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Chief Chekist and National Leader of RF Once Again Pleased the Nation with Bloky Speech

Chief Chekist and National Leader of RF Once Again Pleased the Nation with Bloky Speech

Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin making trip Chita - Khabarovsk directly at the wheel gave interview to the newspaper "Commersant". In the course of the talk he strictly specified his attitude to internal and foreign problems of the present.

Prime Minister assured that he didn't know who Jury Shevchuk was, that Michael Khodorkovsky deserved punishment and "discontented" themselves provoked power to clear the meeting away - instead of criticizing in front of cameras "behind the public toilet" and then "ceremoniously come aside the sea clattering along", they went to the streets you get "a batt" over the head".

Putin assured edition that he had nothing to do with the second trial over ex-head of Oil Company JUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky and former head of MENATEP Platon Lebedev. "He bears deserved punishment. He will be free when he will leave prison. No, for sure it was not me who cornered him", - prime minister said.

Speaking about the second trial over JUKOS Vladimir Putin also declared: "When I used to know about the second trial, I was surprised, asked what trial it was, in fact he's already imprisoned. What second trial we are talking about? But if such trial takes place, it means that there's some necessity in it from the point of view of law. It's not me who runs this business!"

The head of the government who was born and used to live in Petersburg sincerely confessed that he didn't know who Jury Shevchuk was unless he had a meeting with people of art dedicated to charity: "I was told that he's a singer. Well, I am glad. Whether we have little talented people in Petersburg. Mister Shevchuk is among them. I remember that I was also told that he's oppositionist. Well, it's great! Alas, our people have the right to say what they want and do it. I had no desire to argue with him!"

According to him, he doesn't see any sharpness in the conversation which took place among him and rock-musician: "I still don't see anything in it. If meetings would be or wouldn't be dispersed..."

Opposition intentionally provokes power to disperse meetings

Prime minister asked to believe him that he didn't know anything about disperse of meetings of "discontented" on Triumphal Square and its extreme closing for reconstruction, he's not engaged in it: "I speak frankly, I can give you my party word! I knew nothing about Shevchuk as well as that they gathered on Triumphal Square... regularly".

At that he noticed that he can't understand why "discontented" have meetings where "it's forbidden". "If they want to say something. To criticize authority. So, in London there's special place for it. They get a batt over the head where it's forbidden. It's forbidden? You came? Then get over the head. Nobody argues!" - prime minister declared.

He described right from his point of view actions of opposition: "To invite journalists, few cameras - Western, Asian, Russian, to gather them all, get the banner with bones and skull - or whatever they want, say that they are going to continue criticizing authority till they receive what they want. What are the advantages of the modern world? It's possible to say something near the corner of the public toilet and the whole world will hear you because cameras are everywhere! You say and ceremoniously go away clattering along aside the sea!"

While the Russian oppositionists, according to Putin, aim to say "we are let to say what we want and we will provoke you to beat us over the head. Pouring red paint on themselves they say that anti-popular authority behaves unworthily and trespasses laws of a man".

Putin confessed that he didn't make a fetish of the question of elections in 2012

To answer the question about elections in 2012 Putin said that the question didn't interest him, he didn't make a fetish of it. The main thing, according to prime minister, is that "problems of 2012 won't interfere with our following the way of stable development".

Putin also noted that his words on the theme "let's sit, talk and decide together" in relation to election in presidents in 2012 - worldwide practice: "As a rule, leaving his post American president always proposed his successor. Whether there's something strange in the fact that the person who leaves proposes certain person because he knows that he is fair, professional man who will cope with this work".

There's no "restart" in relation to ABM and Georgia

Answering the question about "restart" in relations between the USA and Russia Putin declared that he didn't see any results in the process of placing of ABM in Europe and re-arming of Georgia. "You know... I want to believe in it. Secondly, I want it. Thirdly, I see true intentions of the administration of the USA to improve relations with Russia", - Putin pointed out.

"Though there are other things. For example, Re-arming of Georgia takes place. What for? It's real. We see it. If there were no rearming two years ago, there would be no aggression and blood. In fact our partners were told about it including by our European friends. Everybody kept silent. And what was the result? It ended by war. Now they continue re-arming", - prime minister complained.

