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100 Representatives from Left Opposition Will Be Present on the National Assembly

Baranov Anatoly 08.04.2008

Conference of the left forces passed - and it is the main result of the past day. I'll say it without false modesty though this information is compulsory omitted in the main news groups of a day (it appeared in the afternoon among "fives" of Rambler and disappeared at once). However if it's possible to consider the main news of a day on Yandex Arshavin's participation in Olympic relay and meeting of Putinmedvedev with Bush in Sochi - as though they haven's seen each other for ages.

The hall was really overflown 2 times, people were sitting on the floor, standing in passes. 40 regions, 201 delegates, fifty visitors, plus fifty journalists. Very different people came but the second main result became readiness to do common thing. There was no conflict, all the more - confrontation. There were both - those who worked from the very beginning in organizing committee of conference and those who "were not present" formally. In reality there has been no more representative forum of the left forces for a long time. Probably, there has never been the one more constructive.

Actually, the basic question of discussion - participation in National Assembly or formation of some kind of purely left unifying structure (Left front or something similar) was solved unequivocally - accepted by the majority of voices documents of Conference. Declaration of the conference in which it was stated clearly and unambiguously was accepted:

"Today conference "Political Situation in Russia and a Way of Left Opposition" on behalf of left organizations and separate active workers of left movement supported it declares necessity of participation in National Assembly being formed on principles of equality with other political forces and preservation of identity of movements and organizations delegating their representatives".

However the task of specifically left unifying moment was also positively met by the delegates of the conference and literally after this paragraph in the Declaration is said:

"Simultaneously we suggest all parties and movements of socialist orientation to form Coordination Council for organization of joint actions".

There was also accepted separately the document directly addressed to National Assembly. Participation of 100 delegates from the Conference of the left forces was accepted by voting.

And what about left front? Well, it's ok. After the conference approximately half of the participants gathered for fraction conference where it was decided to continue working. If it will succeed or not, when it will - it's a question of the second significance. Meanwhile form factor prevails.

Actually, as well as in the project of future National Assembly left should show evidently their efficiency, constructability and readiness for simple, clear and intelligent decisions. Conference showed - they are ready. Disagreements - are not principal, sometimes even simply imaginary. Relations - the most companionable. Let it be so farther more.

I believe, discussion of this conference, additional materials, maybe, separate most significant performances will be prepared within two-three days and will appear gradually on FORUM.msk. Materials connected to the work of organizing committee of already Assembly will be prepared in parallel. Work jogs on and it will be made, comrades!

Declaration of

April Conference of Left Organizations


Comrades! Participants of the Conference address to everyone who consider himself left, who hates existing political mode, who is not indifferent to the future of our people.

We support free association of public and political organizations and separate active workers - supporters of socialist development.

We have different points of view on many problems but we realize necessity to rally for counteraction to social and political rate which is carried out in our country. Preservation of the present political mode conducts to the crash of system of social security, lawlessness of populace, to degradation and barbarity.

Russia once again stands on a threshold of crisis. This time it enters into it after several years of fantastic luck but it again is catastrophically not ready to it. Economically the country is weak, de-industrialized, it's in a permanent crisis of management. Authoritative form of management which is carried out by corrupt bureaucracy to the detriment of all without exception other groups of population is imposed. Even bourgeois-democratic institutes are either abolished, or profaned. Elections turned to a farce, elective bodies into the clubs of millionaires and billionaires. Medieval transfer of authority to "successor", whose "election" was not recognized lawful in any democratic country of the world took place at the end.

Only revolutionary change of capitalism to socialist mode is capable to liquidate poverty, economic inequality, wars and crises for ever. We are convinced that only mass actions of workers can considerably change situation. If the authority will apply violence against the populace, people have the right to answer it with revolutionary violence.

Our ideals - solidarity, freedom, self-management, collectivism and social justice. To realize them is possible only having destroyed the bureaucratic control over society and private property on means of production.

Nationalization of leading branches of national economy will open a way to socialist transformations during which workers will find new forms of industrial and political organization, will develop methods of democratic planning and self-management. We are convinced that public sector will historically prove its advantages.

Despite of the present «controlled democracy» ergatocracy can create conditions for freedom of creativity in all areas of human activity, will provide freedom of education and activity of all political parties and public associations, except for fascist and racist.

We are internationalists. The ruling class tries not to admit international union of the left forces. Being guided by ancient principle "divide and rule" it throws together people of different nationalities and creeds. We - a part of global anticapitalist left movement. Supporting the right of each nation on self-determination and development, we treat irreconcilably any forms of chauvinism and xenophobia.

We do not idealize the Soviet past perfectly knowing about mistakes and crimes of that epoch. But we do not wish to put up with the fact that achievements paid by blood and sweat of the previous generations are destructed by present authority. As patriots of the Native land we consider it necessary to keep and revive that best that has been achieved during Soviet time, to continue the great thing started in 1917.

We call ahead - to creation of the socialist society based on combination of public property with political and industrial democracy as necessary condition of its efficiency on a modern level of development of a society. It will provide prompt growth of economy, sciences and culture, breakthrough to the high technologies, essentially new level of social justice in indissoluble unity with public property.

So that such future became a reality, strong, radical and modern left movement is necessary. Growth of social protest activity showed that peoples of Russia, as well as hundred years ago, were not ready to bear indefinitely oppression and mockeries.

But today our struggle leads us in one direction with that part of democrats of liberal camp who opposes "lead nasty things" of a mode to more humane and lawful forms of organization of the society. We have different targets but we should be together not to be pressed one by one on the given historical piece.

Left movement is an advance party of democratic transformation of Russia. Only on a way of political liberation of citizen we shall achieve also his economic freedom, we shall transform him into the true owner of the country.

Today the conference "Political Situation in Russia and a Way of Left Opposition" on behalf of left organizations and separate active workers of left movement supported it declares necessity of participation in the National Assembly being formed on principles of equality with other political forces and preservation of identity of movements and organizations delegating representatives to it.

Simultaneously, we suggest all parties and movements of socialist orientation to generate Coordination Council for organization of joint actions.

Long live socialism!

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