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Prototype of Fighter of the 5th Generation, as They Say, Took off in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Prototype of Fighter of the 5th Generation, as They Say, Took off in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

All tasks which were set on the eve of the first flight of a new Russian fighter of the fifth generation are successfully acomplished, representative of the press-service of the company "Sukhoj" Olga Kayukova informed "Interfax-AVN".

"The flight passed successfully. The plane spent 47 minutes in air. Honoured test pilot of Russia Sergey Bogdan piloted the fighter. All tasks set for the first flight were successfully accomplished", - O.Kayukova told. She noticed that all systems of the plane worked in a regular mode.

- It's, actually, all information which mass-media has, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noticed. - Something took off, spent 47 minutes in the air and safely landed. No independent witness. No photo or video - only a modest screenshot where you can see nearly nothing, only that the plane is surprisingly similar to... Su-27. It is known only that neither engine, nor onboard systems, arms has been created for fighter of the fifth generation - it is a question of glider test. It is very good but one would like to look at it - whether is possible to intrigue society for so long? Some bad suspicions creep in...

What was shown on the First channel is similar only to Su-27... Without saying that it was jog video and not of the flight.

According to the Indian sources (India - the partner of "Sukhoj" on manufacture of PAC FA), its scattering cross section - 0,5 sq. If figures are true, it is impossible to call the achievement brilliant: even if minimum scattering cross section of a new fighter makes 0,1 m - it's level of "Rafal" and "Eurofighter", not of F-22. One could conclude that unlike the Americans our developers failed to unite "classical" stealth-configuration with decent flight characteristics - and chose the last.

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