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Putin Wants to Warn All Russia

Putin Wants to Warn All Russia
Аlexander Golovenko 22.06.2010

Congratulate us. One more effective fairy-teller appeared in the Kremlin team - chief of FSB Alexander Bortnikov. Following example of the chief of Ministry of Internal Affairs R.Nurgaliev he also started broadcasting using Russian language. It sounds like sweet gum. Nameday of the heart. He "catches", "disarms" and "prevents" every week.

The same way yesterday at the session of the National Antiterrorist Committee he pleased by news that "from the beginning of the year undermining activity of 11 leaders of groupings, 240 gung men and their companions was suppressed on North Caucasus".

And so on and so forth. All organizers and participants of recent notorious acts of terrorism are "neutralized" by him. There's nothing to worry about.

We have been listening to similar reports for already the second ten years. However it's impossible to check joyful report of Mr. Bortnikov. Even if he is telling lies, how it's possible to learn the truth? Unlike a number of developed countries we don't have public control over activity of work of special services. We have to believe to what they are saying. Till next, alas, load explosion. While explosions have been heard all over Russia for already more than ten years and there's no ending to it.

Nobody asks Mr. Bortnikov a question: when will you at last finish your special operations on North Caucasus? When will you clear it off from criminals? Dokka Umarov - is he Wahhabi or your agent rooming in Makhachkala? 

Well, what could be said about chief of FSB, if Supreme Commander-in-Chief soldier Medvedev doesn't say a word about it? He never put such aim as to clear off mountains from bogey and give at least approximate terms of finishing of slow war though people die almost every day.  

Then there's a question. Comrade Stalin whom you abuse and whose victory over Germany you deny, nevertheless, for few months cleared off Caucasus from fascists and pursued them to Berlin. Surely with the help of brave Soviet Army. The heaviest and bloodiest war of XX century comrade Stalin ended for less than 4 years. While you carry out military operations for already 16 years. It's - more than four Great Patriotic Wars. We have all the right to ask question: for how long are you going to fight with assailant? Or you are going to pass this war? Yeltsin - Putin, Putin - Medvedev, Medvedev - again Putin?

Mr. Bortnikov told us beautiful fairy-tales. Inspired. He only keeps silent from March, 29: what happened that two women succeeded to come from mountains to Moscow and organize bloody mess?  40 people died. About 90 are wounded. At that one explosion took place right under the very nose of the chief chekist of the country - under the building of FSB on Lubyanka. Who is guilty? What are the quarantines that such accident will not happen again? Who will answer for death of these people? Nobody? Actually, why?

Mr. Bortnikov has to be responsible for it first of all. It's a shame after which every self-respecting officer will retire. The matter is that present generals don't know such word "honour". They understand that they are not responsible for anything before people. Thus, no matter how sad it is, act of terrorism have been happening for 16 years and will continue further on.

This war is profitable for the Kremlin. The same way first and second Chechen wars. For the time Mr. Bortnikov thinks not about repentance. Under the order of his boss Putin he composed a bill how to hook up a knot on free mass-media and to stick a gag to all dissatisfied. On Friday putin "Edinaya Russia" pressed that "wish" in the first reading despite of opposition of all fractions - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, "Fair Russia Supporters" and LDPR. If common soldier Medvedev will sign this tawdry thing, then every militiamen from Lubyanka will receive the right to hand over warnings to us. For what?

If he sees that our behavior "will create conditions promoting appearance of reasons for illegal actions". Such a delirium! What shows will start! All Russia will appear to be warned. Every participant of a meeting could be fined for 500 - 1000 roubles for disobedience to "innocent requests" of successors of Stepashin - Patrushev. Or it could be imprisoned for 15 days. Non-judicial fines for 1000 - 3000 roubles are provided for different types of Voltairians, for legal persons - from 10 000 to 50 000 roubles.

What slogans do sound today on meetings? Pretty often - anti-Putin. So all these "amendments" from Mr. Bortnikov and his "Company" are directed first of all to protect Mr. Putin from public critics. Let housing tariffs and charges continue torturing 80% of population...

However, it's stated in the "enclosed" to the amendments that accretion of power of the main special service of the country is necessary due to the growth of crimes of extremist character and activity of youth radical organizations. As well as by the fact that "certain mass-media" openly promote affirmation of cult of violence and "disbelief in ability of the state to protect citizens actually involving youth into extremist activity". Do you understand? "Certain mass-media" are not enlisted. To bring gone too far to his senses in court is possible even today. While they don't want to mess about it. To explain something, to prove. It's better just imprison for 15 days. All. Girls - to the left, boys - to the right.

Or may be someone expressed publicly doubts in ability of the state to protect you from Shakhids in metro - you are welcome to the underground floor of Lubyanka. There you will be explained what is what...

Other thing is important: for the first time, as deputy V.Ilyukhin explained, FSB gets the right to bring to responsibility people not for illegal acts but for thoughts, plans and intensions. One should search long to find such heresy elsewhere! Under such pressure no one could ask chief of FSB A.Bortnikov simple questions:

1) absence of what law prevents him from catching of Dokka Umarov and other criminals his guys have benn hunting after  in mountains of North Caucasus for already 16 years?

2) absence of what law made FSB fail to prevent capture of Theatre Centre on Dubrovka, school in Beslan and explosions in Moscow metro on March, 29th?..

3) how could you explain these failures and whether it's not high time to repent before people and whether management of Service shouldn't retire in connection with total professional disqualification?

4) what prevents you from cutting deliveries of heroine from Afghan short , by its consumption Russia for years of reign of Putin-Medvedev has occupied 1st place in the world? People believe that your special services supervises these deliveries.

5) how do you treat anti-constitutional activity of Mr. V.Putin? Who, in particular, personally presented one and a half island to China and then ordered the State Duma to make tat deal legal. Whether he didn't break territorial integrity of the country which should be punished by law?

6) it's stated in the Constitution of RF that no laws prejudicing the rights and legal interests of citizens could be passed in the country. However, Mr. МюЗгешт and his team has been engaged in it all last years. Today they push anti-constitutional laws according to which medicine and education become more and more highly paid through the State Duma. Why don't you surpress their illegal activity?

These are the questions people want to receive answers from you, Mr. Bortnikov.While you are telling fairy-tales about caught up somewhere in the mountains, to be more precise - about thought up in offices "leaders of the groupings".


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