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More Than 1.5 Thousand Settlements in 15 Regions in Ukraine Stayed without Electric power

More Than 1.5 Thousand Settlements in 15 Regions in Ukraine Stayed without  Electric power

Over 1,5 thousand settlements in 15 regions of Ukraine remained without electricity because of strong snowfall during past days, the Emergency Control Ministry informs. Vinnitsa, Kiev, Zhitomir, Poltava, Chernigov, Kirovograd and Cherkasdk areas suffered most of all. 52 transformer substations were switched off in Kiev.


There were cases of deviation from train schedules of electric trains on a site Vasilkov - Boyarka of the Southwest railway. About 40 trains delayed. The main airport of Ukraine Borispol was paralyzed because of snowdrifts for some time.

- Actually every year one and the same "unexpected" event takes place in Ukraine, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov reminds. - In winter there's snow and strong wind. At that switching-off of power supply in hundreds settlements takes place. Though today's switching-off is record - one and a half thousand cities and settlements simultaneously - some kind of national record. In Russia there is also snow and wind and also "unexpectedly" - state of emergency on a highway "Don" due to which all transport stood motionless throughout almost 500 kilometres has been stopped but such mass switching-off in settlements being repeated every winter nevertheless hasn't happened before. Likely, it could be an occasion for the government to think over if it has no more important problems - there's no time to think about snow, elections are at hand.

Forces of the Emergency Control Ministry assist in clearing of highways from fallen down trees, liberation of cars from snow drifts. For renewal of electrical supply of settlements and transmission facilities about 4 thousand people and 1,5 thousand units of technics, including 250 rescues are involved. About 3 thousand employees of regional administration of road economy and over 1,5 thousand units of technics are involved in clearing off of the streets.

In connection with complication of weather conditions divisions of Central administrative board of the Emergency Measures Ministry of Ukraine in Kiev work in the medium security for 24 hours. During this time they rescued people in three cars which appeared under tumbled down trees. In connection with difficult situation in the capital the Central administrative board of the Emergency Measures Ministry of Ukraine in Kiev addresses citizens with the request to limit stay on the street, to refrain from going by own motor transport and park cars far away from trees.

The second wave of epidemic of ARD simultaneously began - as of December, 29th epidemic carried away lives of already 675 persons.

"As press-service of Ministry of Health informs, for last days including last 24 hours 19 people, though on the official site of Ministry of Health 21 people mentioned, died, - Anatoly Baranov noted. - Thus almost 400 people are in resuscitation, 39 people are on artificial ventilation of lungs - there were no such menacing figures for already three weeks and all somehow already calmed down - it passed... Well, it hasn't passed".

All in all from the beginning of flu epidemic and ARD 3 million 594 thousand 779 people fell ill in Ukraine, 55 thousand 876 people - for last 24 hours. 203032 Ukrainians are hospitalized from the beginning of epidemic, for last days - 3 thousand 502 persons.

Epidemic threshold is exceeded in Crimea, Vinnitsa, Volynsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhitomir, Zaporozhye, Kiev, Kirovograd, Lugansk, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Rivnensky, Sumy, Ternopol, Kharkov, Cherkassk, Chernigov areas and in Kiev.

Rather safe epidemic situation is only in the Ivano-Frankovsk and Kherson areas. In other regions one can mark approach to epidemic threshold.

- In comparison with Russia epidemic situation in Ukraine differs only by better clearness, - Anatoly Baranov marks. - Neither real antiepidemic work, not statistics is present in Russia. If in Ukraine that was clear even in autumn, splash of seasonal disease ARD which acquired epidemic sizes will end only in spring, we do not know what occurs in Russia in general. Probably, they in Ministry of Health and Social Development know but do not consider it necessary to inform population in details. We have to "eat" only information scraps. Let's say that in Murmansk area, as our comrade who also had heavy flue in atypical form found out, majority of cases of disease, according to local physicians, has atypical character that is confirmed by laboratory but there's no public information. We do not know even the size of death rate though it's, of course, present. So, if situation in struggle against snow in the Russian Federation is little better, than in Ukraine, in struggle against epidemic - much worse.

"What's the reason of all these conversation? - Anatoly Baranov finished. - Here you are - existing modes are absolutely not ready to crisis situations, they do not control either economy, or municipal services, or processes in society, they only "regulate". When it is necessary to undertake emergency measures, they appeared absolutely helpless. Pure luck becomes primary factor of stability. When the luck will end, changes will begin".

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