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"Silicon Valley" Will Be Blown Up Near Moscow

"Silicon Valley" Will Be Blown Up Near Moscow

Ultramodern scientific-technologic complex on working out and commercialization of new technologies will be constructed in Skolkovo in Moscow region, the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev informed on Thursday at a meeting with winners of the Olympic Games, presidential grant-aided students.

Medvedev reminded that branches and laboratories of the leading universities and companies of Russia and other countries would be situated in actually "new city" where there would be the largest centre on working out and commercialization of new technologies.

The head of the state noticed that the complex would be created for work in the field of five priority directions of modernization - power, information technology, telecommunications, biomedical technologies, nuclear technologies.

"We will build this centre in the place where we have quite good reserve to build it quickly. Speed has special value. We will build therefore it in Skolkovo", - the president said.

According to a plan of project initiators (14 largest investors, the Russian and foreign companies and private persons), school task - upbringing of unique leader and enterprise skills. Subject of study - business projects in the countries with fast-growing economy such as Russia, India or China. Listeners of Moscow business school "Skolkovo" will be given a possibility to take part in joint realization of the international consulting projects, to pass the program of specialized trainings abroad.

At last meeting on the project Medvedev declared that he would choose a place for Silicon valley on March, 22nd after meeting with Chubajs, besides he would appoint a person who would be responsible for operational supervision of innovative city. 

As he said, future Russian centre will not be focused on one filed, in particular, on computer technologies.

The assistant to the president Dvorkovich informed that financing of future innovative centre will be made from the federal budget in terms of assistance to infrastructure development, in terms of working out of design documentation on noncommercial objects and also in terms of scientific infrastructure.

Other objects, the majority of which refers to commercial infrastructure, however, including a number of social objects will be provided within frameworks of co-financing.

According to Dvorkovich, documentation working out can take about one year, construction itself can be started in the second half of next year.

The first deputy director of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov heading the working group on creation of such centre of researches and workings out said in the middle of February in interview to "Vedomosty" that innovations which at first "would be grown up" in clusters of domestic corporations would be "shifted" into the Russian "silicon valley".

From editorial board: Well, our president seems to be not a shitthead... Even clever enough guy. The same could be said about Surkov with Dvorkovich...


It means - that we are fools as we allow to tell us tall tales. Now innovations will get out from the clusters and mighty nano-technologies will pour like water from a mole... If I didn't mixed up anything?


For example, what relation students of private business school in Skolkovo studying management have to especially technical scientific workings out? How could these yuppis help to developers, say, of biotechnologies? To help in competent sawcut of money so that nobody will be imprisoned? So, then it was necessary to build domestic "Silicon Valley" near to academy of tax administration.


In general all this "marmalade" is somehow in obvious discord with what Maxim Kalashnikov wrote here. Yes, actually, there was a thought in our editorial comments that in thieves' society high technologies can be developed only in financial sphere. Well and, of course, if to pump up silicone.


Let's do so, we will state the editorial version of construction of next "bubble" occurring in front of our very eyes.


Some cunning people from Presidential Administration who failed to steal something from oil and gas companies enjoying Medvedev's love to every technical and other innovations put to his review of mass-media Maxim Kalashnikov's article where it's described talented what coulld be if Russia would be ruled not by thieves and silly people but by more or less normal people. The president read and got inspired, then unpretentious sketch on TV where he not quite politely threw leaves with Kalashnikov's articles to vice-premier Sobyanin was acted out.

Further there's a performance for public where authorities show tremendous openness and adaptability to all new - Maxim Kalashnikov is being called here and there, he is being interviewed, there's delight all around. Serious budget money easily and not tensely are given under "future cities", where there will be everything you want - "power, information technology, telecommunications, biomedical technologies, nuclear technologies". At that all these will be done under one roof - it's not important, if it is necessary, it is possible to add more attractive and fashionable words. Everybody doesn't care why it is impossible to develop biomedical technologies at Biophysics Institute, for example - it's not interesting, clusters and concepts are necessary. Nuclear technologies are better for developing there where nuclear reactors are already constructed, for example, at Institute named after Kurchatov but it's not interesting, therefore, probably experimental reactor needs to be constructed behind the fence of business school, in recreational zone. But who are interested in details?... Eventually it's vulgarly.

The main thing is that everything should be new and not clear. Every fool will count up a budget, say, for research of processes of microcirculation under influence of high doses of radioactive radiation. What about the budget for innovative process in clusters? It can cost either one million, or billion depending on impudence. Our high-ranking officials have impudence in big surplus. It is clear that builders like to build not typical objects where the cost of every nail is known but something non-standard, which budget cost is next higher-order. Probably, authorities of the capital love great sculptor Tsereteli for scale works.

Some Tsereteli even did not dream of such budget. What will be the pretext the money will be spent? After all it is clear - on receipt. They are capable of writing receipts in our country: "for the accounting period so and so discoveries were made, so and so percent of them has outstanding character, while so and so percent - has no world analogues". It's categorically impossible to saw it with own eyes - they are either "nano", or radioactive, or something else. But all is in clusters. Innovative.

By the way, I sell idea - the results of researches is necessary to make secret at once because the enemy does not sleep and can steal some Russian miracle. Some most talkative scientists can be put next to Sutyagin so that they won't reveal the main secret that there's nothing except budget and reports. Everything is in hugger-mugger, domestic science is enriched for considerable sum and the public control question is impossible because of strict privacy.

The yachts bought during researches is possible to display in the reports as the newest destroyers created on stealth technology, therefore they are not visible.

Аnatoly Baranov, researcher in the field of nano-stealth-administrative reform 

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