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"Anonymous Terrorists": Putin Russia Blows Itself Up

"Anonymous Terrorists": Putin Russia Blows Itself Up
Baranov Anatoly 30.03.2010

To write political comments against explosions which carried away tens lives is always very difficult and awkward humanly. There's tragedy and here you are - these... with their policy. However in Putin Russia explosions are the major component of policy. I will remind Putin Russia began with explosions of houses. 10 years later no sane version of these explosions except "FSB hand" was given to a society. Nobody for 10 years took responsibility and said, say, we blew it up to achieve this or that. Surprising feature of Putin Russia - terrorism on the terms of full anonymity.

Since then terrorism in Putin Russia is generally anonymous. Trains drops out, planes fall, underground trains blow up - and nobody puts forward any requirements. As if, let you guess what we wanted to achieve doing it. This Hollywood horror movie has been lasting for already 10 years.


Now even it is even interesting - whether Putin Russia will come to its end on the background of explosions as it was in the beginning of its history?

- Certainly, terrorism in any case is bad but it is necessary to understand that acts of terrorism for today is only way to make mass consciousness plastic, - the chairman of editorial board of FORUM.msk Michael Delyagin considers. - It is possible, of course, to criticize our law enforcement bodies which are doing everything from covering to property repartition but not struggling against real criminality. But there is one more question - whether today's explosions mean that the new coil of struggle for power repartition started in the Kremlin?

The question has been already put. The answer will be received fairly soon. Either yes or no.

One more question - how many explosion more will they need to solve state problems?

Methods less strong, than blood, are not effective in Putin Russia. Say, letter "Putin in Resignation!" which has been signed by already about thirty five thousand citizens (according to organizers, 20 thousand signatures have been already put and 15 thousand more are on pre-moderation) caused in power the same reaction as a sting of a flea of hippopotamus. The society is excited but the power does not perceive signals from it, the society is not interesting to it. The power is able to hear only itself.

The power is deaf. It needs explosions for simplification of audibility.

If someone believes that explosions in Putin Russia are made by imperceptible Mojaheds, nazis-terrorists or simply scatter-brained citizens?

However in the guest book under news about explosions in the underground constant "visitors" already write regular threats: "just you wait, bitches, get hung"; "sir Baranov and Delyagin, whether it's you and your friends Limonov, Nemtsov, Kasparov, etc. in such a way decided to achieve decision of own aims?"

Well, actually, concert hall on Lubyanka needs to change the record. What Mojaheds when there is Kasparov and Limonov? If in 30s years the former members of Stalin government confessed that they put in porridge of pioneers beaten glass and rusty nails, why not former vice-premier Nemtsov and former assistant to prime minister Delyagin confess today? As to me I confess in everything quickly enough. Therefore - believe me, if one of these days they will say that underground in Moscow, houses in Volgodonsk and "Boeing" over WTC were blown up by me, trust it - it's honest truth. Not to believe and especially publicly impeach credit - dangerously.

If to be serious, explosions in the Moscow underground is answer to Putin Russia to "thaw" which happened in the Russian politicum against the will of the Kremlin.

If one and a half year ago the National Assembly which declared its main task formation in Russia of alternative political space was just formed, this spring this alternative political space started becoming actual. Last year without any participation of official parties 5,5 million people took part in protest actions. This year began with protest actions all over the country. The process of formation of not simply new parties but actually formation of full alternative to existing Russian politicum which does not represent for today citizens of the country but represents only interests of different heads has begun.

Civil society existing in Russia no matter whether it would be or not recognized in the Kremlin gave the answer - formation of new political structures on all political spectrum. Constituent congress of ROT Front united all left, dissatisfied by the under-Kremlin party of "daddy Zyu" took place last month. Last week Michael Delyagin and Maxim Kalashnikov declared formation of the party "Native Land - Common Sense" from the rests of that "Native Land" which was destroyed by Kremlin whores being afraid of competition. There is a process of formation of "Solidarity" among liberals that simply causes watering in the Kremlin. Likely, there will be other projects. Well and, at last, the action "Putin in Resignation!" which showed that if the power would not allow alternative political space to enter legal policy, people would begin to unite against the power following already not political predilections but simply on the basis of the ancient slogan "Off!"

I don't say meaningly that Putin blew up to remain. There could be found enough reasons to suppose that Kremlin whores blew up that he would leave. But I declare with good reason - explosions in the underground - specific reaction of Putin Russia into which the country turned during last 10 years to every external or internal threat. Putin Russia began with explosions in Moscow, Volgodonsk and "FSB doctrines" in Ryazan. Putin Russia has been blowing itself up for already 10 years apropos and without cause.

Well, switch trotyl draught out of the hand of a fool!

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