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Ukraine Occupied the First Place in Europe

Ukraine Occupied the First Place in Europe

On a level of wages Ukraine loses to all countries of Europe - from Belarus and Russia to Bulgaria and France, Italy, Poland. The director of Institute of Demography of NAS of Ukraine Ella Libanova informed TSN channel.


"I always say that there's no other way for development of Ukraine as wage increase. At the moment I should recognize that increase of wages within last three years was not accompanied by adequate increase of labour productivity", - she noted.


"If we look today at a parity of Ukraine with other countries on such indicator as gross national product per capita and on the parity of wages, Ukraine loses more on labour productivity. Really, we don't have big reserves for increase of remuneration of labour. It's another question that it is impossible to talk about increase of social transfers without adequate increase of wages", - Libanova said.

She also noticed that pensioners, in overwhelming majority, live very badly but average parity of average pension and wages in Ukraine makes 49%, it's been made exclusively from solidary system, that is from payments of the workers. "Believe me, there's no such percent anywhere in the world", - she added. As she said, in other countries takings come from accumulative funds, from what a person saves for an old age.

Following the results of October of last year Ukraine already lowered to the last place in Europe on the level of salaries in dollar terms. In the end of the year the Moldavians whose average salary made 230 dollars a month against 246 dollars in Ukraine became equal to the Ukrainians.

According to Goskomstat, throughout a year real salaries of the Ukrainians decreased by 11%. The highest average salary fixed at the moment in Kiev - 3250 grivnas a month. The Donetsk (2193 grivnas) and Kiev (2039 grivnas) areas follow. The lowest average salary - 1435 grivnas - is fixed in the Ternopol area.

Throughout 2009 average salaries in Kiev decreased from 4,5 thousand almost to 3 thousand grivnas a month. Under statistical data, most of all, almost by 40%, salaries of workers of sphere of polygraphy and designers were lowered. Profits of bookkeepers and bank workers fell by 32%, top-managers began to earn by 33% less.

At the same time the debts under the salaries in Ukraine grew by 3,7% and reached 1,679 billion grivnas. The greatest debts as of October, 1st were fixed in the Donetsk area (315,232 million grivnas), Kiev (181,758 million grivnas) and in the Lugansk area (170,494 million grivnas). The greatest debts were fixed in industry sphere - more than 922 million grivnas.


From editorial board: These are very nasty indicators, especially before presidential elections for one of the leading applicants for a post of the head of the state. Actually social guarantees of the state appeared to be not provided by anything, first of all they are not provided by real growth of economy. Thus social payments in absolute calculation all the same did not reach the level which makes it possible to speak about creation of a layer of pensioners happy with work of the government and ready to vote for the corresponding candidate.

In essence, situation is close to bankruptcy as debts under the salary are being accumulated and it is not known how they would be paid (and whether will be paid in general)?

Obviously, not casually "Industrial Union of Donbass" was one of those days sold to the Russian investor (most likely to "EvrazGroup" and "Metalloinvest"), at that transaction was supervised by two prime ministers - Putin and Timoshenko and the former owner of a control stock and simultaneously the head of the group of advisers prime minister V.Gajduk became "offended" party removed from a holding management. Quite probably that businessman counts on indemnification after reception of all completeness of power in the country by BJUT. However indemnification question can be complicated by the state of general economy - the system can start falling to pieces after elections.

However, it can fall at any other choice as well - situation is objectively very bad. All the same there will be a question on responsibility of power will appear...

"There's a week till the end of election campaign. It comes to the end with information field to be almost grasped, it is usurped by a group of six persons (Yushchenko, Timoshenko, Yanukovych, Tigipko, Jatsenjuk and Litvin). Big means are spent to deform representation of our voters of what's happening in reality. Therefore it is possible to say that present election campaign can end with social explosion", - the leader of Communist Party of Ukraine Peter Simonenko said about it.

Thus he noticed that actually today Ukraine is on the verge of default. "The country will stay for three months without the budget. While mechanism of replenishment of the budget is one - from the pockets of our voters", - the leader of communists of Ukraine declared.


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