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Lisping Russia

Lisping Russia
Piontkovsky Andrey 07.04.2010

Authoritative China overturning traditional European ideas created not only the most dynamical for today economy but also extremely effective system of selection and periodic change of the supreme officials of the state. By the way, the first would be hardly possible without the second.


No tandems, no excavation of nuggets from a bottom of water drain of some Shanghai mayoralty to confer powers. All world understood long ago that in two years Vice-president of the Peoples Republic of China, Member of Standing Committee of Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the rector of party school under the jurisdiction of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China comrade Xi Jinping.


No comrade Hu will hang over him from prime-minister galleys breathing on his neck and expecting jealously own returning. Such anti-state delirium even cannot come to the head of the noble Mister Hu who has been brought up following Confucian traditions of honours and service to the Celestial Empire.


Comrade Xi is already recognized on world telescreens. He has a clever expressive face. He is self-sufficient and he doesn't need to represent strained relevancy and severity.


The program of preparation of the crown prince in Middle Kingdom always included without fail acquaintance with near abroad, a zone of its vital space in terminology of the Chinese strategists.

It is necessary to consider recent inspection trip of Xi all over the Russian Federation in this context. Northern barbarians recently din into ears with the newest political know-how - administrative vertical. Xi decided to make himself familiar with key floors of this vertical and charged to reviewers to pick up a corresponding route and the program of meetings with the most picturesque characters.

As the Chinese press informed, on March, 20-24th Russia (Vladivostok, St.-Petersburg, Moscow) was visited by comrade Xi with state-party visit who during the visit met the governor of Primorsky Kray Sergey Darkin, the governor of St.-Petersburg Valentina Matvienko, the head of the Supreme Council of party in power "Edinaya Russia" and the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov, the leader of the party and the state "Chairman Putin".

So, Vladivostok, a far but for the present still our city, was the first point of Travel of Mr. Xi arrived from Beijing to Moscow. However, one should think over the meaning of the word "our" in this context. The governor who earlier, before his first term in circles close to Far East criminal authority (also with long terms) Winnie-the-Pooh had nickname Lisping rules Vladivostok successively for the second term.

After school storm in Beslan and tragic deaths of children the Supreme Commander-in-Chief decided to cancel elections of governors and to appoint them himself. So that irresponsible people could not choose unworthy - God forbid - connected with criminal circles.

Lisping was one of the first whom he appointed, then there was Ilyumzhinov whose assistants killed journalist Larissa Yudina accusing him in corruption. Recently Lisping was again reappointed by the liberal expert on the Roman right crown-bearing Dmitry.

Origin of the governor of St.-Petersburg is not criminal but socially close - Komsomol - nomenclature. That's the reason of his love to cover of family business. If his Moscow colleague became famous as husband of the richest woman in the world Valentina Ivanovna is known in business circles of the northern capital as Mother of exclusively successful and talented businessman - multimillionaire Sergey Matvienko.

The head of the Supreme Council Gryzlov is the most pity and comical character in this galaxy of baby birds of administrative vertical. Incapable even to grab on decline of his parliamentary career he decided to shake the money tree in an easy way. Having issued false patent together with semiliterate rascal he desperately lobbies 15-billion budgetary project for it.

The meeting of comrade Xi with a shining pearl in a crown of the Russian kleptocracy - the leader of the party and the states "Chairman Pu" topped the visit.

As absolutely fairly Mr. Rostovsky underlines in his humanity uplifting article "There's no Turn from a Way", for ten years of Putin era, "no person equal to the figure of VVP on scale appeared" among the Russian slipings, forgive me, among the Russian political elite. VVP, if someone doesn't know, is such accepted by Rostovs-Budbergovs chicken-shit-familiar abbreviation unostentatiously showing their affinity to a body of the owner.


Really, who before HIM would dare so defiantly and so brilliantly to pass the way from which is not possible to turn, - from 100-million marauding swindle with nonferrous metals in the starving Peter in winter of 92nd to 13,7 milliard transactions with Abramovich in full Moscow in summer of 2005?


Let's recollect also such deeds as «Gunvor», "BajkalInvest", "Gazprom" from which actives for more than 60 billion dollars were deduced into private companies supervised by relatives and colleagues on brigade "Lake", etc.


Effective manager comrade Xi will be the governor of the Celestial Empire during 12s -20s years. He will become very important figure in the Russian history. Status of Russia (or what will remain of it) for the 21st century in the near abroad of China will be defined at his ruling. Surely he got some important impressions from his recent visit and conversations with his interlocutors which cherished secrets, of course, were known to him, impressions which would affect his future policy .


People close to the Russian-Chinese official negotiations notice recently that the Chinese less and less trouble themselves with necessity to pretend and play some roles. They treat the Russian kleptocracy fawning upon them and its leaders with frank contempt and do not hesitate to express this feeling publicly.

How else could they treat them if in China similar Lisping take to stadiums and shoot in a break of a football match for much smaller sins. The custom is certainly barbarous according to the European measures and fortunately absolutely impossible in Russia. But it's correct sometimes.

Probably, I was not absolutely right polemizing with known domestic Chinologist A.Devyatov. The colonel of the Soviet external investigation and abrupt patriot A.Devyatov - hot supporter of "the oath union of our related civilisations which will give us chance to be not the suburb to which China transfers its strategic interests but to be equal".

Though representations about desirable status of Russia in this equal oath union cherished by him are original enough and, to put it mildly, not very attractive - "Now Russia in the opinion of China has lost its status, became servant. But if Russia would tries (!), it can become elder sister - it's a good status. In the Chinese world mother - is the earth, father - the sky, everything is solved by men and brothers but elder sister personifies wisdom. Even if she is drunk, downed, it is necessary to take care of her, her kitchen garden should be ploughed, she cannot be deserted".

But on the other hand, what status except devyatov's wise elder sister - a raw laying - can rising from knees lisping Russia dream.

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