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Both Yanukovych and Tymoshenko Are Bad for the Russians in Ukraine

Both Yanukovych and Tymoshenko Are Bad for the Russians in Ukraine
Аlexander Golovenko 08.02.2010

CEC of Ukraine processed already almost 94% of reports. The margin between candidates is reducing - now it's only 2,33% - 48,35 for Yanukovych and 46,02 for Timoshenko. It's already clear that Yanukovych becomes the winner, it's also clear that the margin will be minimum - it is good, if 2 percent will be collected. It is clear that the power will not be given so simply, without fight, with such minimum margin and election campaign in Ukraine with counting of 100% of votes will not end.

Let's propose that all will go within the limits of the constitutional procedures and there will be no innovations like notorious "third round" as on last elections. Yanukovych will not be elected the president but will really take up a post.

Leading Russian political scientists have been electrifying us for whole two weeks trying to convince that Yanukovych's presidential election win in Ukraine is more preferable to Russia.

What have we heard during this time?

That "gas princess", nowadays prime-minister pani Yulia - that rascal. Russophobe. The whole loop of not investigated affairs which she hustled with former prime minister Lazarenko. With the one who was nailed and imprisoned for laundering of criminally acquired capitals by the American Themis. Oil and gas, we will add, capitals. Of the Russian origin. There's sense to ask about them Mr. Tchernomyrdin.

There's reason in these arguments, if to consider that in due time the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation brought action against Y.Timoshenko accusing her of giving bribes to the higher ranks of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation. She escaped somehow our legalists. May be, as it's considered, paid off. Not without help of the Kremlin.

However, why did our political strategists grow so fond of Mr. Yanukovych? Whether he is supported by East Ukraine? What else could it do, if residents of the Western part of Ukraine do its life intolerable? They forbid to teach native Russian either at schools, or in high institutions. Especially in state institutions.

On last presidential election Yanukovych, thanks to dexterous use of the pro-Russian moods, won. And what of it? After "Maidan" actually meaning attempt of revolution showed criminal cowardice and chicken heart. He renounced victory, presidential post having given chance frank protege of the USA Yushchenko to come to the power.

That one quickly dragged republic into NATO and began extreme confrontation with Russia. Russian-speaking Crimea began to be exposed to a violent ukrainization, life of seamen of the Black Sea fleet from time to time became intolerable. Attempts of capture of objects of its infrastructure began.

Whether it is possible to expect today that Yanukovych will stop drift of Ukraine to the West and NATO which has begun not yesterday, not the day before yesterday but more than 10 years ago? Whether he will stop the policy of discrimination of the Russians which started at president Kravchuk and got the most Jesuit forms at Yushchenko and Tymoshenko?

I doubt very much. For example, Yanukovych even didn't promised to make Russian the second state language. He promised only its "unobstructed functioning". It's cold comfort for native Russians living on their primordial lands presented to Ukraine. They make, by different calculations, 20-25% of the population. More than 50% consider Russian their native and more than 80% talk it in every day life.

Figures, of course, are approximate. All Russians in Ukraine "thanks to" Yeltsin presented to pan Kravchuk Crimea and hero-town Sevastopol under "Big Treaty" in 1999 became "national minority" with all discrimination consequences. They used to live like this for last 10 years. The Russian authorities ничегошеньки have not made for simplification of their position. That they became full citizens of Ukraine. Even during time of "gas wars» «Russian question» the Kremlin never rose.

Yanukovych never talked during those years about close integration with Russia, about rapprochement of uniform Slavic people - Russian and Ukrainians. We for him - strategic partner. More precisely not we but the Russian resources.

Oligarchs backing him up are still interested to do business on the Russian power resources. In the same way as Putin and Medvedev will rack three skins from population of the republic for them and do business on their exporting to Europe.

Flabby Yanukovych, according to popular wisdom, in case of victory will spin, as the louse on a frying pan, trying to please both the European Union, the USA, NATO and Russia. He will be reaching out for the West and at the same time beg and exhaust all what's possible from Russia. Oligarchs standing behind him will define his vector of internal and foreign policy.

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