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Access Code to the Problem «2012»

Access Code to the Problem «2012»
Basanets Pavel 15.12.2010

It's hardly possible that someone would deny existence of the problem "2012" in Russia. It's been carefully discussed in "corridors of power", oppositional circles, it's also popular in other layers of the Russian society.

This problem frightens some people, gives hope to others but there are no people who would treat it indifferently.

The power tries to puff its cheeks forming erroneous opinion that everything's predetermined, however I am sure that scenario of future presidential election can be changed cardinally, if it will be really wanted by citizens of Russia.

I don't want to discuss separate people. Though I'll tell at once: neither I, nor other citizens will be satisfied with the variant of returning of Batman, prolongation of Robin's term or coming to power of next "successor". In this case the logic is simple: Batman for many years had chance to turn towards people, to do at least something good and useful to simple people. He missed it. He was and is till now the president of oligarchs, nouveau riches and gangsters.

Robin, despite liberal phraseology, is not capable to supervise over the state. It's enough to recollect such programs as "Affordable Housing", "Affordable Education", "Affordable Medicine" ruined by him in his stay vice-premier not to admit him to power higher than of municipal level. As they say in Russia: "The hat is not for the small head".

Either I've made a mistake or you use affordable housing, education or medicine?

Possibility of coming to power of new flogged "successor" also doesn't satisfy. Succession is good only in case, when System works and gives positive results. I would like that "submarines sink", "planes fall", "journalists are being killed". A man ready to "clean the Augean stables", not subjected to unhealthy shift of cloths in public: in the uniform of sailor, pilot, biker, race car pilot, maestro... and a lot of other. You can agree that it bothers and irritates at last.

Let's search then together access code to the problem «2012». Without personalia. Let's try to make up the list of characteristics of a person, elements of his program which could essentially change the course of the play under the name "Elections: here we go again!" being already written by executive personnel.

I am not afraid to seem old-fashioned but I'll quote here immortal words of Karl Marx: "Idea becomes material when it takes possession of mass". In other words if society is capable to form and support the program of national president, to put charismatic person from its environment, then neither laws on elections invented by power, nor severe pressing are capable to interfere with bringing this person to the supreme power. Do you have any objections?

I will note at once that I do not apply either for "ultimate truth", or for completeness of statement of the essence of question. I will express own opinion and if this theme interests citizens, I will be glad to learn opinions of all not indifferent, conceiving people. I'd be glad to search for access code to this problem together with them.

In my opinion, the future national president shouldn't be connected with any imperious vertical built up during last decades. It can be not so poor person but he shouldn't be engaged in sharing the results of privatization. It is desirable that he was Russian but it is not obligatory.

I think the period of board of the national president will have more likely technical character: he should just strictly follow the Constitution. For this purpose he will dismiss the Duma and will carry out really fair and free parliamentary elections on pain of criminal prosecution.

Here you are some elements of the program of the national president which I would like to be present and necessarily executed:

- release of all political prisoners

- revision of the results of privatization

- nationalization of all natural riches of the country, extracting branches

- reconstruction of natural monopolies (rail road, power, military and industrial complex, etc.)

- refusal of carrying out of Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 and the World Cup in 2018. Use of these means for state financing of housing construction, building of preschool child care centers

- bringing of persons guilty of disorder and plunder of the country, without dependence from limitation period and place of their stay to responsibility

- investigation of activity of the supreme officials of the country

- cancellation of private property on the earth, woods, reservoirs

- introduction of death penalty for distribution of drugs, pedophilia, crimes against children and especially grave crimes

- introduction of confiscation on economic, financial and corruption crimes

- obligatory declaring by officials and members of their families of incomes; investigation of all cases when acquisitions (real estate, bank deposits) exceed incomes

- cardinal decision of a question with foreign labor

- use of potential of elite state clinics, rest houses, sanatoria for all citizens of the country

- no more than 10% of family income for payment of housing and communal services

- liberating of agricultural producers from all types of tax for 10 years

- introduction really free, without exceptions, average and higher education. Level of grants - not below living level

Utopia, you will say? In my opinion, we and our children, our old men have the right to worthy life in own country, to be the owners, to decide by ourselves who would be our national president. As well as what problems he should solve.   

Perhaps we will find access code to this problem together?

It seems ridiculous? He laughs best who laughs last.

PS. I will open small secret before the readers. The Kremlin is very much afraid of appearance of the real candidate on post of the president which citizens of different views could support. Just recently the variant when a new person would appear on elections in 2012 was possible. The deputy of the State Duma - Vladimir Ulas, the colonel of the Air Forces, the scientist, the Byelorussian. Communists of Moscow seriously considered the person to relpace Zyuganov who bothered them all. They were also going to put him forward in presidents of Russia. After all there's no need to gather signatures for his participation in elections. Then there was a command given to a top of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Moscow party organization was dispersed, Ulas was dismissed from the post of its head. The question about his expel from the party is being considered now and probability of his promotion in presidents is already almost equal to zero. Though example of approximate candidate which could make competition to infinite "successors" is quite evident.

What's youк image of the future president of Russia? What are his differences from previous and operating ones? Whether you have ready nominees? What are their advantages? Why do they correspond to the concept "the national president"?

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