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As Before War - Romanian Spy Was Caught in Moscow...

As Before War - Romanian Spy Was Caught in Moscow...
Russian special bodies detained Romanian spy. As "Interfax" transfers, intelligence officer was revealed in Moscow at the attempt to get secret military information. Center of Public Relations of FSB of RF the agency was declared that Gabriel Grecu occupying post of the first secretary of political department of Romanian embassy was caught red-handed

"We exempted espionage equipment totally revealing his hostile activity against RF. Investigation on the given fact is being carried out at present", - they told to "Interfax" in FSB. Romanian diplomat was ordered to leave the Russian territory during 24 hours.

A half of the year ago Russian-Romanian relations already underwent spy story. Thus citizen of Bulgaria and Romanian officer were arrested in March 2009 in Bucharest. Romanian authorities suspected that the detained work either for the Russian or for the Ukrainian special bodies. Later investigation found out that intelligent officer worked for Ukraine.

From editorial board: We wrote not once that condition of military forces of RF, of our defense industry and general geopolitical status is such that not only first-rate countries such as the USA, Great Britain and China could become our opponents but also countries of "the third world" like Romania. The more so it could be Ukraine and Moldavia.

By and large declaration of refusal of "communist" ideology by Romania and returning to traditions of former Romanian statehood means returning to geopolitical aims which this country tried to achieve in the union with Germany and Italy during World War II.

However, shooting of the lat leader of "communist" Romania Ceausescu, - unprecedented for that period of "velvet" revolutions was in great degree connected also with necessity of liquidation of the Romanian nuclear program - Bucharest of the time of Ceausescu was in few steps from creation of own nuclear bomb. At that period Russian policy was totally oriented on the West and on the USA in particular and take-over in Romania could be considered as joined special action of nuclear powers against undesirable potential participator of "nuclear club". After the death of spouses Ceausescu Russian special bodies under supervision of the special services of the USA took from the territory of Romania fissile elements accumulated there and liquidated equipment.

Romania became capitalist country and even entered NATO and EU but its ambitions remained at the level of 1942. With the help of the European court Romania carried out annexation of a part of Ukraine in the part of Island of Zmeiny where Soviet military base was situated earlier.

Romania doesn't hide the fact that it has claims for the part of the Ukrainian territory, in particular, for Bukovina.

Romania doesn't hide its decision to annex the whole state of CIS - Moldavia.

If it's enough to consider Romania the state - aggressor? It's not enough for United Nations Organization but it's impossible to ignore this fact for the stated situated in one geopolitical zone with it. In the first turn we are talking about Moldavia and Ukraine where Romanian claims are being treated more than carelessly. It also refers to Russia as these are the states entering Russian zone of vital interests where Russian armies are placed though in limited quantity.

Besides Romania today acts also as competitor of RF on the market of arms and military equipment proposing pirate upgrade of the Soviet military equipment being produced in Romania under license and without it. Let's say, "Romanian" MIG is being exhibited even in international air show - it's quite possible that data transferred to Gabriel Grecu is of military - technical character that doesn't change the essence of things.

Position of the Russian Federation in relation to Romania is also extremely careless and inconsistent. As much as it's possible to judge, the Russian Federation doesn't have political intelligence service in Romania - anyway nothing's known about support of some antigovernmental group from the Russian Federation or Ukraine in Romania - while in Moldova similar activity of the Romanian special services is being carried out openly, there is even official political pro-Romanian lobby. If to look at the Ukrainian politicum, it's possible to find "hand of Bucharest" at the highest level - it was the lobby that allowed to "hush up" unpleasant question of the Romanian territorial claims and even territorial losses of Ukraine. Propaganda for eurointegration "without conditions", for entering NATO proceeds in Kiev - ostensibly it will rescue Ukraine from nonexistent military threat from the Russian Federation, as though no Romanian threat exists. Though membership in NATO doesn't lead to the conflict between the oldest member of the Alliance Turkey and Greece.

Quantity of armed forces of Romania makes more than 200 thousand people. The Ministry of Defence carries out direct management of three types of armies - land forces (113 000), naval forces (22 100) and air forces (46 300). Besides, under direction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs there is frontier service (3 thousand people) and gendarmerie (more than 50 thousand people). Ukraine plans to have armed forces in quantity of 50 thousand people.

Armed forces of Romania participated last years at least in two serious military conflicts - in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are 4 frigates (two of British manufacture), 4 corvettes and 1 submarine in the Navy of Romania that is comparable to forces of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and can't be even compared to the Naval Forces of Ukraine.

Thus Romania has quite developed war industry which allows to produce considerable part of arms and military technology with own forces. In particular, Romania produces own MANPAD (on the basis of "Arrow") which distribution is supervised by the United Nations almost the same way with mass destruction weapon.

The army in Romania is completed on call-up. Military age is 20 years.

Total of human military resources: 5 9000 000 men from 15 to 49 years. Suitable for military service: 4 960 000 men from 15 to 49 years. Number of people annually reaching military age: 180 000. Military expenses as a part of gross national product - 2,2%.

In general, there's enough thought-provoking information, comments are not necessary.

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk 


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