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The Main Suspect in Moscow Explosions Refused to Take Responsibility for Them Giving Way to the Ranking

The Main Suspect in Moscow Explosions Refused to Take Responsibility for Them Giving Way to the Ranking

In the statement sounded in news at 19.00 on the air of the First Caucasian television channel on March, 30th, 2010 made on behalf of Dokku Umarov is said that the fighters of the groups under Umarov's command are not involved in the explosions which took place on March, 29th, 2010 at the stations of the Moscow underground. In the statement is also said that Moslems and the Chechens don't need war which is carried out on Caucasus. In the statement sounded all responsibility for these explosions is assigned to the Russian special services and FSB of the Russian Federation. In the statement is also said that similar actions are always carried out aiming to higher the rating and prestige of the Russian management.

This statement is, as one can say, as "a cut across one place" - the main suspect rather convincingly asserts that he doesn't need it. While it's possible to call it act of terrorism if terrorists don't take responsibility and don't make any demands? At present they don't take, do not demand... It was long time ago when I told that creation of the First Caucasian television channel is knockout to Putin propaganda machine comparable to military defeat of Tbilisi in 2008. Now they haven't a leg to stand on.

Certainly, Dokku Umarov can tell lies, it's even can be favourable to him to look "warm and fuzzy". Though what's then the reason for making efforts, risk organizing these acts of terrorism, if to refuse further on? For the love of villainy? Not logical. Besides there is also financial side - whence the Chechen separatists receive money, even if from the most Islamic bank structures, all the same transfers of large sums of money are supervised both by Washington and London. One thing - to help "to fighters for independence" and another - to sponsor international terrorism. Neither the Arabian sheikhs, nor Pakistani - practically nobody will agree on it.

So Dokku Umarov shouldn't organize act of terrorism to remain respectable grant receiver.

The more so another not good thing happened with the western help "on democracy development". Harry Kasparov after coming to power of democrats in Washington tried to understand where the American and in general western help go to in Russia? On air of "Echo Moscow" he declared that the main grant receiver from the USA in Russia is... "Edinaya Russia". While opposition receives - remains from a lordly table. That is actually the USA don't carry out any activity against Putin mode as Putin and Medvedev suit them completely, suit them to such an extend that they support this system financially.

Reaction of authorities to news of the First Caucasian television channel was lightning: as "Interfax" informed, Nikolay Patrushev declared: it is not excluded that in investigation of explosions the Georgian trace can appear. Patrushev refers to ostensibly available information that separate employees of the Georgian special services support contacts with North Caucasian Mojaheds. Zhirinovsky declared participation in acts of terrorism of the British and American investigations.

So, witnesses are confused in evidences. Some man who has been wanted since 2002 was declared the main terrorist. "Secret service" can't catch him for already 8 years, it doesn't know whether he is alive or not but it knows for sure that he organized it all. It even has its description but it hides it instead of hanging it out it on all corners.

Naturally, public opinion from the very beginning tended to the version which in the Roman right is described by a rule "search whom it is favourable to". A question of FORUM.msk for last day was answered as follows:

Who should take responsibility for explosions in the Moscow underground?:



President (159)


Prime-minister (299)


Security officials (143)


Chechen Terrorists (46)


Opposition (11)


Ordinary people (25)


Nobody (34)

There's no sense to comment on it, everything is clear.

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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