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About "Sacred Holiday Drabadan"

About "Sacred Holiday Drabadan"
Delyagin Michael 29.12.2009


The longest night in a year came to Russia - from December, 24th to January, 14th. However, some people start "celebrations" already on Day of Chekyst which become fashionable for last 10 years and finish on the Students' Day in the afternoon: all depends on a life style and organism solidity.

Madly dragged out New Year's vacations - real mockery at Russians. There is nothing to do, weather does not allow to have a rest on nature - one thing remains: to drink. Professor of the Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Psychiatry of Ministry of Health of Russia Alexander Nemtsov (not to confuse with liberal reformer Boris Nemtsov) specified that excessively dragged out vacations forcing Russians to "alcoholic marathon" can cost lives of 300 thousand people (including all accompanying phenomena - aggravation of diseases, traumas, freezing, etc.).

It would seem natural having reduced long New Year's vacations to organise vacation during May holidays: ones who have land spend them on nature and favorable weather promotes cultural, instead of alcoholic rest.

Chief fire inspector of the country addressed the State Duma with such offer, having specified the growth of fires connected with compelled winter idleness.

Economic analysts specify irrelevance of similar wearisome holidays in conditions of becoming aggravated crisis, experts in social problems say that those who found themselves jobless in December cannot even start searching of work for almost a month and, thus, will artificially be kept in humiliating position of unemployed.

Even many rank-and-file members of "Edinaya Russia" regularly beg authority to stop the torture by idleness our country undergoes for five years.

Even representatives of semi-official youth movements which members live mostly by principle "Say "Hurray" - receive cap" write about "sacred holiday Drabadan" with a jeer.

Alas: none succeed in reach the mind of the ruling bureaucracy.

The preacher of cannibal "monetization of social benefits", former anarchist, nowadays the head of the Committee of the State Duma on Labour and Social Policy Isaev year after year sweeps aside all attempts to return the Russian calendar to reason.

Obviously, this year he had not enough strength: he had to involve heavy artillery: the head of the fraction of "Edinaya Russia" Gryzlov, who is not for nothing be said the author of immortal aphorism "parliament is not the place for discussions" (recentlymembers of "Edinaya Russia" in private conversations began to deny hysterically this authorship) declared about preservation of mad January vacations.

We'd like to think that under the pressure of party discipline the director of notorious Institute of Psychiatry named after Serbsky Dmitrieva (member of the Supreme Council of "Edinaya Russia", don't confuse with the liberal reformer Oksana Dmitrieva) together with the assistant came to the rescue of Gryzlov.

Why the ruling bureaucracy so furiously defends frankly crazy norm bringing monstrous inconveniences and sufferings of tens millions Russians?

Because of the same reason which makes it to carries out other similar measures: because it's favourable, convenient and pleasant to it.

The first decade of January - fine time for downhill skiing. Well, what if prices during "high season" are beyond the means, especially for this, in general, expensive type of sports? The Russian power, as one can see, doesn't like not rich: after all it can undermine its class basis.

As much as it's possible to judge, simply the ruling bureaucracy subjects ten millions Russians to the torture by idleness so that with comfort, without thinking of business matter, with all company of high society to visit different types of Courshevels.

Possibly, ruling company cynically and methodically dooms Russians to alcoholic psychosis, fires and even death simply because it wants without any noise have a rest on luxurious resorts.

People always disturb liberals and corrupted persons (even if these concepts are not synonyms).

There's though different hypothesis.

Probably, the reason of absurd from the point of view of common sense unwillingness of the ruling bureaucracy to replace harmful New Year's vacations with useful ones in May consists in its organic hatred to our history, to all Soviet.

Really: May, 1st - Labour Day. How can oligarch or kleptocrat almost two decades for the sake of personal enrichment keeping the Russian workers in artificially created poverty treat this holiday with sympathy? If the day was not international - it would be canceled long time ago, as November, 7th, Prostitution Day would be entered in exchange or Day of Financial Speculator or, for example, Day of Hatred to Georgia (it is necessary to remind that November, 4th, as much as it's possible to judge, was entered "in peak" to Poland).

Further: what do we celebrate on May, 9th? - "Victory Day of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War". A nightmare: any reminder of the Soviet Union, of the Soviet civilisation for kleptocrats - sharp knife because it bares its falsity, negligibility, brutality and incompatibility of its well-being not only with well-being but even mere existence of our people. One shouldn't forget how in 2005, in the year of the 60 anniversary of Victory "Edinaya Russia" tried to take Soviet symbols from Victory Banner and even hardly accepted corresponding law (though then they have having made 180 degrees' turn to make hysterics and to accuse defenders of Victory Banner of all mortal sins).

In relation to Soviet Union our kleptocrats are quite closed to podrabineks openly declaring that "true heroes" for them are not those who protected Native land but those who were at war with the Soviet people.

Therefore May vacations against their will reminding of work and Soviet power are for kleptocracy so ideologically inadmissible as November ones.

However it does not change an overall picture: 2010 again begins, as even representatives of the Prokremlin semi-official apparatus (it doesn't matter that the youth one) mark from "sacred holiday Drabadan".

It's pleasant to the idlers in Courchevel, it's clear to enemies of the Soviet power and brings to the Russian people victims and destruction.

Happy New Year!

Let's spend it also for meeting next 2011 if not with normal government, at least, with normal schedule of holidays.

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