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Jeep with the Daughter of the Vice-Premier Kudrin Prang into the Shop on the Nevsky Prospect

Jeep with the Daughter of the Vice-Premier Kudrin Prang into the Shop on the Nevsky Prospect

The daughter of the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin Polina had road accident on the Nevsky Prospect. Jeep "Range Rover" which was driven by the friend of the girl businessman Michael Matvienko (not the son of the governor - that one's name is Sergey) at five o'clock in the morning prang into a glass show-window of the shop.

Now the girl is in one of elite clinics of Petersburg with a brain concussion and numerous cuts.

Now it is clear why after scandalous road accident on the Nevsky Prospect on April, 5th law enforcement bodies kept silence concerning the person of the driver of Range Rover for so long. The matter was in the child of the high-ranking official - not Matvienko's but of the vice-premier of the Russian Federation. Under information available, the daughter of the Minister of Finance, vice-premier Alexey Kudrin - 24-years-old Polina Kudrina with her companion was on the back sit of the car driven by 24-years-old stepson of the Russian-Ukrainian businessman Novinsky - Michael Matvienko .

It is necessary to notice that the girl also arrived to Petersburg for vacations, however, unlike "Londoner" Matvienko she didn't get into her white "Porshe Kajen" at five o'clock in the morning.

Polina Kudrina besides being the daughter of the Minister of Finance from the first marriage is known in Petersburg as the founder of "Art-Centre Grand Prix", LLC.

- Actually, parents in normal countries after such focuses of young offsprings resign, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noticed. - However, in the Russian Federation children of vice-premiers can even knock down old women on the crossings - they will not bear any responsibility for it. While to drive into the shop - is just a trifle. After all their high-ranking parents drive their cars with flashers on the wrong side of the road and if they knock somebody down - he would be considered guilty himself. Less than an hour ago I was almost knocked down by the car with the flasher, I had no time but noticed only car make "Audi" and that the numbers were 177th - region - it took place on a overhead road of MKAD, Svoboda Street when I followed free left strip and towards, as always, there was a turn of cars, there's always a traffic jam there. So, in conditions of fine visibility I go with speed of 70 kilometres, there's no one ahead of me, I am perfectly well seen and here you are - this animal switch on flasher, siren and easily drives to the wrong side of the road directly before my nose. I hardly had time to drive aside. If I would fail, then I would get to the criminal chronicle. And what of it? Nothing! There was dreaming GAI officer on the opposite side, he was standing there playing with his baton, he was obviously not interested in the situation though everything happened at his very eyes. I want to ask - if it is possible to live in this country? Or it is possible but not to all? We are not talking about the way 24-years-old student got "Porsh Kajenn" which price begins from 3 million roubles up to eight. We know that father Kudrin struggles with corruption in our country...

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