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Putin Will Win Medvedev «60:40»

Putin Will Win Medvedev «60:40»
Кalashnikov Maxim 01.12.2010


According to our investigation, details of farce of so-called "presidential elections"-2012 became known. The comedy where Putin will ostensibly win in fair competition will be played out.

Total boycott of these "elections" becomes more and more actual business.



It's being planned to "elections" that Putin will go supported by "Edru", Medvedev will be given party «Fair Russia», Mironov will be removed from it. Apple pie order: each candidate has its party, 1st Channel - for Putin, 2nd - for Medvedev. Though Putin should win (60% of voices).

Me will be given «FR» as to organize party of westernized geeks-liberals for his support means to ruin the matter for sure. For only 10% of electoral herd will vote for liberals. It's possible to give an example of May, 2009 to confirm that "Fair Russia" will be given the role of Medvedev's party: program article of one of leaders of ‘FR" Gennady Gudkov. Last promises there the Russian Federation paralysis and civil strife because of full decomposition of power in the nearest future. "In Russia corruption approached a border outside which state disorder reigns"-http://www.gudkov.ru/publication/view.html? id= vc5324

I think if elections-2012 will go under such scenario, we should call for their mass boycott. Let they elect "presidents" at empty sites.



Details of recent shameful self-flagellation of the Russian Federation became known - statement of the State Duma on Katyn case. Actually leading fraction («ЕR») voted for recognition of authenticity of documents about execution fabricated by Goebbels and organizers of perestroika in the early nineties. 

The relish consists in the fact that the majority of deputies of "Edru" didn't want to vote for this shame. At last they had to obey: for they are obliged to follow instructions of "partners" - that's how Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation is called by them. Surkov ordered! Nobody dared to throw out party membership card of "ER" in a pointed manner, to vote against and to lose his place in the State Duma. For psychology of members of "ER" is slavish. Some sit in the Duma protecting their business, other - because they got places there being already retirees and they have no other place to go. Well, the third consider that they need to do career - retiral will break it. Some simply sit out money spent for getting into the State Duma. In general we get pity, slavish picture.

In lobby members of "Edinaya Russia" the same way abuse Kudrin, express frank thoughts about "wisdom" of power - but obey instructions of Partners in the hall. Vote as they are told.

Maxim Kalashnikov personally will never obey and will leave the State Duma with scandal. Therefore I am not in «ЕR» or in the Duma.



Thus prospects of full breakdown of decayed state machinery and game over in economy are totally realized both in the Kremlin, and on Old Square. They understand there that the logic of the Russian Federation as typically colonial formation rendering tribute to the western winners of the Soviet Union came to its end.

They don't know what to do. Though thoughts that the country is necessary to reestablish having created the union with Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan appear. However with whom and how it could be carried out? That's why they pace as a caged animal.


From editorial staff: Rare case when I have nothing to discuss with Maxim Kalashnikov. Perhaps there are some details which could be discussed but basically and as a whole - it's really so. At last recently I also wrote: "Elections? Well, we won't go on elections-2012. The Kremlin plans to do without us. We will take pains that 90-95% of citizens having right to vote won't go on elections. We should explain to them that true citizen has nothing to do on these elections".


Just now Michael Delyagin, the chairman of the party "Native Land - Common Sense", declared: "... ahead - political campaigns of 2011-2012 and society should put general, consolidated demands before authorities".


Now we will add here Alexander Majsuryan's article which in "political layout" as though "sews" different interpretations of our authors into general sensation of future big shake-up - all clicks into place. If several different people analyzing the same situation come to similar conclusions, it is necessary to think not only about true description but also algorithm of actions.

So, boycott of elections shouldn't concern only presidential campaign. Elections in the State Duma which de facto will pass without choice as it will be clear by spring that new political forces representing real opposition on 99,9% won't be admitted to the campaign and it is necessary to make choice between fictitious "party in power" and the same way fictitious "opposition of its majesty". That is boycott should concern already Duma campaign.

The second thing - boycott of elections 2012 is necessary to prepare already now as such things can't be done offhand and will not succeed. Working off of the whole series of technologies which, first of all, will make absence of the majority of voters obvious and won't allow forging of voting process.

We will make one of the first steps already now - starting from today everyone can make note in voting "I don't participate in fictitious elections". The banner of this voting will be placed on other sites of opposition as well, everyone can place it on his site, in LJ, everywhere. We will notice that formally such voting can't be interpreted in any way as attempt to prevent elections - people refuse to participate only in FICTITIO1US elections, they agree to take part in normal, fair and free ones with pleasure.

By the moment of announcement of "Elections-2012" notable enough number of citizens will have possibility to express their attitude to the coming farce and when we will shown "lime" lists of those who ostensibly voted, we will know - and it will be possible to prove easily that the quantity of those who didn't wish to participate in fictitious elections obviously "does not meet" the data of electoral committees. It's - only the first step, the first technological move which we have prepared.

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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