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President Gave the Go-Ahead to Operation "Cover Things Up"?

President Gave the Go-Ahead to Operation "Cover Things Up"?

The president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev declared that organizers of explosions in the Moscow underground would be found and destroyed, semi-official new agency RIA News informs.

"They are simply animals and no matter what motives they had, what they do is a crime following laws and proceeding from morals", - Medvedev declared to journalists after visiting of metro station "Lubyanka".

"I have no doubts - we will find them and destroy", - the president added.

He declared that recently organizers of a blowing up of a train "Neva Express" were destroyed.

"All of them were destroyed, completely", - the head of the state said.

From editorial board: Likely, our president Dima should not need to follow example of his brutal predecessor in everything. He failed to "get them in the toilet" persuasively. As an outstanding pupil who hardly utters abusive words to seem equal in the company of street boys.


"I have no doubts", the president say, while citizens who listen to him have doubts and these doubts are rather proved. The president himself gave an example with blowing up of "Neva Express" which was either undermined, or no, while "appointed" by someone "guilty" - "are destroyed completely", so it's no possible either to interrogate them, or to find out fault degree. As before Said Buryatsky who was just in time killed "terrorist Kosolapov" was declared guilty in accident with "Neva Express" the same way categorically and authoritatively, there's somehow little trust to "authoritative" words.


Even on the contrary - there is confidence that someone for sure will be killed, "will be destroyed completely" together with material evidences. While there's no confidence that real originators will be killed.


What a strange manner in general authorized from the top - to liquidate proofs, evidencies and the main thing - witnesses and guilty? It does not inspire trust, you know...


Dear Dmitry Anatolevich, why not to promise publicly that the guilty will be found, arrested and brought to court? Whether you don't trust our court? You think it will appear too humane? Well, then hurry up to put forward legislative initiative of introduction into the Criminal code the law allowing to stake - parliament will support you, it always supports you. Just in case.

No, I believe that the president does not trust executors of own orders - they will cheat, will fake, will push "phoney". Why not to trust own people which, if to trust the Central Electoral Commission, triumphally elected him two years ago with unprecedented result? Why not to tell directly to the people that bodies while even approximately cannot say whom they suspect of act of terrorism. That at the first attempt to pronounce names of possible suspects (or even to think about them) they loose speech and uniform trousers become wet?

Certainly, it's easier to catch suitable on body constitution Caucasian, to thrust the whole holder into him, to make up under corresponding field commander from former secret officers so that even native mum would not recognize and to show it to all the world as next "success" of antiterrorist operation.

Whether you would say such things never happened? Surely, never. These are just dreams...

So, Mr. President, your statement about no trial, no record destruction needs to be perceived as command to start operation "cover things up"?


Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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