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President Medvedev Confirmed the Right of Ministry of Interior and Federal Security Service to Kill out of Court and Inquest

President Medvedev Confirmed the Right of Ministry of Interior and Federal Security Service to Kill out of Court and Inquest

President Dmitry Medvedev met the head of Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov to learn about results of a series of special actions of law enforcement bodies in the North Caucasus as well as about a course of investigation of the act of terrorism which took place in Makhachkala on January, 6th.


Dmitry Medvedev declared that "... in what refers to gangsters our policy remains the same - it is necessary to bring them to death, to do it hard and regularly".


- Unfortunately, bandit underground still exists, - the president noted. - One shouldn't shut eyes on it, to talk about some figures which, maybe, don't exist in reality. It is necessary to work methodically, it is necessary to operate simply "all over" - if a trace appeared somewhere, it means, it is necessary to search for them and destroy.


From editorial board: We already paid attention to the fact that the state nominally headed by D.Medvedev has already no room in own legal field, by the way, the same was during the board of other president-lawyer, V.Putin.


Now references to the Constitution of the Russian Federation which is used by every OMON soldier to mop up look  ridiculous enough. Nevertheless we will remind that Basic Law says:


•1.       Every accused of commission of a crime is considered innocent while his guilt is not proved in the order provided by the federal law and is established by court sentence which comes into legal force. (Article 49)

•2.       Death penalty until its cancellation can be established by the federal law as an exclusive measure of punishment for especially grave crimes against life at granting the accused the right to judge his case with participation of jurymen. (Article 20)


It is easy to guess that at a meeting with Bortnikov the president of the Russian Federation did with the Constitution the same thing as any OMON soldier does.

What does it mean "to bring gangsters to death", moreover regularly? Unless there was court or inquest or something similar in relation to at least one of the destroyed? If there are no suitable gangsters at the moment, then to keep regularity is necessary to destroy the first comer declaring him suitable gangster?

It's clear to everyone that today it is very difficult to support even visibility of law and order in the North Caucasus. However we see another obvious thing - during the last 10 years, that is from the beginning of the second Chechen campaign, conflict geography extended from the Chechen Republic on all republics of the North Caucasus, except, maybe, Kalmykia. The conflict transformed - from especially national separatism of the Chechens to Islamic jihad - international and ruthless. To struggle with religious fanaticism by escalation of cruelty is unpromising - it's known since Nero.

It's the more so strange to refuse even visibility of legality in actions of the authorities in struggle against Sheriyat laws in a pointed manner. Citizens receive choice not between secular laws of the Russian Federation and religious laws of Mojaheds but between though medieval but law - and full lawlessness of authorities.

Let's look at the one who was recently killed. One of the killed "leaders of militants" Madrid Begov - till 2004 served in ОМОN, then left it to get religious education to Egypt and after returning began fighting against authority which earlier protected with deadly force. It is possible to treat it unequivocally - having seen enough of practice of work of ОМОN one of its "oprichniks" meaningly followed the way of war with the state. After all we know a lot of cases of transition of military men and militiamen on the side of militants. If it's not set on the guard?

Well and the last - what's the difference between practice of "law-enforcement" bodies in the Central Russia and their practice in the North Caucasus? Only by the fact that citizens are not so often being shot on the streets and in houses? Principles and approaches which the president explained so intelligibly to Mr. Bortnikov - the same. People who apply them are also the same.

What time will pass until when they start showing on TV liquidation of militants in villages of the Ryazan and Pskov area, especially of the Volga region and Ural Mountains? Not a lot of time passé in the North Caucasus - when we with the late A.V.Surikov forecasted on conflict generalisation in the North Caucasus in the beginning of the second Chechen war, we were called then alarmists and provokers. We were called by those people who today shout about interests of Russia on Caucasus thinking what these interests are and how they need to be carried out?

Today the policy of the Kremlin in the North Caucasus is formulated in the simplest: let "beasts" cut each other as more as possible in their "menagerie", only not to get out of fencing.

There are only a few problems: "beasts" - enjoying full rights citizens of the Russian Federation, "menagerie" - high-grade territory of the Russian Federation, while "fencing" should be shifted up to the Finnish border. Because having infringed the law once - already long time when Yeltsin decided to storm Grozny by forces of one landing regiment - the Russian Federation gradually lost any bases of legality in the Caucasian war, the state is corroded from within not only by corruption but also by total neglect of the law and justice. It's already even not eastern despotism as "despot" cannot be ridiculous, it can be only terrible. It's already Wild Field where power belongs to everyone whose knife is longer.

Medvedev's wish "to operate all over" will be realized very soon - one should act all over the "field" of the Russian Federation.

Аnatoly Baranov

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