they are - citizens of the country or employees of the department, what for them more important is - laws and the constitution or orders of their heads.

However, not clear militian operation was, certainly, only a garnish to "the basic dish" - to decisions of Council of the Left Front. The decision to take part in formation of a new left party under conditional name "Rot-Front" accepted by overwhelming majority of councilors was the main.

It is impossible to say that opinions were totally unanimous. The part of active workers of the Left Front is in general against participation in the legal policy as they consider that political system developed in the Russian Federation is not reformed by legal tools and is subjected to full dismantle. Actually, nobody argued a lot about it but it's impossible to do it by methods of small protest actions, so-called "actionism" and it is possible to hold a meeting for long.

However, assistance to creation and development of structures SKS - regional Councils; organisation and carrying out of mass protest actions (pickets, meetings, processions) on sharp social and political problems; assistance to carrying out of the all-Russian referendum and also regional referenda on socially significant questions; creation of legal group for rendering of legal aid to participants and supporters of the Left Front and also social active workers; preparation of the detailed program "Left in Power"; organisation of summer camps of LF were recognized as priority directions of work of the Left Front.

Following the results of the discussion in which Alexey Prigarin, Sergey Udaltsov, Alexey Sahnin, Maxim Firsov, Darya Mitin, Karin Kleman, Anatoly Baranov, Leonid Razvozzhaev, Vasily Kuzmin, Dmitry Rukavishnikov, Vitaly Vorobev (all of them from Moscow), Alexander Tcherepanov (Tyumen), Sergey Padalkin (Penza), Daniel Poltoratsky (Barnaul), Joseph Abramson (Leningrad), Ilja Zhuravlyov (Ivanovo), Nail Imameev (Ulyanovsk), Alexander Voronov (Omsk) took part, Council of LF accepted developed plan of work of the movement.

Participants of session also accepted Decisions of Council of LF "About political situation in Russia and problems of the Left Front in 2010" and "For cleanliness of principles of internationalism!" In the decision "About political situation" is said that "on the eve of decisive struggle for the country future, our duty - to offer a society real anticapitalist alternative. Otherwise energy of the mass protest will be put into sewerage system of political combinations and clan struggle of bourgeois-bureaucratic cliques. To the false promises of reforms from above no matter what "packing" they have - liberal, nationalist or populist we should oppose policy of valid and deep transformations from below. Policy of solidarity. Policy of real democracy. Policy of justice. Socialist policy. Therefore priority of the left forces in Russia is creation of such political organisation which will be capable to influence seriously political process in the country. This purpose demands, firstly, cooperation activization between the left organisations and the most mature part of social active workers for the purpose of achievement of political unity. On the other hand, already today it is necessary to enter arena of big politics, for without it creation of serious anticapitalist alternative across the nation is impossible".


  • - Certainly, the main thing is - to take part in new party, - Anatoly Baranov commented fro FORUM.msk. - Everybody, in general, understand that today registration in Ministry of Justice is problematic, for last 10 years a number of parties in the Russian Federation has been only reducing and it is a state policy on simplification of political life in the country, its bringing it to ritual, decorative effects. However, what do we have, basically, with the plans of authorities? We carry out political process, we consolidate efforts with our companions from politically and ideologically very close structures - the CPSU, VCPB, parties of Common Sense and others, we overcome sectarianism in the left movement. In any case we in the result we will become stronger, more organized, more capable of the consolidated action. There is also one more moment - today very many active workers and even the whole organisations of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation are ready to pass into normal left party from "Zyuganov's party" which became frankly national socialist, in addition frankly merging with a mode. But there is no place to pass to, there's no alternative legal structure. After all there are also other left which are compelled to make groups round another after the Communist Party of the Russian Federation party - the Prokremlin organisation - "Socialist Revolutionary Party". All this is a reflexion of weakness of organizational processes on the left flank. It should be overcome. Yes, those who can start moving are no longer ardent revolutionaries, but we have enough heroes for political sect. While we lack simple people for mass political movement, people who have both moral sense and normal sights but don't have determination "to die in struggle for it". Without these people mass movement will not happen, there is no support on class consciousness. We already have an example of "Sword-Bearer Order" - it's forbidden National Bolshevik Party. We will go other way. There are questions with other participants of "concession" - very conditionally left Army of Will of People and Cherepkov's structure. Here there are many questions and very sound ones but I would not began to focus now attention on it. Both people vary and their sights also, the main thing - situation varies too. Now there are two serious trends in irreconcilable opposition - liberal and left and there's some problem with national-patriotic sector. Authority is now actively recruiting extremely right movements and their leaders, tries to deduce them as some kind of "strategic reserve" from informal environment, from irreconcilable opposition into the number of "lured". Certainly, not all agree with it but objectively this direction is becoming weakened, corrupted by the power. So, liberals went considerably forward having created "Solidarity". We should catch them up, otherwise the left will drop out of the process of creation of new political space in Russia. It is necessary to think of it too. The step is made, the step into the right direction.
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