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The USA Are Ready to Win New Arms Race with RG Even Tomorrow

The USA Are Ready to Win New Arms Race with RG Even Tomorrow


In the report presented by the State Department of the USA is openly stated that Russia infringes international agreements about strategic and offensive arms (START-2). According to the American experts, RF doesn't follow the Treaty about prohibition of development, production, concentration and application of chemical weapon as it doesn't reveal its arsenals for inspection.

They think in the USA suppose that official Moscow, possibly, doesn't follow the Treaty about prohibition of development, production and concentration of the stock of bacteriological (biological) weapon and its elimination.

Report was presented by the State Department following the request of seven of eight republicans entering of Senate Committee on International Affairs. Its members will put the question of ratification of START-2 to vote already next week. If senators will consider data stated in the report real, START-2 can fail to be accepted in the USA.

- By and large, the USA threatens the Kremlin already not with a finger but with big feast, - editor-in-chief of FORUM,msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - It's clear that uncertain position of the Kremlin in relation to Iran is behind the prospect of refusal to ratify START. If Moscow "tip" Iran, the USA ratify the treaty, if no - RF will be considers potential aggressor with all forthcoming consequences.

"New agreement on reduction of strategic offensive arms was signed by presidents of the USA and Russia on April, 8, 2010 in Prague, - Anatoly Baranov reminds. - According to it, each party should have not less than 1550 nuclear warheads, the quantity of strategic delivery vehicles should be restricted by 800 pieces. If the USA have the quantity of warheads which is really close to the number specified in START-2, the quantity of warheads in Russia for 10 years of Putin board decreased twice without any treaties, at that Russia has no potential for quick enhancement of nuclear weapon, even within frameworks stipulated by the Treaty".

- Situation with delivery vehicles is even worse, - Anatoly Baranov explains. - Nuclear TRIAD (Strategic Missile Forces, strategic aviation and sea-based forces) exist in RF only on paper. Our Navy is already inferior to the sea component of strategic nuclear forces 5-6 times, catastrophe with development of new rocket "Bulava" together with delay in putting afloat of new submarine rocket carriers puts the prospect of mere existence of nuclear submarine fleet of RF under the question. Our aviation component was always lacking a bit behind the one of the USA, now we are falling behind in 2,5 times. Relative parity exists only in Strategic Missile Forces but we are catastrophically behind with introduction of solid-fuel missiles of new generation which should replace old ones, at the same time we are also not capable to mass production of rocket of old pattern. So, as soon as inevitable process of mass removal from combat duty of old rockets, we will have a lag in 5-6 times in this sphere too. That is we will turn from world nuclear power into the country with nuclear potential at the level of England and France. Certainly, RF will not have possibility to carry our independent foreign policy being in such position and the State Department hints at it.


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