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What Do We Need the Supreme Commander-in-Chief - Objector Who Didn't Draw Duty For?

What Do We Need the Supreme Commander-in-Chief - Objector Who Didn't Draw Duty For?
Аlexander Golovenko 18.05.2010

The show which took place on May, 9th on Red Square, due to some misunderstanding named "Victory Parade", made participants of military actions and veterans feel ... I wanted to write "disappointment". But it would be inexact. Feelings - from bewilderment to indignation. After all the most sacred that is present in army - century military traditions - are trampled, despised and turned to ridicule. Internal Service Regulations and other laws of army life are roughly broken.

Recently the army became arena of the most refined violation and fooling. Unreasonable and not explainable transfer of all its structure into NATO standards. Withdrawal of military staffs from Moscow, liquidation of military colleges and mass closing of senior divisions in universities. Gay-looking expensive uniform from Judashkin and ... reissuance (with a view of economy) of medical officers into civilian. In a word, all that marasmus which got established in "Arbat military district" with coming to power of the former seller of furniture Serdjukov and the president who never drew duty - Supreme Commander-in-Chief Medvedev - found reflexion in circus performance on Red Square.

After all what has happened? It is possible to talk about it a lot and for long time. How amusingly civilian Minister of Defence in a rank of the lieutenant reported to Mr. Medvedev who has not military rank at all about readiness of armies for parade. How soldiers and officers marching on a paving stone saluted ... sitting Supreme Commander-in-Chief in civilian. It's a shame! Circus and clownery.

Already on the first month of service recruits drill: one shouldn't salute sitting officer, especially - in civilian. That is why, they say, in order to avoid any misunderstanding and sneers nowhere in the world civilian Minister of Defence takes the salute. While our president - occupying post of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief "takes" it sitting impressively in armchair of VIP-box hastily hammered together for him. That very box turned the action on Red Square into a show with different events.

You think, the heads of the USSR during the military parades stood on the Mausoleum by chance? No! Because they - stood - there. Despite his age the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPSU L.I.Brezhnev had to stand, the Minister of Defence of the USSR marshal D.T.Jazov stood, other officials also had to stand there. All of them used to serve in their past. Almost all went through war and understood perfectly well that to take military parades sitting is not simple to break army regulations and traditions. It is inadmissible if not to say - bad manners and beastliness.

Though what civilian senior lecturer Medvedev knows about these matters? When he was put forward in presidents, journalists of oppositional editions got interested shyly: why this "professorial sonny" did not draw duty? Because of some illness or his daddy "took rap"? Then he is simply objector. There, naturally, was no answer. We do not know it now. If "on a state of health" - intellectual or physical - recruit Dima Medvedev could not draw duty as a clerk or in unarmed construction battalion, why we now should trust him nuclear briefcase and nuclear shield of the country?

They quickly find answers to such questions in the USA. The American public and journalists will try al-dente all candidates in presidents checking first of all whether they drew duty or not? They have such attitude to "Fatherland protection" and execution of the constitutional duty by the candidate to the supreme state post.

I have been born the burden drawing duty for two years. I pounded military books for several years in senior division. And what do I know about modern army? Well, nothing. Because military science which constantly invents new types of weapon and ways of its reflexion forges ahead. By principle - bullet - shield.

What is the reason the seller of furniture Serdjukov who mastered subsequently several elements of fiscal science came to management of military department?

What is the reason the president Putin appointed him on this post?

He did not explain it to us but we see: to smash the army, to sell military property out and to redistribute monetary streams in favour of the master. I do not know, why does the army conforms to the standards of NATO forces which were initially created on a contract basis for carrying out of aggressive wars in another's territory. Nobody explained it to me. But I feel it myself: it will be easy to win such Russian army. Not in the field of fight. Simply once they will appoint NATO generals on the military posts in staffs in the manner of Mr. Gus Hidding and ... they will lead the Russian army as if it was their. And Mr. Serdjukov will receive military rank of the chief of furniture department of "Arbat military district". He has already become famous there on a field of enormously expensive capital repairs with furniture replacement.

When present army regulations were written nobody, of course, could assume that once the USSR would fail and civilian boy would be the head of the Ministry of Defence. And the objector would become the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. So today more and more often we get instead of modern army certain Gipsy camp in a parrot uniform from Judashkin (though gypsies can take amiss for such image).

Who would explain to Mr. Medvedev that to buy English sniper rifles - means to spit at heart of own scientists and designers? That to buy military foreign technique - means to undermine defence of own country? I understand that he minister-businessman Serdjukov tempt him persistently by the contracts, military-industrial lobby which, obviously, feels multi-billion "kickbacks" attacks him...

Still there are things which even the president of the country, even if he's a pupil of Sobchak and Putin's best friend can afford himself. So, what could we do with the Supreme Commander-in-Chief moreover objector who never drew duty? I have no recipe. Perhaps it is necessary to rewrite army regulations. Or to provide by the law: to elect the president only those candidate who drew duty. The one for whom army - not a source of cutting of "cash", for whom defence, honour and dignity of the country, of its Armed forces - not an empty phrase.

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