Putin is not satisfied by "Edinaya Russia"

Putin actively communicated with journalists all way long on different topics. Thus on Saturday prime minister gave characteristic to the party headed by him. According to Putin, he can't say firmly that activity of the party totally satisfies him. Special attention he paid to its "huge management system". He noted that often people are guided by their selfish private interests. Though at last he drew favourable conclusion about "Edinaya Russia".

According to Putin, in the whole "Edinaya Russia" as the party of the national meaning plays very important positive role. At all its minuses it's consolidating factor in the society and first of all in the parliament, it provides instruments to make the decisions especially in sharp crisis situations, "Independent Newspaper" writes.

On his way prime minister opened oil pipe, estimated quality of different sites of not yet ready highway and confessed that the price for oil in Russia is higher than it should be. Site "Zagolovki.ru" places the most interesting quotations from press during car run of prime minister.

"Kalinka" failed Putin - his PR-car run he finished in the car - twin

Prime minister of RF Vladimir Putin finished his trip in the car Lada Kalina on the route Khabarovsk - Chita. Prime minister said that the trip was useful: "When you see everything with your own eyes, you start to understand what is really necessary and what should be done so that people feel it", - the Russian prime minister said in the interview to the telechannel "Russia". He remained satisfied with the highway while he said nothing about "Kalina" in which he started his trip. Though the car suddenly scratched and he changed it.

Prime minister took the most necessary things with him: thermos, pillow fondly ornamented with images of two dogs as well as the set of audio disks of Grigory Leps (including album "Vodonasos" of 2008), "Chajf", "Masjina Vremeni", "Zolotoe Koltso", The Beatles (Greatest Hits) and of course Nadezhda Kadisheva, "Commersant" writes.

After passing of 350 kl of highway Khabarovsk - Chita cortege had to go on gravel. Yellow Kalina which headed the chain of black Suburban, Mercedes and Land Cruiser with bodyguards suddenly stopped. The whole crowd of people eager to see what happened and to help gathered near to its right wheel. It turned out that there was some strange noise, therefore prime minister stopped. Probably he thought that the wheel blew up and the reason of the noise was scratching of the tire fabric and concrete. Though everything seemed to be in order. At last few stones between disk and tire were found out - that was the source of the noise. At once precise copy of the same yellow colour Lada Kalina Sport appeared in cortege, edition writes.

Putin's yellow Lada Kalina Sport, according to all participants of concession, ordinary serial car. Before start it underwent upgrading in garage of special department of presidential affairs of RF and is low volume vehicle by itself. The car is equipped by 1,6-litre oil engine with capacity 98 litres, manual transmission, navigation GPS-GLONASS. Max speed of sport car Kalina - 174 km/h. The price of such car on the market makes about 400 thousand roubles.

Editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Dmitry Cherny smiles:

- In summer having a bit distracted myself from political weekdays more and more often I think how such actually ordinary in his thoughts, tastes and sayings person as Putin continue to be considered (and accordingly make PR-companies, be praised by host of informational servants) national leader? Leaders - usually are prominent people, they have personal merits, abilities... For sure here we face some kind of involution of party nomenclature and its KGB-wing. There's, of course, more crying, burning question: how could his owner - Yeltsin - saturated with vodka and hatred to the Soviet fatherland head the country for whole ten years? Only questions...

In fact I am not lonely in opinion that they are insolvent in state scales. It's my personal opinion but more and more often I repeat words of people from Moscow region. As soon as from time to time I could be seen on the screen - I am being used as "own voice" and people ask me to say, for example, about electric trains - killers of new models, they ask to thank Yakunin and not to forget national leader...

They ask themselves the same question - how such pitiful in its intellectual-moral essence "brigade from Petersburg" managed to occupy the Kremlin so steadily? Unfortunately, people have power which they deserve. We got used to it... Read his direct speech! Colleague Prilepin with his bloky stories has nothing to do near - here you are modern literature, its "horns and hoofs".

Putin, probably, is surprised himself - it's seen in his jokes - how it's possible to make idiots of many-million people with super profits so long? Not knowing Shevchuk, Khodorkovsky and any other real problems of "this country"... For sure, role of Kasemir Kozlevich at the wheel of "Kalina" is not for him. That's why it broke revealing falseness of Putin's PR. Ostap of the 21st century - this role suits Putin. Only he has spacious RF instead of Chernomorsk...   


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