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Secretary General of NATO Named Awful Price of Medvedev's "Georgian Victory"

Secretary General of NATO Named Awful Price of Medvedev's "Georgian Victory"

North Atlantic Alliance is interested in expansion of conditions of transit of arms and ammunition through the territory of the Russian Federation, the secretary general of NATO Andres Fog Rasmussen told on air of radio station "Echo Moscow". Also, in his opinion, "Russia could provide the Afghani army with helicopters and assist in training of pilots and also expand preparation of employees of the Afghani police".

According to the secretary general of North Atlantic Alliance, "these possibilities will be studied during forthcoming weeks". "My visit to Moscow - a signal about renewal of close cooperation between the Russian Federation and NATO", - was added by him.


A.Rasmussen arrived to Moscow with working visit with concrete proposals. In particular, they consider in alliance that the Afghani army needs the Russian helicopters, artillery pieces, tommy-guns and fuel. NATO openly recognises that it fails to provide Afghans with all necessary things.

From editorial board: The first reaction, of course, "no shit"!

Then you get a grasp of words of president Medvedev: "... After a number of decisions which were accepted and some meetings which passed, it seems to me that we need to enter new level of relations".

It's interesting what decisions he's talking about?

It's interesting on what level of relations he means?

Now let's see. 20 years ago we left Afghanistan. Left, having won war, under a rappberry of "progressive mankind" - since then it was considered that the Russian suffered defeat (from whom?) in Afghanistan. Nadzhibulla's mode kept position for another 2 years even without suravi. If the Soviet armies remained, they would still be there suffering smaller losses, than today in "peace" North Caucasus. Actually decay of the USSR began from withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Now it was found out that "the Kremlin old men" who brought "limited contingent" to Afghanistan were not so wrong, if two decades later "progressive mankind" almost with its full complement met he same passes - even Japanese whom their constitution forbids to be at war outside of the country. 

Thus, to Putin's honour, he had enough mind to refrain from repeated participation in the Afghani campaign. It's senseless to get involved in war for absolutely unclear interests having historical experience of decay of the USSR behind itself and prospect of loss of the North Caucasus. Especially to get involved into the war, as a matter of fact, of interconfessional character -war of NATO with Afghanistan calls crusade war. What crusade war we can wage with so many Moslems in our country?

It must be said that reputation of Moscow after such position in relation to war in Afghanistan in the Islamic world though has not recovered absolutely (it's difficult after two Chechen wars) but has considerably improved. Moscow, of course, did not become "friend of all Moslems" but it became clear that at least they in the Kremlin takes the Islamic factor in consideration and consider it more positively, than in the West.

However rumours about rationality of the Kremlin appeared strongly exaggerated. This year Moscow said OK to moving of cargoes of NATO to Afghanistan through the territory of the Russian Federation. Though after power change in Pakistan position of NATO contingent in case of refusal of the Russian Federation in transit becomes simply catastrophic.

No, certainly, never and under no circumstances Moscow could admit NATO's defeat in Afghanistan - it's not even the topic of the discussion. But withdrawal of NATO troops therefrom looks rather transparently - with all following geopolitical consequences.

However, Putin gave OK to transit and Medvedev's victory over the Georgians in South Ossetia became the first reason of it. Because when the first euphoria from unexpected success of the Russian weapon let even over pity enough opponent serious foreign policy problems came to light. Moscow was started to be threatened openly with new "cold war" - with the prospect of arrest of accounts, private residences, with loud international courts - if somebody doubts that our "elite" is in shit up to the eyes?

So, the Kremlin urgently had to play-act a pose of "the good boy". That is to take part in NATO operations, in every possible way showing "readiness to co-operate".

Foreign policy answer was immediate as the West also doesn't want new "cold war" much even with such poor Russia as it is today - to be on friendly terms is more favourable simply from PR reasons. Soon Michael Saakashvili was named the originator of war in South Ossetia in the same degree as Moscow. It was also more convenient for the West, than to solve problem from one side - the Georgian. Thus it became possible not to solve it in general. The decision of the commission of PACE accepted the day before yesterday that Holodomor in Ukraine nevertheless was not a genocide of the Ukrainian people is, of course, also motivated from the outside. Ukraine was not pushed away but was let know that confrontation with Russia is untimely.

Now the time to name the price of all these pleasant things came. It is necessary to give credit for the new secretary general of NATO, he made it in the most attractive form, in the form of the request and even with recognition "what will do without Russia"...

It is clear that the Kremlin has no chance to refuse in this "request". It means it is necessary to prepare for the second series of the Afghani war. But already not for own interests. NATO wants very little - that the Russian Federation as a matter of fact equips the Afghani army, trains it, provides with ammunition, military technology and arms, provides training and retraining of the staff. Without speaking about aviation cover.

It is clear that together with weapon it is necessary to send "advisers" to Afghanistan, that is to keep there own contingent. And not small one. It's clear also that there will be no Afghani pilots as well as experts of some other military trades - generally "advisers" will have to use technique delivered. The units prepared by "advisers" will be will be brought also by them. In general, in a half a year - one year Russia will be completely involved in war. In some time more "allies" will decide that it is possible to "entrust" continuation of mission to Russia - as to regional superstate. Until it will not rupture itself and will not receive several "afghanistans" in own territory.

Аnatoly Baranov

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