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Revolution in Kirghizia. Meanwhile Only in Kirghizia...

Revolution in Kirghizia. Meanwhile Only in Kirghizia...

Kirghiz capital is captured by mass protests, as well as a number of other regions of the country. Activization of opposition which puts forward claims to president Bakiev and all ruling clan is being observed in the country. On Tuesday protestors grasped partially a building of regional administration in the city of Talas. It became known in the middle of the day about capture of television channel KTR by protestors. There were collisions between law enforcement bodies and protestors in the capital of the country Bishkek. According to preliminary data, about 100 people suffered, there are victims. On not confirmed officially information, six people are killed

Protestors in Bishkek surrounded governmental building. Several thousand people gathered on the square. Trying to disperse crowd law enforcement bodies apply special means. Sounds of shots and broken off stun grenades are being continuously heard on the central square of Bishkek.

The state Kirghiz television channel KTR renewed broadcasting, representatives of opposition and legal experts are being shown on it.

Earlier on Wednesday the president of Kirghizia Kurmanbek Bakiev signed the decree about curfew order. It is not specified where the head of the state suggests to enter curfew. However it's unknown who this decree will execute and whether it will executed in general.

The Kirghiz opposition declared that "classical popular uprising" takes place in the country and responsibility for bloodshed lies on the president Kurmanbek Bakiev. According to opposition, Bakiev suppressed democracy in Kirghizia.

Since Tuesday some heads of opposition parties are arrested in Kirghizia, however for today the majority of them are released by protestors.

The power in Issyk Kul area of Kirghizia passed to anti-governmental opposition on Wednesday, the site of the opposition party "Ata-Meken" informs. "The governor of Issyk Kul area Kydykbek Isaev voluntary abdicated responsibility. The leader of regional branch of party "Ata-Meken" control over actions of opposition, - the Kirghiz news agency "24.kg" quotes a message of the party.

- Today the Russian opposition should attentively follow situation in Kirghizia and make conclusions, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - Kirghizia today repeat in miniature the Russian Federation, only it's very poor and small. Meanwhile reasons of discontent of people - general and everybody know them. Today it's hardly possible to influence succession of events in Kirghizia from Russia, though it's possible to see ourselves in it as in the mirror. I don't call to anything. It's simply enough to look and make conclusions. Reasons of giving way to energy of mass on the streets here and there are the same - power immediately "pupates" and starts "grabbing money" without paying attention to performance of direct duties. Thus after a while people remind authorities gone too far of their complete incompetence - if it is impossible on elections, in some other way...

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