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Illegal Energy of Power

Illegal Energy of Power
Оleg Sultanov 17.02.2010

Last week president Dmitry Medvedev learnt a lot of new things about activity of the Russian fuel and energy complex. The head of the state held in Omsk a meeting related to power questions where he with disarming sincerity was indignant with those facts which are known to representatives of our oil branch for a long time.

Info that about two hundred underground oil refinery small factories operate in the Russian Federation which illegal production pollutes not only fuel tanks of the Russian vehicles but is even exported became revelation for Dmitry Anatolevich.

"It's a crime!" - Mister Medvedev began grinding.

Good impulse of the first person in the state to deduce oil-extracting industry from criminal schemes, of course, is rather praiseworthy but D.Medvedev, I think, does not understand up to the end that not only fuel and enerfy complex is densely captured by criminalization. It, damned, has extended on all sides of economic life of the country: budget, industry, transport, trade, agriculture, etc. This process complicates the general state of economy, worsens position of the workers in Russia, agravates contradictions in the country.

The president knowing that oil branch fills up massively the budget as though focused on it having been indignant that the branch is "out of control".

It would be pertinent, if high-ranking official of the country specified: out of whose control?

Unless it's not V.Putin, D.Medvedev and their proteges that is the power operating in the Russian Federation established actual domination of monopolies which heads together with the Kremlin grasped all command heights in economy, state machinery, public life?

Unless not our duumvirate created system of domination of vertical of power which violates the rights of citizens in Russia and subordinates all life of people to strengthening of this vertical which is ostensibly the base of so-called sovereign democracy?

Underground mini oil refinery factories, certainly, is a trouble for legal manufacturers of fuel and energy resources which provide about third of gross national product of Russia. But, to tell you the truth, it was strange to hear in the middle of February, 2010 from the head of the Russian Federation appeals "... to accelerate building of new oil refinery factories, to adjust manufacture of high-quality and competitive oil products". Vladimir Putin pointed those thing out from the very beginning of his presidential activity but, probably, his instructions were ignored by those who extract hydrocarbon material - if this theme is actual nowadays. However, in this case, there is a question for what merits heads of almost all large extracting LTd of our country were encouraged with state awards repeatedly for the expired decade, we are not speaking about fantastic sizes of salaries, awards, bonuses.

We can also recollect about the sizes of a material estimation of last year's work of the top managers of Gazprom - recollect taking into account facts of serious falling of indicators on gas production. That falling was mentioned at the meeting in Omsk by D.Medvedev who, at the same time, for some reason was not at all surprised at hearing information that in 2009 gross national product in general countrywide fell and members of our ten "national" billionaires thus became twice richer.

Such strange "connected vessels" of the Russian economy; but, note, dear readers, for some reason it always decreases from the capacity filled up by ordinary tax bearers, while level of incomes of oligarchs and high-ranking officials is constantly torn upwards. Wonders will never cease!

Alas, these "miracles" promote that in some regions of Russia requirements of both civil equality and punishment of officials who autocratically limit operation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation could be hear more and more often.

Authority doesn't sleep in this case; for example, expert centre was formed in the St.-Petersburg State University to great fanfare of officials where under demands of the "bodies" examination of texts and statements would be carried out with a view to reveal extremist maintenance. So, quite possibly, my today's text will be an object of study of the vigilant men of science capable (for national money ...) to put every point of view within frameworks of rebellion.

Thus, country authorities of "sovereign Russian democracy" on the base of wide use of emergency powers which they permitted to themselves autocratically carry out political control over population. All this in conditions of actual merge of party machinery of "Edinaya Russia" with the state machinery leads to that all threads of mechanism of suppression of the will of people are concentrated in hands of one person. He, on a "strange coincidence" of circumstances is also the head of the party ruling in Federal Assembly and the head of the government which have "overseen" activity of factories illegally producing fuel on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Therefore the president has only to get surprised; he does not have experience of management of some illegal structures - either in fuel and energy complexes or, for example, in special services. Therefore, probably, it is difficult to Dmitry Medvedev to understand why motives of actions of senior by experience and age colleague not always coincide with requirements of the state necessity. Possibly there is no desire to understand this "paradox" ...


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