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Corrupt PR Whore

Corrupt PR Whore
Grechaninov Vladimir 10.11.2010

Now journalism is organized in such a way that every day editions receive by e-mail a heap of invitations to press conferences, presentations and others in its mass garbage events. It is possible to throw out them into a basket and to look for interesting themes independently. It is possible also not to throw them out but simply to send there film crew, usually editions do like this. In the evening we have one and the same checked up news on ten channels: Medvedev met pop-star, Putin - military men, Luzhkov went to Austria, something was accepted, as they say now, in the Duma. Very helpful information.

Other plots, of course, could appear. Frenchmen don't want pension reform, the Chilean miners are saved... But it's so far from us. Medvedev met scientists, Putin scouts, Luzhkov returned from Austria, the Duma accepted something else. We live well!

Kudrin declared that by 2025 we will live even better, though if it's possible to live even better! When I watch TV, lovingly named by people zombie instrument, I want as in old joke about a neck of giraffe to exclaim - it can't be true!

It can't be. If somebody still discusses quality and maintenance of programs? At least half of them need to be closed urgently because of out-of-limit nonsense, platitude and full professional impropriety of stage directors, spokesmen, and other creators of this "creative"? Media characters who bored to death visit each other, sing, skate and dance...

The main thing is that now spectators are present on all programs. Two persons sit discussing dollar exchange rate, suddenly mass appear and start clapping as idiots. If it somehow excites the spokesman? Let him use then this trick for personal love feats, what do we need it for?

It is impossible to read even a program schedule without loathing shiver. "Zadornews", "Prozhektorperishilton"... If retarded teenagers got possession of Ostankino and it is time to calls for special troops?

Where do they take such name as "Pozner" from? If it's the name of a medicine for senile weakness or simply it's impossible to name it "Larry King"?

In fact regular viewing of our teleproduction guarantees irreversible mental changes several generations forward. Unless it's planned within the limits of special program of making population idiots? On could congratulate, successes are evident.

It is clear that our press always lived in a mode "party said - Komsomol answered yes". Though earlier there were some fluctuations were observed. Personally I remembered 70s and 80s as daily "pushing" of not-go materials. After all they were at last pushed though, it was made with the help of editorial board or somehow else, even if articles, stories or plots weren't pleasant to the management which, I will notice, was responsible for them before department of propagation of the Central Committee. It was not democratization, it was not invented by that time, it was normal journalistic life.

However, press was not in favour at every power and in any time, nevertheless Watergates sometimes happened. However, not in our country but in places where, according to expression of our servants-international affairs experts, press was under control.

By the way, in the beginning of 90s there was a review of programs for a week even on the first channel of TV where a lot of bad was told also about plots frankly imposed from above, I was present in them and even took part in some. All this came to end at once when TV and mass-media in general were appropriated by true oligarchs. New generation of managers are afraid of the very thought about civil opposition. They are ordered to praise Luzhkov - they praise, are ordered to pour contempt - they do it.

There are, of course, pleasant exceptions but their number is less and less. The worst thing is that oppositional in appearance publications today - basically struggle of clans. One historical character, lighting up a pipe, would necessarily notice that journalism became corrupt PR whore of public relations. While the second would add that it is correct, it is necessary only to deepen.

It's terrible even to discuss professional level. Once my acquaintance was invited to work as editor-in-chief in respectable news agency, so in her first working day she threw from the issue tens materials like financial reports of VAZs, Lukoils, etc. At that all this garbage is being published letter for letter, without comments, moreover absolutely free of charge. Young employees sincerely believed that it's true journalism - to receive by mail press release in fifty pages and to insert it into news.

By the way, even in former years of absolutely state mass-media criticism genre existed and even prospered and where it's now? Try only to peep that almost hundred percent of films shot for last two decades should be simply washed off, if they are on film, or to degauss, if they are on video. You will not be at once inviteв to take part in the next talk show for idiots and won't be photographed for magazine, how to live then?

However, life will become even better soon. It's the time of birth of the generation of those who consider poor remakes of old songs and films and sad studio sit-round gathering really cool thing. If to think up for this purpose some hardball name like sovereign journalism - picture on TV will become better than ever.


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