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To Wrap Up Culture to Bow

To Wrap Up Culture to Bow
Аlexander Roslyakov 09.11.2010

To rename militia police is, of course, a step not of a boy but of a man who decided to enter history of the country with something appreciable. The starting motive is clear: to move as far as possible away from the past which as it seems is guilty of all present misfortunes. Who else? For sure it's not Medvedev who unlike all last leaders, including knyaz Igor, Peter and Brezhnev has no lacks! Putin basically can't have them! It is already clear that one renaming will not be enough.

Simply to rename, say, Ivan Ivanovich Peter Ilich - doesn't mean that he will at once become Tchaikovsky in music. Not every Alexander Sergeevich will write though a stanza of "Onegin". Therefore it would be logical if other similar steps will follow after the first one.

The capital Victory Square being the main pride of godless USSR to rename into Defeat Square. To link it with religious defeats of imperial Russia in Japanese and the First World War. Accordingly Victory Day which usually takes place on May, 9th to replace with a holiday of Day of Attack on June, 22nd when liberation fascist army attacked Stalin torture chamber.

Avenue of Marshal Zhukov to rename into the avenue of Field Marshal Goering and General Glagolev Street - General Keitel Street. It's not possible meanwhile to etch Stalin's name - as a lot of created by him is still alive as well memory about creators managing to create inconceivable miracles in its torture chambers. The sooner all this will disappear, the sooner it will be possible to say that it never existed and that Stalin - phantom of sick national imagination.

If not to get limited by rather recent past, it is possible to dig even deeper. For example, to take down a monument to Heroes of Plevna which died in war with Turks near to which only dissatisfied people gather now. In exchange to build an arbor with views on Turkish resorts of Kemer and Antalia where only happy people would gather.

Something similar is already being done: the temple to the last tsar of Russia Nikolay who is not any more considered Bloody has been built; Order Stolypin has been established. It is quite good to bring to fashion also known Stolypins ties, to introduce award of Rasputin and medal of priest Gapon. Dates of Bloody Sunday and Lensky Execution to make celebratory by the decree of the president.

By the way the very word president savoring unnecessary selectivity and vulgar democracy to replace with tsar-father - and to celebrate publicly its Name Day. Deputies of the State Duma to rename into the Duma boyars - "for sitting on rank don't pronounce disputable words but only accept tsar's decrees". Underground station Vojkovskaya named in honor of one of tsar-murders Vojkov to rename at desire of progressive forces in Krovavovoskresenskoe. Both memory of kind tsar-father - and superfluous warning!

To put monument to kind Kaplan shooting at malicious Lenin - here you are true heroine of the Russian people!

To introduce physical punishments together with introduction of law about police since it existed in Russia, as you know, due to pillars of nationality, autocracy and physical punishments - especially for abuse of high-ranking people. To birk rebels, put to torture, flay nostrils and then send far away. To rename governors into deputies, regions - into feedings and so-called today citizens - in bondmen.

Hill of Respectful Salutation - is a good name, it is not necessary to change it, only to wrap, as they say, up culture to bow. If cortege of supreme people pass by simple people should not only to let them go obediently but also, leaving own cars, to beat bows about asphalt! To put out foolish spirit of victory in bondmen completely, the Kutuzovsky Avenue to rename in the Napoleon Avenue. Dorokhovo and Tuchkovo named after our heroes of the Great Patriotic War of 1812 - in Lefevrovo and Myuratovku - names of marshals of Napoleon. Monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the butcher and bandit, to replace with the monument to king's son Vladislav - the Polish romanticist staying with us in the Kremlin in 1612 and suffered from the first two.

To save Mamay Kurgan but to change unreasonably huge monument of Mother-Native Land glorifying simple crude woman on the monument to khan Mamaj. Opera "Knyaz Igor" rename into a musical "Khan Konchak". To paint a dragon striking plunge militarist on emblem of Moscow which was a pride of dismissed Luzhkov instead of George Pobedonosets on a horse.

Well and further on - we don't need to teach here our masters of culture headed by Mikhalkov! Planting of such grass of oblivion will allow present leaders to look not so pitiful on the background of former victories, to look not dwarfs - but Charles the Great!

By the way Pushkin "Poltava" should also be adjusted under new realities. To make Charles, the kind Swede near Poltava, the winner at least moral one - instead of yokel Peter who dirtied his reputation not only with blood but also with inadmissible for tsar work!


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