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For Some Reason President Medvedev Didn't "Cast in Basil" on Triumphalnaya Square

For Some Reason President Medvedev Didn't "Cast in Basil" on Triumphalnaya Square
Baranov Anatoly 04.06.2010

Magisterial precinct №423 of Tverskoj district court of Moscow returned back to militia materials related to 12 participants of a meeting of opposition which took place on Monday on Triumphalnaya Square of the capital. Anna Usachyova - the head of press-service of Moscow City Court - informed about it, not specifying the reason of return of administrative cases. This event is unique for our country as earlier magistrate courts simply "stamped" decisions related to cases of administrative offence in respect of "discontented". And, judging by general reaction of society, some changes occur inside of it.

The matter is not that my case, on the same occasion is also being reviewed at the same precinct №423 of Tverskoj district court of Moscow. Personally I didn't wait for some positive decision in magistrate court, at least because at least 21 cases were directed there - lawyer A.I.Gusak even advised to conduct chronometry that to have possibility to show at the appeal in federal court that no judge could study all circumstances of the case during so short time and to bring in fair decision - purely physically. That is decisions again will be brought in "under copy paper".




I, Baranov Anatoly Yurievich, at 10.00 a.m., June, 3rd, 2010 undertake to appear in magisterial precinct №423, city of Moscow located at Novaya Ploschad, 8, build. 1, Moscow with passport for reviewing the case in essense.

May, 31st, 2010



However reaction of even federal mass-media having steady reputation of semi-official that time was sharp - despite of assurances of authorities that journalists would not be touched that time (by and large quite idiotic assurance - after all journalists should not be touched ever, not just "that time"), a number of employees of mass-media all the same suffered or were detained. For example, editor-in-chief of "Gazeta.ru" Michael Mihajlin addressed to Social Council at Main Internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow with the request to hold urgent meeting in connection with detention and beating of the correspondent of network edition Alexander Artemyev present on the meeting. In the evening on Monday Artemyev was delivered to Department of Internal Affairs "Zamoskvorechie" where law enforcement officers broke his hand. Editor-in-chief of state news agency RIA Novosti Svetlana Mironyuk who heads Social Council at Main Internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow already named that incident "scandalous".

However, mister Mihajlyuk was personally invited to Triumphalnaya Square as editor-in-chief - he didn't come. If he would come, he would learn that the case is, of course, scandalous but far not unique. Actually, this concrete hand was broken in front of my very eyes, so to say, "in operative mode". Well, yes, they broke it - it doesn't matters as it happens sometimes. You are still alive. Madam Mironyuk can as much as she wishes sit in militia council (certainly, it doesn't befit to the normal journalist in any normal country but the editor-in-chief of news agency RIA Novosti by and large is not the journalist but official) but nobody will incur any responsibility for it.

Vladimir Lukin surprised more than other.

"Militiamen very roughly, severely caught participants of the meeting and stuffed them to the buses, - the ombudsman informed the press. - It concerns even invalids and one veteran with medals. The rights of almost two hundred people were roughly broken by the authorities. I haven't seen that someone from them infringed something. Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs should investigate incident and apologize before people. I am convinced that authorities of Moscow should give "discontented" chance to hold the meeting. It is impossible to call it unapproved because under the law people had the right to hold meetings. After all they warned in advance. Authorities interpreted the law and people suffered".

He even refused to sign the document on cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs till "bodies" will not apologize before citizens who suffered from their actions on Triumphalnaya Square.

I would add for myself - stick your apologies up your ass. Let better Office of Public Prosecutor give its estimation. If it will be done by court, it will be even better, better if with verdicts. Then there will be some sense - ordinary employees will be afraid to make lawless things during carrying out of political events.

After all cops artfully covered themselves by means of semi-official mass-media. Now special commissions one of which will be opened in news agency RIA Novosti will be engaged in gathering of complaints on actions of capital militiamen, the head of Social Council at Main Internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow Svetlana Mironyuk informed editor-in-chief of the agency.

"Public commissions - one in Main Internal Affairs Directorate and one in the new agency RIA Novosti will be opened and two more will be opened by legal experts. Information on complaints on Moscow militia will go to them. Intensity of complaints will be fixed and will be brought to the notice of management of Main Internal Affairs Directorate", - Mironyuk told at the session of the renewed Council which gathered on Wednesday.

That is citizens who suffered from actions of militiamen will write complaints to their heads - instead of writing references to Office of Public Prosecutor, to the courts, so that guilty will be imprisoned and not covered. The heads - will be removed from high posts, instead of making tem "arbitration judges" and peacemakers.

One more amusing moment. To the question: "How was response to you?" Vladimir Lukin answered: "It was very strange. There was nobody among militiamen who could answer to me at least anything. All were silent or went to call up and did not come back. I came across such situation for the first time".

When I wrote explanation, evidences were written down in my words in the presence of the lawyer by two quite intelligent lieutenants of militia. So, when I told them about the moment of the meeting with Vladimir Lukin near paddy wagon, they asked two times his post - two militia officers don't know that such post exists in general. As well as the surname of Lukin - they heard it for the first time. It's serious indication of efficiency of 6 years of practice of the federal ombudsman annually signing documents including the contract on "cooperation" with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Nevertheless something's changing. So to say, something's up in the air.

Militia which level of training though, of course, in comparison, say, with militia of the Soviet period is the lowest, nevertheless, already feels that it can't proceed further the same way it is now. They absolutely frankly do not wish to conflict, though, all trumps are in their hands.

Though now it's not possible "to part amicably" with society. They would have to answer not only for Evsyukov. But also for, in general, not malicious guys from 2nd special regiment. For long-term impunity and absence of control of "bodies" - here you are things which should be answered sooner or later.

If to get abstracted from the problem of Triumphalnaya Square, what happened? The Prime minister obviously exceeded his constitutional powers in conversation with creative intelligence (in the name of Shevchyuk) having dared to instruct all state law-enforcement system what to do with citizens. Moreover he gave those instructions rather ambiguously - citizens understood that it's possible and "bodies" that it's necessary, on the contrary, to strengthen struggle against "undesirable element" in the name of civil society.

The result is known - unprecedented on mass character of detention, cruelty and improbable quantity of purely legal infringements from outside "law enforcement officials", including whose which fall within the scope of action of the Criminal code.

Situation is extremely awkward, so that the Ministry of Internal Affairs tries to smooth the effect somehow doing it with grace of the trained bear. Courts have already rebelled. The Office of Public Prosecutor keeps silent for a while but obviously something is getting ripened there. The society is heated. Washington already expressed its "fie".

It is interesting. There is in our country one person whom it does not concern at all. He works as the president, gets decent wage - and keeps silent. He has been keeping silent for already thee days. He pretends that he has much more important business. For example, situation round the Gaza Strip or change of format of announcement of the first person. Very important questions but they excite the Russian society somehow not so much.

After all our Dmitry Anatolievich - qualified lawyer and he uses Internet. It can not be so, that all what happened remained unnoticed - it's one thing and that he did not understand all legal absurdity of the situation - the second thing. I would keep silent about questions of the state building - it's all in his hands.

While he keeps silent!

Perhaps, you will say something? Well, Dmitry Anatolievich? May be you will cast, so to say, in basil...

After all it can turn out so that they will manage without you in the given very important question. It is not very good.

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