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Каrelia Is Freezing, As It's Known, It's More to the North, Than Pikalevo

Каrelia Is Freezing, As It's Known, It's More to the North, Than Pikalevo

Deputies of Legislative Assembly of Karelia refused to support reference addressed to the prime minister of the country V.Putin by majority of votes, it should have been offered there to the federal centre to limit rise in prices for fuel by directive.


However the deputy from association "Fair Russia" G.Fandeev began to insist on revoting on the question. He was supported by deputy A.Stepanov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) which intimidated colleagues saying that the fact of inattention to scandalous problems of citizens could lead to unpredictable consequences, like memorable massacre in Kondopoga or overlapping of streets by rebelled workers of Pikalevo in Leningrad region.


Situation in a number of areas of Karelia is such that because of absence of fuel local boiler-houses don't work properly and, accordingly people of many settlements freeze in apartments, kindergartens, schools, hospitals. For today critical situation developed in Lahdenpohya, Sortaval, Nadvoitsy and a number of other settlements of the republic.

Without calling in question the fact with arising difficulties parliamentary members of "Edinaya Russia" considered nevertheless unnecessary to support the reference text. The motive of refusal of direction of the letter addressed to Putin was explained by deputy N. Zajkov ("ER") asserting that the problem with price policy is known at federal level and some decision had been already made on it, that is why there's no practical sense in parliamentary reference, politika-karelia.ru informs.

"Actually some members of "Edinaya Russia" did not make secret if the fact that they simply follow strict instructions from Moscow, - "hero of the occasion" Alexander Stepanov writes. It says that one shouldn't send to the address of the first persons of the state any references from regions with complaints and offers"... May be they simply have nothing to answer? I recollected that citizen Nikolay Romanov in 1905 also did not wish to receive any petitions about difficult life of people.

From editorial board: As we already wrote, authorities always occupied with more important affairs this year neglected preparation for winter. Besides, there are outstanding debts of the population of the country before system of housing and communal services, hey are about 11 billion in dollar calculation. We will not go into detail how in general citizens can have debts before the structure that doesn't belong to them - the state in person of Ministry of Regional Development. Thought the fact of the debt is fixed and it is necessary to do something about it.


In such situation, of course, to demand freezing of internal prices for energy carriers means, as a matter of fact, to undermine bases of existing system. Because this system keeps on selling to citizens what belongs to them under the Constitution for triple the price. It's even funny - bowels belong to people but people should buy what's extracted in bowels under the world prices, at that it even have debts!


These are general question, all the details resulting from them - for example, freezing of some housing in Karelia and so on. While slight freezing - winter hasn't begun yet, prime minister Putin being carefully protected against anxiety is lucky about it. If winter would have begun strictly on the calendar - he would get Pikalevo everywhere. There will be frosts of 23 degrees starting from tomorrow's night. Winter will come anyway, there's no place to hide. What will we have?

Here we will ask a question to deputies-communists from Karelia (not only to the deputies and not only from Karelia) - and you, comrades, were you prepared for winter? Do you know where to go with freezing fellow citizens and what to demand?

Russia - is such a country that they storm Winter Palace. Not summer one. While our government is temporal all way long...




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