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About Program of the Movement Solidarity

About Program of the Movement Solidarity
Gennady Tverdokhlebov 18.04.2010

Democracy which necessity of creation is being asserted in the program of movement Solidarity is, certainly, a considerable step on the way of progress in comparison with a mode existing nowadays in Russia. However even the most perfect democracy is not worth a button, if it is not means of achievement of social justice. It is especially important for our, Russian society. For it's Russia where people were robbed under the banner of democracy and liberalism by means of voucher privatization. This fact, by the way, makes improbable the idea that some movement will manage to get people interested in some western liberally-democratic ideas for power capture again. The democratic idea which is not discredited either by the most unscrupulous privatization, or barrack - administrative socialism, or false slogans about equality of possibilities for all to grow rich under capitalism is necessary.


The centre of "gravity" of such idea should be not in democracy but in social justice. And the idea of social justice, clearly, is incompatible with hushing up of the fact of robbery of people by means of voucher privatization. Consequently democratic idea which centre of gravity is social justice should in the first point of its program reflect that fact that it's not possible to build society of social justice on such immoral base as the most unscrupulous voucher privatization. All those parties which in their programs do not mention this most shameful fact and do not demand any forms of reprivatization are parties either of thieves participating in robbery of people, or narrow-minded people, or unscrupulous people. For to understand how it's possible to distribute means of production among workers to provide not only social justice but also high economic efficiency of manufacture one should posses considerable knowledge and ability to apply them.

While no grey matter is necessary to understand that unscrupulous and mean fact of robbery of people took place. Only naked conscience which does not allow a person to pretend that nothing special occurred is needed here and that it's necessary paying no attention to this meanness to improve democratic institutes and to impart to people respect for a private property is needed here. Democratic respectability and liberalism are in the present state of affairs equal to meanness, dishonesty or absolute nonsense. That's why the item in the program of Solidarity about restoration of functioning of the Constitution of the Russian Federation with an appeal to restore:

1. principle of democracy proclaiming people unique source of power in the country (article 1);

2. principle of treatment of the person, his rights and freedom as supreme value (article 2)

sounds so aweless.

Whether you, sirs, think to carry out all these appeals without returning to people means of production produced by them? Here you are advocates of the national rights and freedom as supreme value! If you are in this case better, than official opposition treated kindly by Kremlin which does not think at all of power capture, it just tries by its activity to create democratic image to nowadays existing most unscrupulous Kremlin mode.

While absence of conscience gives opportunity to these politicians to behave as if they have nothing to do with this meanness and as though they do not use fruits of this meanness at present. Consequently they, "fairly" looking into eyes of people robbed by them, assert that their main aim - increase of well-being of people.

Please, forgive me for sharpness of expressions. Probably, it's bitterness of disappointment is talking in me when you are waiting clever and brilliant ideas from clever and brilliant people and get something below average instead.

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