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Militiamen in Voronezh Disobeyed Nurgaliev: "Took off" Village Which Inhabitants Beat Their Colleagues

Militiamen in Voronezh Disobeyed Nurgaliev: "Took off" Village Which Inhabitants Beat Their Colleagues

Serious conflict of local residents with militiamen took place in the village Shilovo near Voronezh. It started with mass fight a week ago in which five detectives were beaten and their cars - spoilt by baseball bits. According to inhabitants, law-enforcement officers scoured village for subsequent several days searching for guilty and carried out mass detention, roughly exceeding official powers. They caught not guilty young men and took away to prison whence the last came back with traces of beatings and tortures. On Saturday inhabitants of Shilovo went out of doors and detained four militiamen having demanded to stop lawlessness.

Voronezh mass-media showed up those events colourfully, some capital mass-media also caught a note of it. Thus "Kommersant" notices that stories of inhabitants and militiamen converge only in one - the description of the fight which launched the conflict. However, as "Komsomol Truth" writes, journalists didn't find any witness of it - everybody heard about the fight but nobody saw.

It took place about 10 o'clock in the evening on February, 18th in a court yard of house N24 on Kurchatov Street (village Shilovo - one of microdistricts of Voronezh). Two detectives of local crime detection arrived there to detain 23-year-old housebreaker. He is suspected that in January, 2009 stole a DVD-player and a gold chain from neighbours.

However suddenly the road to militiamen was blocked by drunk company of six persons. They, according to the detectives, started straight off chinning and cursing, very soon it came to manhandling. Both parties asked for help: three militiamen came by personal "Zhiguli" of one of them to help detectives, local residents was joined by two ten persons.

Forces were obviously unequal. As a result all five militiamen were beaten, their cars were spoilt. 22-year-old lieutenant suffered most of others: he is now in the hospital with brain concussion, bruises and fissure of hand. His colleagues - are at home on the sick-list. Housebreaker are not caught.

It is remarkable that detectives arrived on detention in civilian cloths and without weapon. As they explained to "Komsomol Truth" in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, detectives "should not be in uniform" so that "not to give themselves away", "not to put thief on his guard". But there's no comments why detectives went on detention of the criminal without the gun. As the newspaper assumes, it will be found out during investigation of criminal case which was brought before a court under article "Application of Force towards representatives of authorities".

Events took place next days militiamen and local residents describe differently. They say in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs that within two days operative actions were carried out in the course of which they tried to find all participants of fight in Shilovo. Inhabitants of Shilovo say that there were more militiamen in village, than inhabitants. Law-enforcement officers "caught" young man, took them away into police station, beat, then released or beat directly in the street, by the way, Voronezh site "Mine! Online" writes. All in all, by calculation of inhabitants of Shilovo suffered approximately fifty persons.

They say in the press-service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs that more than ten participants and witnesses of the fight were revealed. Three from them are arrested - 22-year-old Sergey Gavrilov, 25-year-old Nikolay Dmitrienko and 29-year-old Grigory Kolesnikov. As it was found out, they were wanted for a long time on suspicion of severe attack on inhabitant of Ostrogozhsk at night of January, 26th, 2009. Then the group of young men stole the owner of a hairdressing salon in Ostrogozhsk, took him away out of city where he was beaten. Criminals demanded money. As a result businessman gave them 153 thousand roubles and 50 coins of XIX-th century. By miracle he managed to run away from thieves. Arrested admitted their guilt.

Two more young men militiamen at first detained in Shilovo and then released - being afraid, as they say, of excitements in village.

Local residents, in their turn, accuse militia of lawlessness. As they say, on February, 19th and 20th in Shilovo "bodies beat everyone and their brother", forced into apartments, detained young girls. Parents of arrested persons assert that their children came back from militiamen beaten and 20-year-old girl was ostensibly "caught by hair and beaten against the wall" in Department of Internal Affairs "Shilovo".

In the afternoon on February, 20th there was a meeting planned  in court yard of the same house where there was a fight of the group of 50 people and one of candidates to Voronezh City Duma. But instead of him they met the chief of city Department of Internal Affairs colonel Valery Larichev who arrived on-call. The matter is that in front of very eyes of those who gathered for a meeting militiamen of a patrol and inspection service trussed and put on handcuffs on one of the inhabitants of the house. Mother of the arrested person asked participants of the meeting for help (under other data, she fainted), then people tired out patrolmen into militia UAZ and blocked the road demanding for appearance of the militia heads.

Colonel Larichev who arrived to the place urged people to calm down, "not to be afraid of militia" and to address with calls on his name or into regional Office of Public Prosecutor in connection with facts of abuse of powers known.

According to supervising department as of Wednesday February, 24th, there were three calls from inhabitants of Shilovo. They say in Voronezh militia that management of Internal Security Electorate of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs makes own investigation of events.

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