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President Dismissed "Pointsmen" Guilty in Fires on Aviation Base

President Dismissed "Pointsmen" Guilty in Fires on Aviation Base
Presideте Medvedev dismissed the whole set of high ranking officials of Navy of RF for large fire on aviation base in Moscow region. Commander-in-Chief of Navy admiral Vladimir Vysotsky and the head of Chief Staff Alexander Tatarinov are warned about incompetence.

"Preliminary investigation has been carried out inside the Ministry on the occasion. Investigation will be continued. Though the facts that have been already established show that all that happened - non-fulfillment of duties, criminal negligence. They failed to extinguish fire which was spreading with quite low speed, management was absent", - Medvedev said.

Fire took place on July, 29 but it became known only on Tuesday August, 3rd. According to Investigation Committee of RF, headquarter, pay office, club, two car parks, 13 stockrooms with aviation property of different purposу, 17 open squares for storage of the equipment with cars burnt.

- Certainly, the president is right, it's necessary to punish if the whole aviation base burnt due to slovenliness, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noticed. - However, if the lawyer and Medvedev is actually the lawyer, pronounces such phrase as "criminal negligence", what dismissal we are talking about? It's already the clause 293 of the Criminal Code which supposes criminal punishment, while dismissal means release of guilty officers from punishment. There's also clause 347 "Elimination or harm of military property due to carelessness", which should entail even more serious punishment. It turns out so that some guilty are dismissed, while the rest are just left alone. In fact the mere possibility of ruin of aviation base as a result of forest fire - nonsense, such things shouldn't happen at all. Minimum it's a "merit" of not only the head of Navy but also of the head of rear area of the Ministry of Defense, isn't it so? It's not Commander-in-Chief who should be warned about incompetence but Minister of Defense and the Chief of General Staff. There's a question to the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations who are too much engaged in liquidation of natural disasters abroad and had no time to take preventive measures even on strategic objects. There are also questions to such structure as Safety Council at the president - what are the duties of this very well paid high-ranking body? Why there were no warnings about coming danger of really national scale? In fact to understand situation with forest fires Medvedev was given a map from public service Google-Map and data from the American satellite... At last - our president Dima himself. Within the limits of incompetence. Whether the president shouldn't get alert when Commander-in-Chief of Navy start telling press about imaginary ideas of construction of some imaginary number of aircraft carriers to the middle of century? Whether it didn't come to his mind that personnel of the management of the Ministry of Defense, mildly speaking, do not correspond not only to the post occupied but even to anything from the the sphere of common sense? Whether it didn't come to his mind that the army of the country becomes more "on paper" and we know that paper soldiers burn very well? Well, in fact all our country is becoming "paper"...



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