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Michael Delyagin: What Do We Want?

Michael Delyagin: What Do We Want?

On the base of performance of M. G. Delyagin at the session of foreign active of the Russia Grain Union dedicated to 93th anniversary of October Revolution

We want to live in the just, fair, humane and dynamical society, opened to all new and progressive, where everyone can find himself a place and employment heart-to-heart and steady growth of spiritual level and material well-being becomes daily norm.

The main obstacle to spiritual, social and material progress today - total corruption: it's deadly enemy of Russia and consequently our enemy.

We demand immediate sanitation of the state, its clarifications from corruption impurity.

We demand bridling of arbitrariness of monopolies leading to monstrous robbery of people finally in the same corruption interests and resolute decrease of unjustified inflated prices for foodstuffs, medicine, housing and communal services and municipal transportation.

We demand moral revolution of society which should begin with clarification of the state from liars and geeks, transformation of television from the tool of social genocide, nation destruction - in the tool of its creation.

We demand real equality of citizens of Russia regardless their nationality and religion, first of all we demand termination of the severest discrimination - discrimination of Russians. Organized crime, including ethnic one, should be destroyed. Uncontrollable migration, both external and internal, shouldn't spoil labor market, promote criminality growth, destroys ethnocultural balance of regions of Russia.

We demand immediate transition from insignificant talks about modernization to its complex realization in social and industrial spheres. Modernization should serve not to superprofits of a small group of mad oligarchs and gangsters but to interests of all society, resolute termination of its spiritual and social degradation.

We demand termination of destructive liberal reforms which have been begun and cancellations of already carried out, restoration of rights trampled by ruling bureaucracy and freedom of person and citizen.

To achieve these purposes we are ready to enter into alliance with all healthy and in tactical interaction - with all unhealthy - forces of society: eventually, service good purpose ennobles everybody.

* * *

Our aim at the given stage of development of the party - not only certain quantity of active members and activists but also involving of maximum quantity of people in constructive policy.

Basic methods of activity are:

1. Direct propaganda of relatives, acquaintances and colleagues (including usage of materials printed from a site of the party and from other sites), their involving in membership in the party.

2. Posting of leaflets, their distribution.

3. Printing of newspaper from site of the party, its distribution among acquaintances and friends, mail boxes.

4. Gathering of information about abusings of ruling bureaucracy, organization of legal protests against them and notification about them maximum quantity of people, information transfer to party leadership for placing it on the party site, on Forum.msk.ru, for usage in daily propagation.

5. Petition for cancellation of 282nd article of the Criminal Code, allowing to deprive of freedom for legally inaccurate criticism of power, petition against the bill "About Police" dangerously and inadequately expanding right of policemen.

6. Discussion of actual Russian and party events. Discussions, working out of offers for entering into the party program.

7. Organization of legal public actions and participation in them.

8. Explanation of dangers created by ruling bureaucracy to active social groups (in particular, youth - with the help of army policy and "law enforcement bodies").



Our possibilities are avaricious enough: propagation, press conferences, Internet vision (2 million viewings a month; plus video shot by "Nevsky Express" against initial edition of the bill "About Police" seen by a quarter of a million people, description of its consequences for the Ministry of Internal Affairs caused protest even among militiamen, it compelled representatives of ruling bureaucracy to shoot and start in the Internet high-quality "anti-Delyagin" video), Forum.msk.ru, public actions.

Indignation of society and even parts of the ruling bureaucracy itself is such that these limited efforts received broad support, coincided with large quantity of other, often even more limited efforts and brought us and our country powerful enough results:

1. Change of the bill "About Police": 15 most awful innovations are cancelled from it including core ones which caused our protest.

2. Introduction of means of control over honesty in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

3. Essential simplification of flights of small aircraft (introduction of G zone where flights can be not coordinated with the dispatcher) that facilitates revealing of forest fires at early stages and, accordingly, their suppression.

4. Early switching on of switched off water in Kirov (after picket organized by the Kirov branch of party).


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